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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 177

Chapter 177 - Accompany Me to Hell

From the Pure Yang Sacred Master, everyone now learned that the abyss led to another world: the Hell World.

However, fortunately, they also learned that creatures there were unable to come to their world. Or rather, they didn’t dare to.

Because of the difference in their cultivation environment, their strength would be greatly reduced once they entered the Spirit Central World.

Of course, the cultivators of the Spirit Central World could not enter the Hell World either. Otherwise, they would similarly be restricted by all sorts of restrictions and become meat on the chopping block.

According to the ancient books, the overlap of the two worlds would last for three months. After three months, they would separate again.

The next overlap would take another hundred thousand years. As for why, no one knew.

In other words, as long as one didn’t court death and jump into the abyss within these three months, nothing would happen.

This was undoubtedly the best outcome for the Sacred Masters. In any case, there was no danger. Apart from the unlucky fellows who had been devoured at the beginning, this matter would not affect them at all.

Later on, they could just set up a defense line around the abyss in the name of the Eight Great Sacred Lands. Who would dare to barge in?

If there was really someone who was not afraid of death and insisted on going in to take a look, then it would have nothing to do with them.

“Then… how should we deal with this monster?”

Sacred Master Chi Qing pointed at the tentacle monster.

Now that they had learned about the Hell World, this tentacle monster had lost its function.

“Let’s just kill it.”

Sacred Master Primordial Chaos was about to raise his hand when Long Zhen interrupted him.

“Don’t kill it. I have a use for it.”

“Uh… okay.”

Sacred Master Primordius was stunned and shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

“What is the Sacred Master Long planning on doing with this monster?”

The Pure Yang Sacred Master was puzzled.

“Soul Search.”

Everyone was surprised. Wasn’t this matter already over? Why was there a need to search his soul?

“My son is inside. He shouldn’t be dead yet, so I want to search deeper.”

Hearing this, everyone understood.

Long Zhen had always loved his son. Otherwise, Long Aotian wouldn’t have been able to step into the Saint Stage in a few decades and become the strongest person among the younger generation of the Spirit Central World.

However, why was Long Aotian in the abyss?

Long Zhen did not explain this. After all, Long Aotian’s outing was considered a secret and no one in the outside world knew about it.

“I hope you guys won’t spread rumors about this and cause trouble.”

The meaning of this sentence was obvious. The seven Sacred Masters were all old monsters who had lived for more than ten thousand years, so how could they not understand?

Putting aside the fact that Long Zhen was someone who could freely enter and leave the abyss with his cultivation, even if something really did happen to him, he still had a Great Sage Stage incarnation holding down the Immortal Sacred Land. How could they provoke him for no reason?

“Don’t worry, Sacred Master Long. We will definitely not tell anyone about this.” The Peerless Saint Master said righteously.

“The Hell World is sinister and strange. It also restrains our spirit energy. Sacred Master Long, you have to be careful.”

“That’s right. I hope Sacred Master Long can return safely.”

The other Sacred Masters chimed in.

“Thank you, everyone.”

With that, Long Zhen grabbed the tentacle monster’s head and began to search its soul.

If he hadn’t searched the monster’s soul, he wouldn’t have known. But when he did, he was shocked. It turns out the Hell World that the Pure Yang Sacred Master mentioned was nothing more than a drop in the ocean!

While it was true that after entering the Spirit Central World, the living beings from Hell World would have a reduction in strength and suffer more restrictions than human cultivators…

However, their strength far surpassed everyone’s imagination!

Unlike the Spirit Central World, the Hell World was a “whole” world.

For example, the Central Continent itself was already divided into the Eight Great Sacred Lands and the Twelve Sacred Clans as well as smaller factions, let alone the separation between the Eastern, Southern, and Northern Lands.

However, in the Hell World, there was only one faction, the Eternal Night Empire!

According to the tentacle monster’s memories, the Eternal Night Empire was vast and boundless. There were a total of two sacred ancestors and ten supreme kings. All living beings in the Hell World had to obey their orders.

In addition, every supreme king expert was at the Great Sage Stage. As for the level of the two sacred ancestors, the tentacled monster wasn’t sure. However, Long Zhen guessed that they had most likely reached the Great Void Stage. Otherwise, how could they have suppressed the ten Great Sage Stage experts?

It was just that he did not know which specific realm of the Great Void Stage they were at. However, just this power alone was already enough for them to destroy the entire Spirit Central World.

Uh… no, there’s still Qin Jue. With him around, as long as those two sacred ancestors weren’t in the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage, it was basically impossible for them to destroy the Spirit Central World.

Moreover, there was a natural barrier separating the two worlds in the middle.

Thinking of this, Long Zhen’s eyes lit up. He was only at the fourth realm of the Great Void Stage at the moment. It was too dangerous for him to rashly enter the Hell World alone. But what if he brought Qin Jue along?

In any case, he wasn’t planning to take on the Eternal Night Empire. He just needed to find Long Aotian and bring him back. He might not even get a chance to encounter the ten supreme kings and the two sacred ancestors.

After making up his mind, Long Zhen hurriedly threw away the tentacle monster and prepared to contact Qin Jue.

The only regret was that Long Zhen did not find any memories of Long Aotian from the tentacle monster. Therefore, even after entering the Hell World, he could only search aimlessly.

This tentacle monster was just like the Spirit Central World cultivators from before. It also became curious about the abyss and had jumped in.

In the end, the tentacle monster didn’t expect to run into Long Zhen. It had planned to launch a sneak attack, but it was no match for him and was directly brought here to have its soul searched.

If it had known in advance that this would happen, it probably wouldn’t have jumped down.

“Brother Qin, are you there? I have something I need your help with.”

“What is it?”

“Accompany me to hell.”


“Sorry, I wasn’t talking about that hell.”

Long Zhen hurriedly explained the situation in the Hell World to Qin Jue in detail.


“Alright, I understand. Wait a moment.”


Long Zhen was dumbfounded. Did he agree or not?

Sigh, never would he have thought that after so many years had passed, he would one day ask others for help because he was worried that his strength would be insufficient.

At this moment, someone suddenly patted his shoulder. Long Zhen subconsciously turned around and was stunned.

“Is this the Hell World you were talking about?”

Qin Jue put his hands behind his back and looked thoughtfully at the endless black abyss in front of him.

“You… arrived so fast?”

The corner of Long Zhen’s eyes twitched slightly. Even with his cultivation and intelligence, he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

It wasn’t just Long Zhen. The other Sacred Masters were also incomparably shocked when they saw Qin Jue suddenly appear.

What was going on? Who was this person?

They did not notice him coming at all.

“Weren’t you in a hurry to save your son?”

Qin Jue was puzzled.

In fact, when Long Zhen asked for help, Qin Jue had already locked onto his exact location. After that, he only needed to use a teleportation divine ability to get there.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Long Zhen nodded repeatedly as he reacted. He pointed at the abyss and said, “The Hell World is below. Let’s go.”


Without any nonsense, the two of them jumped down under the stunned gazes of the seven Sacred Masters.

“Who… was that person just now?”

Peerless Sacred Master was dumbfounded.

“I don’t know, but he seems powerful.”

“Could there be another powerful existence hidden in the Spirit Central World that we don’t know about?”

The sacred masters looked at each other and fell into deep thought.

“It’s so dark. I can’t see anything.”

As soon as he jumped into the abyss, Qin Jue frowned slightly and complained.

Without waiting for Long Zhen to speak, a beam of light suddenly bloomed and extended infinitely. It instantly lit up the entire abyss and soared into the sky!

Long Zhen :”…”

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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