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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 116

Chapter 116 - Divine Martial Empire

Chapter 116: Divine Martial Empire

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“Li Qiye?! Why are you here?!”

The leader’s face instantly turned as pale as paper.

“Heh, Chen Kui, how dare you attack my sister?”

The young man called Li Qiye sneered expressionlessly.

For some reason, just by standing there, he gave off an intense aura of arrogance, causing others to be unable to help but want to prostrate themselves in admiration.


Number Two, who had his chest pierced just now, suddenly fell from the sky. His body split open like a piece of soil, burning with flames. He looked extremely strange.


Chen Kui didn’t even hesitate to turn around and flee.. Li Qiye was a Supreme Stage expert. Not to mention that Number Two was already dead, even if they had 30 Heaven Stage cultivators, they probably wouldn’t be a match for him!


In the next moment, Li Qiye stomped his foot lightly, and his domain instantly spread out to envelop everyone present.

Under normal circumstances, a Supreme Stage expert’s domain could at most limit the speed of a Heaven Stage expert, but Li Qiye’s domain was like a huge mountain that suppressed everyone present to the point that they were unable to move!

It was even to the extent that the Earth Stage cultivators below couldn’t even stand up and could only kneel on the ground.

“Oh… how is that possible…”

Chen Kui frantically circulated his spirit energy in an attempt to break free from the restraints on his body. However, no matter how he struggled, he remained motionless.

It was only at this moment that Chen Kui realized how terrifying this number one genius of the Divine Martial Empire was.

“Chen Kui, despite being a guard of the Divine Martial Empire, you have committed treason and attempted to assassinate the princess. Your crimes are unforgivable. According to the laws of the empire, you should be executed on the spot!”

With that said, Li Qiye slapped out with his palm, covering the sky and sun!


Chen Kui cried out in despair. He could only watch helplessly as a hand shaped spirit energy fell and smashed him into the ground, shattering his bones!

This palm covered an extremely wide area. Even the other cultivators were slapped to death, leaving behind a palm print that was ten meters deep in place. It was a horrifying sight.

This was the difference between a Supreme Stage expert and a Heaven Stage expert. Unless a Heaven Stage expert had a Supreme Stage spirit artifact, no matter how powerful he was, he would still be unable to contend against a Supreme Stage expert.

Moreover, Li Qiye was considered one of the best among the Supreme Stage experts.

After doing this, Li Qiye turned around and asked, “Ruoyun, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I just suffered some superficial injuries.”

Li Ruoyun shook his head and said indifferently.

To a Heaven Stage cultivator, this bit of injury was indeed only a superficial wound. Without any external interference, she would recover in at most a day.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect the Star Dou Empire to have already infiltrated to this extent. They even planted spies among the guards. I was careless.”

“No, I shouldn’t have run out on my own and made Brother so worried.”

Li Ruoyun lowered his head, looking guilty.

If she hadn’t run out on her own, Chen Kui and the others wouldn’t have found the opportunity. Fortunately, Li Qiye had arrived in time. Otherwise, she would definitely have died today.

“Let’s go back first.”

Li Qiye did not continue to pester her on this topic and planned to leave with the woman.


Li Ruoyun suddenly flew down and buried the cultivators who had died fighting for her. She said sadly, “It’s all my fault. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have died.”

As he spoke, tears fell from the corner of his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make arrangements for their families,” Li Qiye consoled.

Watching the two people leave, Qin Jue frowned slightly. Li Qiye? He seemed to have heard this name somewhere before. Did he remember falsely?


“Senior, those two people should be the princes and princesses of the Divine Martial Empire,” Su Yan whispered.

From the conversation just now, it was not difficult to tell that the woman’s identity was that of a princess. Furthermore, it seemed that because she had gone out on her own, she was almost assassinated by an enemy spy.

Then that meant Li Qiye was definitely the prince.

The Divine Martial Empire wasn’t considered a top faction in the Sacred Land of the Central Continent. The strongest expert was only at the Legendary Stage. However, the Martial Dao clans behind these empires were extremely powerful.

For example, the Divine Martial Empire was backed by a Saint Stage Clan. Although such a clan couldn’t be compared to the Twelve Sacred Clans, they absolutely couldn’t be underestimated.

As for the Star Dou Empire, it was also affiliated with another Saint Stage Clan. They had always been at odds with the Divine Martial Empire and had almost never stopped.

These were all things Qin Jue had seen on the spirit tablet. They were public information.

“Yeah, but it has nothing to do with us.”

Qin Jue waved his hand and said, “The imperial capital of the Divine Martial Empire is up ahead. Let’s go take a look.”

The imperial capital of an empire was likely to be more prosperous than a city like Brilliance City.


Nodding her head, Su Yan obediently followed behind Qin Jue and flew towards the imperial capital of the Divine Martial Empire.

“Wait, did we forget something?”

Qin Jue suddenly stopped and revealed a thoughtful expression.

Without waiting for Su Yan’s reply, Qin Jue suddenly slapped his head. “Not good, Yun Xi!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Jue instantly disappeared from his original spot.

Su Yan :”…”

As the imperial capital of the Divine Martial Empire, Divine Martial City was divided into six regions. There were eight city gates, and a large number of high-level cultivators were gathered to guard all sides. It could be said to be impregnable.

From afar, Divine Martial City looked like a breathtaking primordial beast. Not only were there all sorts of inconceivable buildings in the city, there were even mountains, rivers, and floating castles. It was like a small world.

If it was in the Southern Land, it could even stand side by side with the Three Major Sects.

Furthermore, because the cultivation resources of the Sacred Land of the Central Continent were even richer, the Divine Martial Empire far surpassed the Three Major Sects in both pill refinement and weapon forging.

Furthermore, the Divine Martial Empire had the support of the Saint Stage Clan.

However, because this was the imperial capital of the Divine Martial Empire, no one was allowed to fly. Only the air-transportation spirit artifacts used by the imperial army to patrol the city would occasionally travel through the air.

At this moment, two figures flew over from afar without any intention of stopping.

The imperial guard in charge of patrolling was about to stop them when he was stopped by the captain beside him. “Idiot, can’t you see that it’s the crown prince and the princess?”

Hearing this, the expression of the imperial army soldier changed slightly. He hurriedly lowered his head, pretending that nothing had happened.

In the Divine Martial Empire, Li Qiye could be said to be famous.

This was because besides his status as the Crown Prince, Li Qiye was also the current number one genius of the Divine Martial Empire. Even when compared to those Holy Sons of Sacred Clans, he wasn’t any less impressive!

Moreover, Li Qiye had made a miraculous prediction that the Star Dou Empire would launch a sneak attack on their southern city. He had resisted everyone’s objections and led an elite army to travel thousands of kilometers to provide support.

At first, everyone thought that Li Qiye had gone crazy, thinking that he would do anything to get credit.

However, who would have thought that Li Qiye would really intercept the Star Dou Empire’s army and launch a sneak attack from the flank to defeat it?

It was also because of this matter that Li Qiye had completely stabilized his position as the Crown Prince. Once he advanced to the Legendary Stage, he would be able to inherit the throne and become the supreme existence of the Divine Martial Empire.

After a moment, two more figures flew over. When the imperial army soldier saw the two of them, he subconsciously chose to retreat, but he was immediately stunned. Wait, didn’t His Highness the Crown Prince already go over just now?

By the time he reacted, the two figures had already vanished.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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