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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 132

Chapter 132 - Two Immortal Sacred Masters

Chapter 132: Two Immortal Sacred Masters

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Among the Eight Great Sacred Lands and the Twelve Sacred Clans of the Spirit Central World, aside from the Spirit Clan that had already been destroyed by Qin Jue, the Immortal Sacred Land was the strongest and most recently established faction.

There were a total of eight Great Sage experts in the current Spirit Central World, and they each ruled over a sacred land.

As for the Sacred Master of the Immortal Sacred Land, he was publicly acknowledged as the strongest expert!

Back then, this Immortal Sacred Master had only used less than a hundred years to advance to the Great Sage Stage. The phenomenon created from his breakthrough had shocked the entire Spirit Central World. Furthermore, as soon as he had broken through, he had issued a challenge to the Peerless Sacred Master.

At that time, Peerless Sacred Master had the same status as the current Immortal Sacred Master. He was publicly acknowledged as the strongest person in the Spirit Central World.

After three days and three nights of battle, the two of them had destroyed countless mountains and rivers, causing heaven and earth to shatter. Even Grand Saint Stage experts were unable to approach them and could only watch from afar.


In the end, the Immortal Sacred Master won with difficulty and became the new strongest expert of the Spirit Central World.

After that, this Immortal Sacred Master established the Immortal Divine Realm and gathered all the experts in the world.

Because of its powerful strength and incomparable pill refinement and weapon forging techniques, it attracted countless high-level cultivators to join it. The Immortal Divine Realm also quickly ranked among the top factions and became the Eighth Sacred Land.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of years had passed. No one knew how powerful the current Immortal Sacred Master was. Very few people even had the chance to see his true body.

They just knew that he would occasionally invent some strange things and announce them to the world, becoming a hot topic.

Aside from that, the Immortal Sacred Master would always use his incarnation to attend activities.

However, even his incarnation was not weaker than the Sacred Masters of the other Sacred Lands. Therefore, some people guessed that the Immortal Sacred Master had probably already broken through past the Great Sage Stage and transcended the limit of the Spirit Central World.

However, this was only speculation. After all, no one knew what realm was above the Great Sage Stage.

Unlike the Spirit Clan, the territory of the Immortal Sacred Land had many vassal forces surrounding and guarding it.

In other words, if anyone wanted to attack the Immortal Sacred Land, they had to first pass through this first “barrier”.

One should not underestimate these subsidiary forces. Almost every faction had a teleportation formation that could support each other at any time.

Moreover, there were countless Supreme Stage experts, Legendary Stage experts, and even several Saint Stage experts in these factions.

After all, who would refuse a chance to be associated with the Immortal Sacred Land?

At this moment, Qin Jue and Su Yan were standing outside the walls of a vassal faction called Heaven Ascension City, curiously sizing up this city.

It had to be said that the city was just as its name suggested. Just the city walls alone were a few hundred thousand feet tall, reaching into the horizon. It was almost impossible to see the end.

Qin Jue was very puzzled. What was the point of covering the city wall so high? It would still collapse with a single punch.

If outsiders knew Qin Jue’s thoughts, they would probably vomit blood from anger.

One had to know that this Heaven Ascension City was built with special stone materials. Every stone was engraved with runes. After being activated with spirit energy, it could quickly form a defensive formation that was indestructible. Even a Legendary Stage expert was helpless against it. Therefore, Heaven Ascension City was also known as the Heaven Ascension Stronghold. Aside from Qin Jue, no one could break it with a single punch.

Do you think everyone is as absurdly strong as you!?

“Hey, have you guys heard? The holy son of the Immortal Sacred Land came out of seclusion some time ago and has already successfully advanced to the Saint Stage!”

At this time, several cultivators walked past Qin Jue and Su Yan and discussed in low voices.

“I heard he’s only in his fifties. He’s too strong.”

“Heh, he’s the son of the Sacred Master. His talent is top-notch. Perhaps in a few decades, we will have our ninth Great Sage Stage expert!”

“Tsk tsk, with two Great Sage experts in the Immortal Sacred Land, will there still be any other forces in the Spirit Central World that can contend against them?”

“Tch, you make it sound like there are factions that can contend with the Immortal Sacred Land now.”


A Saint Stage expert in his fifties?

Su Yan was in disbelief. She had cultivated bitterly for decades and had only just advanced to the Supreme Stage, yet this man had already stepped into the Saint Stage?

But on second thought, she had an even more terrifying existence by her side, so she wasn’t that surprised.

During this trip to the Sacred Land of the Central Continent, Su Yan finally understood what it meant to be a true genius.

In comparison, as the so-called holy maiden of the Thunder Breeze Sect, she was simply not worth mentioning. And the Legendary Stage realm that she pursued seemed ordinary in the Sacred Land of the Central Continent.

However, this instead aroused Su Yan’s fighting spirit. Perhaps she didn’t have shocking talent or a Great Sage bloodline…

However, the path of the Martial Dao was like sailing against the current. If she didn’t advance, she would retreat. Who could guarantee that she wouldn’t become a top expert in the future?

“Senior, what should we do next?”

After hesitating for a moment, Su Yan couldn’t help but ask. They had already stood here for a long time, but Qin Jue had no intention of speaking.

In fact, Qin Jue was using his spirit sense to penetrate the layers of array formations and restrictions to spy on the distant Immortal Sacred Land.

In his field of vision, there were many internal spaces hidden within the Immortal Sacred Land. They were scattered everywhere, and their size added up to no less than a Southern Land.

This was also the privilege of a Saint Stage expert. They could create a space out of thin air, such as the Wuji Mystic Realm.


Qin Jue made a silent gesture and spread his spirit sense out in all directions.

He had not come to the Immortal Sacred Land to enjoy the scenery. Instead, he wanted to confirm if the Immortal Sacred Master was from Earth like him.

Finally, Qin Jue found the figure of the Immortal Sacred Master in a quiet bamboo forest.

It wasn’t that Qin Jue knew which aura belonged to the Immortal Sacred Master, but he could tell that the aura of this figure was the most powerful. Apart from the Immortal Sacred Master, who else could it be?


At the same time, the Immortal Sacred Master suddenly turned around and looked at Qin Jue.

“I can’t believe I was discovered.”

Qin Jue was rather surprised.

However, although the Immortal Sacred Master sensed his spirit sense, he did not know his exact location.

“Who is it?”

This was a man with a slightly tough appearance. His sharp brows were slanted, and his face was well-defined like a blade. He was lofty like an abyss, and he seemed dignified without being angry. Merely a single gaze of his was capable of giving others great pressure.

“Ahem, I’ll come and find you tonight.”

After saying this, Qin Jue directly withdrew his spirit sense, leaving behind the dumbfounded Immortal Sacred Master.

“Alright, let’s enter the city.”

Qin Jue smiled.

It looked like that Immortal Sacred Master was not just a Great Sage Stage cultivator. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to discover Qin Jue’s spirit sense.

That made sense. The Immortal Sacred Master had already been a Great Sage thousands of years ago, so how could he still be stuck at the same level?

“Wow, is this Heaven Ascension City? It’s huge.”

Suddenly, a young man in black shouted excitedly like a child.

Qin Jue subconsciously glanced at the other party and was immediately stunned. Am I mistaken?

Wasn’t this the Immortal Sacred Master?

Qin Jue quickly realized that something was wrong. If the Immortal Sacred Master’s aura was calm and heavy, then the black-robed youth was relaxed and carefree. Moreover, his aura was far weaker than the Immortal Sacred Master. What was going on?

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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