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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 109

Chapter 109 - Spirit Clan

The Sacred Land of the Central Continent was vast and boundless, several times larger than the Southern Land. Countless experts were hidden there.

Among them, the Eight Great Sacred Lands and the Twelve Sacred Clans were the top existences.

The Eight Sacred Lands were the Pure Yang Sacred Land, the Heavenly Essence Sacred Land, the Crimson Azure Sacred Land, the Distant Demon Sacred Land, the Peerless Sacred Land, the Hidden Sword Sacred Land, the Primordial Chaos Sacred Land, and the Immortal Sacred Land.

As for the Twelve Sacred Clans, they were respectively the Fire, Ice, Blood, Stone, Dragon, Medicine, Spirit, Illusion, Essence, Sonar, Soul, and Wind Clans.

Whether it was the Eight Great Sacred Lands or the Twelve Sacred Clans, they all had many Saint Stage experts holding down the fort. They were invincible in the Central Continent.

Strictly speaking, the Spirit Clan was not considered powerful among the Twelve Sacred Clans, but they were the most mysterious one.

Moreover, because they were on good terms with the Soul Clan, the other factions did not dare to provoke them.

According to Ling Langtian, there were a total of 36 soul orbs, and they were carried on the bodies of 36 Spirit Clan heirs. They were searching for a weak city like Dark Moon City to gather Essence Souls.

As for its exact function, Ling Langtian wasn’t sure either.

In Ling Langtian’s opinion, this mission should have been very easy. As long as he collected the Essence Souls of all the residents of Dark Moon City, he could bring the soul orbs back and obtain a large amount of cultivation resources.

But he never expected that Qin Jue would suddenly jump out and directly kill Lu Qinghou and Ling Qiong with two punches.

It had to be known that Ling Qiong was a middle-phase Supreme Stage expert who was also from the Spirit Clan. He was far stronger than ordinary Supreme Stage experts. Even a peak Supreme Stage expert would have to pay a price to defeat Ling Qiong. However, Qin Jue had killed Ling Qiong as easily as swatting an ant.

Apart from thinking that Qin Jue was at the Legendary Stage, Ling Langtian could not think of any other reason.

At this moment, in the City Lord Residence, which had been wrecked because of Qin Jue, Ling Langtian was sitting on the ground trembling. He didn’t even dare to look at Qin Jue. If it weren’t for the fact that he had a late-phase Heaven Stage cultivation, he would have pissed his pants long ago.

“I-I only know this much…”

Ling Langtian said anxiously, afraid that Qin Jue would suddenly punch him.

After all, what he said wasn’t going to matter. Who would barge into the Spirit Clan to court death for the Essence Soul of an Earth Stage cultivator?

After hearing Ling Langtian’s description, Qin Jue held the soul orb in his hand and exerted some strength.


The soul orb shattered with a bang and turned into powder that fell.

“You, you actually destroyed the soul orb.”

Although he knew that Qin Jue was very powerful, Ling Langtian still found it unbelievable.

Although the soul orb didn’t have any lethality, it was still a Supreme Stage spirit artifact after all. How could it be shattered by Qin Jue just like that?

“Bring me to the Spirit Clan.”

Qin Jue said mysteriously.


Ling Langtian was stunned and thought that he had misheard.

“Take me to the Spirit Clan.” Qin Jue repeated.

“Are you crazy?” Ling Langtian was shocked, but he immediately realized that this was probably a good thing for him.

If Qin Jue really dared to break into the Spirit Clan, then what awaited him would definitely be death!

Even if Qin Jue was a Legendary Stage expert, no, even if he was a Saint Realm expert, it would be impossible for him to walk out of the Spirit Clan alive!

Thinking up to this point, Ling Langtian nodded repeatedly. “As long as you don’t kill me, I’ll do anything.”

How could Qin Jue not understand Ling Langtian’s intentions? However, he didn’t care. If the Spirit Clan dared to stop him from reviving Yan Xiu, Qin Jue wouldn’t mind casually destroying them.

Since the Spirit Clan could gather Essence Souls everywhere, they should be prepared to pay the price at any moment.


At this moment, Su Yan flew over with Yun Xi in her arms.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Jue waved his hand, and the spirit energy under his feet turned into a horse. He instantly carried the three people into the sky and disappeared into the horizon at an unbelievable speed.

“Senior, where are we going?”

“Spirit Clan.”


Sacred Land of the Central Continent, Spirit Domain, Spirit Clan.

As one of the Twelve Sacred Clans, not only did the Spirit Clan possess their own realm, but they also possessed extremely abundant cultivation resources.

In addition, there was an indestructible barrier outside the Spirit Domain. Apart from the Spirit Clan experts, no one was allowed to approach it.

This was also why the Spirit Clan was so mysterious, because no one knew what their internal structure was like.

At this moment, the interior of the Spirit Clan was peaceful. Green mountains, waterfalls, and bridges were everywhere. Almost all the palaces were made of heaven and earth treasures that stretched for thousands of kilometers without an end in sight. From time to time, a few air-transportation spirit artifacts would pass through, bringing with them streams of light. It was like a paradise.

If they hadn’t deliberately searched for it, it would have been very difficult for anyone to discover that there was a pagoda erected at the border of the Spirit Clan. It was not any less impressive than a mountain.

No, rather than calling it a pagoda, it would be more appropriate to call it an evil pagoda. This was because the pagoda emitted a dense aura of death. Not a single blade of grass grew within a radius of five kilometers, making one feel fearful just by looking at it.


Accompanied by a crisp sound, several black-robed elders sitting cross-legged in the tower suddenly opened their eyes, revealing astonished expressions.

“What happened?”

“I think a soul orb shattered.”

“What?” “How could this be?”

“It seems like the soul orb on Ling Langtian’s body has shattered.”

“This trash!”

The leader of the black-robed elders snorted and said, “Didn’t Ling Langtian go to Dark Moon City? If I remember correctly, there should only be one Heaven Stage expert there.”

After a pause, he seemed to have thought of something and said, “Is Ling Qiong by his side?”


Another old man nervously said, “Sixth Elder, could our plan have been discovered by the other Sacred Clans?”


The Sixth Elder said with decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron, “Those Sacred Lands and Sacred Clans are always busy with internal strife, so how could they care about the life and death of ordinary cultivators? Moreover, even if they were discovered, it would be impossible for them to know what we are doing.”

“However, to be safe, no matter who destroyed the soul orb, you have to find him for me. There can’t be any mistakes!”


Outside of the Spirit Domain, Qin Jue had his hands behind his back as he floated in the air, sizing up the barrier in front of him. Beside him were Su Yan and the shivering Ling Langtian.

It was only at this moment that Ling Langtian truly realized how powerful Qin Jue was. In the beginning, Qin Jue had only transformed his spirit energy into a horse.

However, when Ling Langtian revealed the exact location of the Spirit Clan, he felt his vision go black before he appeared outside the Spirit Domain. What kind of technique was this?

One had to know that Dark Moon City and the Spirit Domain were hundreds of thousands of kilometers apart. Even a Saint Stage, no, even a Grand Saint cultivator, could not travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers in an instant, right?

The reason why soul orbs could transfer the gathered Essence Souls to the Soul Tower was because there was a small teleportation array inside that was connected to the Soul Tower.

And Qin Jue clearly didn’t use a transmission array.

Could he be a Great Sage expert?

Although he didn’t know why the Spirit Clan had collected so many Essence Souls, after learning that Yan Xiu wasn’t dead, Qin Jue knew that he absolutely couldn’t delay any longer. Otherwise, no one could be sure if Yan Xiu’s Essence Soul would disappear in the next second.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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