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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 161

Chapter 161 - Challenging the Entire Clan

Chapter 161: Challenging the Entire Clan

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As everyone knew, the current Three Major Sects each had two Legendary Stage experts, while the Mu Clan had five!

As for why the Mu Clan had hidden itself from the world, a part of it had to do with them leaving the Sacred Land of the Central Continent.

With the Mu Clan’s current strength, even in the Sacred Land of the Central Continent, they would not be inferior to middle-tier forces like the Divine Martial Empire and the Star Dou Empire.

However, the Mu Clan had once offended other Saint Stage clans. In order to prevent other clans from seeking revenge, they were forced to leave the Central Continent and hide in the Southern Land.

They had even acted coldly during the Plain Field War between the Southern Land and the Purple Demon Race and decided not to interfere.

If Mu Ziqi had not escaped this time, they probably would not have exposed themselves.

After hearing Mu Ziqi’s words, Bai Ye was dumbfounded.

Although he was already mentally prepared, when he found out that he had actually “won the heart” of such a powerful holy maiden forty years ago, Bai Ye still felt that it was somewhat absurd..

He couldn’t help but shudder.

At that time, the Xuanyi Mountain Sect didn’t have an invincible expert like Qin Jue. If Mu Ziqi revealed his identity then, the entire Xuanyi Mountain Sect would probably be razed to the ground.

Thinking up to this point, Bai Ye’s gaze became even gentler. It could be imagined how much pressure Mu Ziqi had to endure to get through this matter.

For the first time, Bai Ye felt like he was a jerk and that he owed Mu Ziqi too much.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you leave again.”

Bai Ye hugged Mu Ziqi and said firmly.

Mu Ziqi’s face flushed red as she silently leaned on Bai Ye’s shoulder. She had waited forty years for this sentence.

At this moment, the Mu Clan’s air-transportation spirit artifact was flying swiftly in the sky. It was incomparably fast, but there was no noise. The silence on the air-transportation spirit artifact was also somewhat terrifying. Everyone fell silent and did not dare to speak.

No one expected that they would fail and even almost get killed after mobilizing such a huge force.

Especially Mu Gui, his expression was extremely gloomy. He was thinking about how he should explain this to the First Elder when he returned.

On the other side, Mu Yuan lay on the deck with a bruised face, wishing for nothing more than to find a hole to crawl into. He had actually lost to an outsider cultivator!

Although that outsider cultivator had a defensive Supreme Stage spirit artifact, he still felt extremely embarrassed to have lost to Bai Ye!

One had to know that illusionary cultivators had always been extremely proud. Moreover, Mu Yuan had the Heavenly Flint Flame!

“Hmph, when the First Elder finds out, he will definitely not let that slut off.”

Mu Qingyun sneered in her heart, not realizing the seriousness of the problem.

In the blink of an eye, a day passed. The air-transportation spirit artifact crossed thousands of kilometers and arrived outside a mountain range. Then, it headed straight for a mountain peak!


The scene one would expect to see did not appear. The air-transportation spirit artifact directly passed through the mountain peak and disappeared.

These were all illusory formations set up by the Mu Clan outside. Even Supreme Stage experts could not detect them.

However, what Mu Gui and the others didn’t notice was that at the same time they entered the illusory formation, a figure had silently followed behind without causing any commotion.

After passing through the illusory formation, the surroundings suddenly opened up. Green mountains, waterfalls, strange flowers, and herbs filled the surroundings. It was like a hidden paradise.

However, this was only what it looked like on the surface. In fact, it was filled with killing intent. If outsiders weren’t careful when they entered this place, they would easily fall into a trap and never be able to escape.

The air-transportation spirit artifact did not stop for a moment and headed straight for a palace in the center of this hidden land.

After a day of treatment, Mu Yuan’s injuries had mostly recovered. The three of them got off the ship one after another and arrived outside the main hall.

The main hall covered an extremely large area. One could not see the end from the entrance. It was filled with a faint spirit fog that was ethereal and mysterious.

“First Elder, we’re back.”

Mu Gui stood at the entrance of the hall and bowed.

Seeing this, Mu Yuan and Mu Qingyun hurriedly bowed.

“Come in.”

A calm voice sounded from the main hall.


Mu Gui took a deep breath and walked into the hall.

Not long after, a sage-like old man with white hair and a youthful appearance appeared in front of the three of them.

The old man was expressionless, and his eyebrows drooped down to his shoulders. Even though he didn’t say anything, he gave off a stifling feeling.

While the Patriarch was in seclusion, this First Elder had been the temporary leader of the Mu Clan.

“Where’s Ziqi?”

The old man said coldly.

“Sorry, we failed.”

Mu Gui braced himself and answered.

“State your reason.”

“A Legendary Stage expert interfered.”

Mu Qingyun interrupted, “Not only did Mu Ziqi colluded with outsiders, but she even injured a member of our Mu Clan. Her crimes are unforgivable!”

“Oh? Really?”

The old man’s pupils shrank as he looked at Mu Gui.


Mu Gui nodded and said, “That Legendary Stage expert was very powerful and easily blocked the technique you gave us.”

Hearing this, the old man frowned. “Did you find her in the Archaic Mysteries Sect?”

The old man thought that the patriarch of the Archaic Mysteries Sect was probably the only person in the entire Southern Land who was able to block his technique.

“No, she had gone to an unknown small place. I think it’s called… Xuanyi Mountain Sect.”

“Xuanyi Mountain Sect?”

The old man muttered to himself. Although the Mu Clan had gone into seclusion, they still had specialized intelligence agencies investigating the outside world every year, but they had never heard of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect.

“Their sect master is the newly-advanced Supreme Stage expert who was mentioned in the news a while ago.”

After a pause, Mu Gui continued, “He was also the one who broke Mu Ziqi’s Essence Soul Yin forty years ago.”


The old man’s expression changed drastically. “Are you sure?”

If not for the fact that her primordial Yin had been broken, Mu Ziqi would have already advanced to the Legendary Stage. Therefore, the old man absolutely hated the person who had broken Mu Ziqi’s primordial Yin!

After all, in his opinion, Mu Ziqi was the Mu Clan’s only hope in reclaiming their former position in the Sacred Land of the Central Continent.


“Very good. Xuanyi Mountain Sect, right? I’ll make it pay the most painful price!”

The old man snorted and stood up. “Inform the Second Elder and Third Elder to follow me to the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. I want to see who can stop us this time!”

Mu Gui did not expect the old man to have such a big reaction and hurriedly responded, “Yes!”


“That won’t be necessary.”

Right at this moment, a faint voice sounded, interrupting the elder.

In the next moment, a youth in snow-white clothes suddenly appeared in the main hall without any warning.

“Who are you?”

The old man asked subconsciously.

“It’s you!”

Mu Gui blurted out.

“You know him?”

The old man was stunned.

“He’s that Legendary Stage expert from the Xuanyi Mountain Sect.”

Mu Gui spoke bitterly.

They quickly figured out that Qin Jue had followed them here undetected.

However, what Mu Gui didn’t know was that the youth in front of him wasn’t Qin Jue himself, but an incarnation.

“How dare you trespass into our Mu Clan’s Illusionary Land. Are you trying to challenge our Mu Clan?”

The First Elder said coldly.

“No, no, no. I just came to inform you of something.”

The young man waved his hand and said seriously, “I wanted to give you this warning: Do not return to the Xuanyi Mountain Sect.”

“Of course, if you won’t listen to me, I don’t mind challenging your entire clan.”

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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