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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 181

Chapter 181 - Just Needed To Be Reckless

Chapter 181: Just Needed To Be Reckless

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If it were those sacred ancestors, Long Zhen might still be slightly afraid. However, Nine Nether was only a Great Sage Stage expert.

In the eyes of others, Nine Nether was a top expert, but in front of Long Zhen, he was no different from a child. He could be strangled to death with a single hand.

Moreover, Long Zhen had already gradually adapted to the environment of this world. Not only was he no longer being affected, but there were even faint signs of a breakthrough. Once he broke through, he would experience a qualitative leap in strength.

However, Nine Nether did not know this. The four wings on his back started slowly flapping, raising a whistling Yin wind that made it hard for nearby people to open their eyes. Then, he stretched out his hand and pointed.


Black lightning that was dozens of feet thick immediately fell from the sky, turning into a roaring dragon that rushed towards Long Zhen.

The energy contained in the black lightning was enough to kill any Grand Saint Stage expert!

Unfortunately, before it could approach Long Zhen, the black lightning was scattered.

“I’ll give you one more chance. Now tell me where my companion is, and maybe you can avoid the pain of soul searching.” Long Zhen said expressionlessly.

“Hehe, don’t get cocky. The battle has just begun.”

Nine Nether sneered.


In an instant, more black lightning fell from the sky like a waterfall. Clearly, Nine Nether was serious this time.


The black lightning waterfall struck Long Zhen’s spirit energy barrier, forming visible energy ripples. Even the minotaur had to dodge to avoid being affected.

Unfortunately, it did not cause any harm to Long Zhen.

At the same time, Nine Nether continued to “pursue”. His four wings shot out dense feather blades, sealing off all of Long Zhen’s escape routes.


Sighing, Long Zhen was rather helpless. Since he couldn’t avoid it, he might as well end it quickly.

Thinking of this, Long Zhen stomped his foot lightly, and the spatial domain that belonged to the Great Void Stage quickly spread out.

Yes, after reaching the Great Void Stage, the domain was no longer as simple as a domain. It was basically a “small world”!

If the domain of a Great Sage Stage expert was said to allow one to control a part of the world, then the domain of a Great Void Stage expert would be able to create a small world that replaced the current world.

And in this small world, Long Zhen was the absolute ruler!

Therefore, Nine Nether’s domain was easily shattered and almost completely destroyed. The black lightning dissipated directly, and the rain blades that filled the sky stopped in the air. The surrounding thousands of kilometers instantly fell into Long Zhen’s control.

“How is this possible?!”

Nine Nether widened his eyes in disbelief as he frantically flapped his four wings in an attempt to escape. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The terrifying pressure smashed onto Nine Nether like a mountain, causing his entire body to emit a clear bone-cracking sound. Then, his legs went weak, and he almost knelt down.

“How is this possible…”

Nine Nether spat out a mouthful of black blood and muttered to himself, finding it hard to accept the reality before him.

“You’re an expert of the Great Void Stage…”

As if he had sensed something, Nine Nether’s face was ashen as he spoke with a bitter tone.

Long Zhen did not answer. He directly released his spirit energy and used the soul searching technique on him.

He had already given Nine Nether two chances. Since Nine Nether was unwilling, then he could only take action himself.

As one of the Ten supreme kings of the Eternal Night Empire, Nine Nether should have more information about the Hell World, right?

After a long while, Long Zhen released his grip and retracted his domain. Nine Nether lay down with a painful expression, his Essence Soul severely injured.

Although Long Zhen had already stopped and did not deliberately try to destroy Nine Nether’s Essence Soul, the soul searching technique was still capable of painfully torturing Nine Nether or any other high level cultivators.

If Long Zhen had not shown mercy, Nine Nether would have died long ago.

After standing in place and digesting Nine Nether’s memories for a moment, Long Zhen revealed a thoughtful expression.

At this moment, he could be said to know the Hell World like the back of his hand. Apart from the two mysterious sacred ancestors, he knew about everything else, including the other nine supreme king experts.

He even knew what Nine Nether liked to do on a daily basis.

Indeed, soul searching was the simplest and most effective method.

Most importantly, Long Zhen had found information about Long Aotian from Nine Nether’s memories!

It wasn’t exactly Long Aotian. After all, Nine Nether didn’t know Long Aotian personally.

Strictly speaking, he was given the information regarding all the human cultivators who had entered the Hell World before them.

It turned out that after the two sacred ancestors of the Eternal Night Empire learned about the incident in the abyss, they directly dispatched experts to capture the human cultivators who had entered the Hell World and ordered them to be brought to the imperial capital of the Eternal Night Empire. As for why, Nine Nether wasn’t sure.

After all, Nine Nether had not participated in this matter from the beginning to the end. He had only heard about it because of his high status.

“How is it? Any clues?” Qin Jue took out a pot of spirit wine and asked.

It was good to have such a godlike teammate. At least Qin Jue didn’t have to do everything himself.


Long Zhen nodded and said, “Tian’er should be in the imperial capital of the Eternal Night Empire.”

“How did he get there?”

Qin Jue was surprised.

Long Zhen smiled bitterly and could only explain what he had learned from Nine Nether.

“I see.”

Qin Jue suddenly understood. He took a sip of spirit wine and said, “There’s no time to lose. Let’s go to the imperial capital of the Eternal Night Empire.”

It couldn’t be helped. Being invincible meant that one could do whatever they wanted.

Others would need a few months or even a few years to “clear this dungeon”, but Qin Jue and Long Zhen only needed a few days to clear it.

In short, they just needed to be reckless.

Moreover, they were here to save people, not to take a vacation. Long Aotian’s life was in danger at any moment, so they naturally couldn’t delay it for too long.

Ten breaths later, Qin Jue and Long Zhen crossed a million kilometers and arrived outside the imperial capital of the Eternal Night Empire.

In front of them was a stone bridge. Under the bridge, black water surged, hiding terrifying creatures.

This stone bridge was not considered long, but sinister winds blew in waves. It was even more terrifying than Nine Nether City.

“This seems to be the Bridge of Helplessness,” Long Zhen said.

“The Bridge of Helplessness?”

Qin Jue was stunned.

“Well, there’s a supreme king on the bridge. Let’s go over there.”

With that, Long Zhen boarded the Bridge of Helplessness first.

As soon as he stepped onto the bridge, the surroundings immediately changed. Thick fog filled the air, and in the fog, there seemed to be ghosts hidden. Faint screams sounded, as if someone was playing terrifying music.

Long Zhen didn’t care. With his realm, how could he be frightened by ghosts?

“Mm? Where’s Brother Qin?”

Long Zhen turned around and found that Qin Jue had disappeared.

Without any time to think, Long Zhen hurriedly spread out his spirit sense to search for Qin Jue, but he seemed to have disappeared into thin air and couldn’t be found.

“Did I get hit?”

Long Zhen was shocked. However, according to Nine Nether’s memories, there was only one supreme king expert overseeing this place. How could he have been affected?

Unless there was a special formation here that he had accidentally activated.

Right at this moment, Long Zhen felt his shoulder shake. Someone was patting him!

Subconsciously, Long Zhen turned around and punched.


The fist that was enough to destroy an asteroid was grabbed by five slender fingers. Then Qin Jue said speechlessly, “What are you doing?”

Long Zhen :”…”

Can you not sneak up behind me?

Also, why couldn’t I find you just now?

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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