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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 124

Chapter 124 - Red-Haired Goth

Chapter 124: Red-Haired Goth

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The black-robed elder shouted without hesitation, “I surrender. Don’t kill me!”

Qin Jue: “???”

Was he so spineless?

Unfortunately, it was already too late.


The ground trembled. The entire Hundred Spirit Island couldn’t withstand this force and fell more than ten meters, almost collapsing into the land beneath it.

As for the place where the black-robed old man was standing, there was only a huge fist mark left. It was so deep that the bottom could not be seen, and it almost pierced through the entire Hundred Spirit Island.

As for the black-robed elder, he had already disappeared from this world just like Gu Yao..

“So powerful.”

Fang Yun muttered to himself with a blank expression.

Ye Qingming and Ye Jiangji exchanged glances and practically didn’t dare believe their eyes. Were they drinking with such an expert just now?

The other cultivators were also dumbfounded, too shocked to speak.

Only a Saint Stage expert could kill two Legendary Stage experts with two punches, right?

When did Li Qiye have such a powerful friend?

In fact, Li Qiye was also very confused.

Although he knew that Qin Jue was very powerful, he didn’t expect him to be this powerful.

It was unbelievable that he could instantly kill two Legendary Stage experts in the span of a few breaths.

Just as Li Qiye thought that this assassination attempt on him had finally ended, Qin Jue suddenly said indifferently, his voice like thunder, “Hey, how long are you going to hide for?”

There was someone else?

Li Qiye was stunned. He quickly spread out his spirit sense and enveloped the entire Hundred Spirit Island, but he didn’t discover anything.

With his cultivation, even a peak Legendary Stage expert should be revealed. Why could he not sense anyone?

Li Qiye was not the only one. Everyone was somewhat dumbfounded.

“Hehe, young friend, you’re indeed powerful. You can even see through my secret technique, the Great Concealment Divine Technique.”

Space distorted slightly as a tall, middle-aged man with red hair walked out.

The aura of the middle-aged man surged into the sky, and he was deep and solemn. He did not look as old as the black-robed old man or Gu Yao.

Moreover, from the moment the middle-aged man appeared, the world seemed to have fallen into his control. Whether it was Li Qiye, Fang Yun, or the others, they were all unable to move. Even breathing was difficult for them.

“Saint Stage.”

Everyone gasped and were shocked.

Only a Saint Stage expert could possess such powerful spirit pressure!

“Gu Clan’s Grand Elder… Gu Yuan, I didn’t expect that even someone as powerful as you would make a move.”

Li Qiye opened his mouth and said bitterly.

As the Saint Clan behind the Star Dou Empire, the Gu Clan had a total of two Saint Stage experts. One of them was the current patriarch of the Gu Clan, who was known as the “Saint of the Blue Sun”. The other was the middle-aged man in front of him, the “Saint of the Origin”.

It was said that Gu Yuan had already stepped into the Saint Stage 200 years ago. His cultivation was unfathomable, and he rarely appeared in public. No one expected him to infiltrate Divine Martial City tonight.

“Interesting, you still have the energy to speak. No wonder Gu Cheng and Gu Yao, those two pieces of trash, couldn’t capture you after so long.”

The middle-aged man said with interest.

“But don’t misunderstand. I’m not here to kill you specifically. I’m here to deal with the other Legendary Stage experts of your Divine Martial Empire.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Li Qiye’s expression changed drastically. He was just about to circulate his spirit energy when Gu Yuan’s next words made him heave a sigh of relief. “Unfortunately, before I could make a move, I was attracted by the commotion here.”

At this point, Gu Yuan looked at Qin Jue. “To have such a cultivation at such a young age, I’m afraid you’re the true number one genius of the Divine Martial Empire.”

“Unfortunately, you shouldn’t have killed Gu Cheng and Gu Yao. Although these two pieces of trash have always been useless, they are still elders of my Gu Clan. Now, I have to let you understand the price of becoming enemies with my Gu Clan.”

“Of course, if you’re willing to submit to the Gu Clan, perhaps I can consider changing my mind.”

Qin Jue :”…”

This fellow had a head of killer red hair, and he seemed like a goth. He had been chattering since the moment he appeared, and he was filled with bewildering confidence. He was simply an idiot.

Sighing, Qin Jue really couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath. He raised his hand and slapped him. Since this guy liked to talk so much, then he would just smash his mouth first.


Before Gu Yuan could react, he felt a sharp pain on his face. Then, his entire body flew out uncontrollably. His teeth fell out from his mouth and rolled down his throat.

He was forced to swallow his own teeth.

When Gu Yuan stabilized himself with great difficulty, his entire face had already been distorted and deformed. It was so swollen that even his mother could not recognize him.


Before he could finish speaking, Gu Yuan suddenly realized that he no longer had any teeth, so he could only use his spirit energy to condense his voice. “What did you do?”

He didn’t see Qin Jue’s movements at all!


Right at this moment, a strong sense of danger assaulted him. Gu Yuan raised his head in astonishment and saw a huge golden hand descending from the sky, instantly locking onto him!



As expected, the giant golden hand directly threw Gu Yuan to the ground below. Accompanied by an intense tremor, the Hundred Spirit Island fell by dozens of meters again, raising dust that filled the sky.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Jue didn’t even look at it before turning around and flying out of the Hundred Spirit Island.

Su Yan was stunned for a moment before hurriedly following. She knew Qin Jue’s strength, so she was still calm.


After shattering the barrier that sealed the Hundred Spirit Island with a single punch, Qin Jue and Su Yan left gracefully, leaving behind a group of cultivators who had yet to recover from their shock. They nervously stared at the place where the golden hand fell, their hearts constantly beating.

After a long while, Li Qiye finally couldn’t help but wave his hand to disperse the smoke and dust. Then, he saw a huge handprint appear below, like a miracle.

On the other hand, Gu Yuan had ended up just like the other two. He had nothing left and was deader than dead.

This palm directly smashed through the Hundred Spirit Island!

Even though the Gu Clan had not hesitated to send out a Saint Stage expert and two Legendary Stage experts for a night attack, they had still completely failed!


Li Qiye subconsciously gulped. He had never expected that the youth he had invited along the way would turn the tide and save his life.

However, when he regained his senses, Qin Jue and Su Yan had already left the Hundred Spirit Island and disappeared into the night.

“Senior, where are we going next?”

At this moment, in the forest a few hundred kilometers away from Divine Martial City, Su Yan hesitated for a moment and could not help but ask.

“Immortal Sacred Land.”

Qin Jue answered casually.

After a moment’s thought, he added, “I’m looking for someone.”


Su Yan nodded and did not continue asking.

The two of them didn’t take the matter of the Hundred Spirit Island to heart. After all, Qin Jue had even destroyed the Spirit Clan, one of the Twelve Sacred Clans. So what if he had killed two Legendary Stage experts and a Saint Stage expert?

The only thing that interested Qin Jue was that Li Qiye seemed to have the potential to become a true protagonist. Perhaps in a few decades, Li Qiye would become the next Great Sage Stage expert of the Spirit Central World.

“Go to sleep, go to sleep. We still have to travel tomorrow.”

Qin Jue lay down on his back and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Seeing this, Su Yan also placed Yun Xi on the side, then sat cross-legged and entered a cultivation state.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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