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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 106

Chapter 106 - I Hate You

“Sixty years?”

Yan Xiu licked his lips and said impatiently, “Brother, can I have a taste first?”

“Of course.”

Qin Jue said indifferently.

Although Yan Xiu looked a little fierce, it was not difficult to tell from the encounter just now that he was very warm-hearted.

Moreover, judging from the situation, Dark Moon City seemed to be in a very chaotic state. Qin Jue was new here and might have already been targeted by some fellows with ill intentions. The reason why Yan Xiu invited him to eat was most likely to put on a show for the others.

With Yan Xiu’s status as the captain of the Law Enforcement Team and his late-phase Earth Stage strength, he believed that not many people would dare to provoke him.


Yan Xiu helped himself to the wine pot and poured a bowl before drinking it all.

“Haha, good wine!”

Yan Xiu wiped his mouth and said as he enjoyed the aftertaste.

“Captain Yan, continue drinking. I still have a lot here. Drink until you’re full.”

As he spoke, Qin Jue took out two more pots of 60-year-old spirit wine and placed them on the table.

Yan Xiu’s expression changed slightly as he hurriedly said, “Fellow brother, quickly put it away!”

Although he didn’t understand why Yan Xiu was suddenly so serious, Qin Jue still obeyed and put away the spirit wine.

“Recently, many people have died for no reason in Dark Moon City. Many bastards want to take advantage of the chaos. It’s best to be careful.”

Yan Xiu looked around and heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that no one was around.

Sixty-year-old spirit wine was already not inferior to ordinary grade three pills. One pot was fine, but if there were too many, it would inevitably attract the covetous eyes of others.

“Why has it been so chaotic?”

Qin Jue frowned.

Ever since they entered Dark Moon City, he and Su Yan had sensed that something was wrong, but they didn’t take it to heart. Now, Yan Xiu could answer this question.

“Sigh, who knows? Since half a month ago, there have been strange deaths one after another. Among them, there were even a few Earth Stage cultivators. Even the City Lord feels helpless.”

Yan Xiu sighed and said helplessly.

As the captain of the enforcement team in this city, Yan Xiu had always placed the safety of Dark Moon City first. However, what had happened in the past half a month made him feel deeply helpless.

No matter how he investigated, he could not find any clues.

Most importantly, these dead cultivators did not have any injuries on their bodies. He did not even know how they died.

As time passed, the number of deaths gradually increased. Therefore, many cultivators began to take advantage of the situation to kill and rob.

If this continued, Dark Moon City would be done for sooner or later.

Yan Xiu even felt that even if he found some clues, there was nothing he could do. Since the other party could silently kill other Earth Stage cultivators, then that meant that he or she could also kill him.

“You should leave this place as soon as possible so that you won’t suffer an undeserved calamity,” Yan Xiu sighed.

After listening to Yan Xiu’s description, Qin Jue finally understood what was going on. Presumably, the sinister and strange feeling they felt outside the city was because of this.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. I still don’t know your names.”

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, Yan Xiu changed the topic.

“My name is Qin Jue. She’s my friend, Su Yan.”

Qin Jue answered.

“Brother Qin, Miss Su.”

Yan Xiu said meaningfully, “The two of you should be from the same place, right? You two look like a perfect match.”

When he first saw Qin Jue and Su Yan, Yan Xiu knew that the two of them were definitely not simple. After all, how could an ordinary person be so handsome and beautiful?

Moreover, there was only one city within a thousand kilometers. How could two people be ordinary people when they appeared here unscathed?

According to Yan Xiu’s guess, the two of them should be genius disciples from some large family clan.

Unfortunately, Yan Xiu could not see through their cultivation and could not determine their strength.

Qin Jue couldn’t be bothered to explain, so he simply chose to tacitly agree.

Seeing that Qin Jue didn’t say anything, Su Yan naturally wouldn’t say anything.

At this moment, Yun Xi, who had been lying on Qin Jue’s head, suddenly jumped onto the table. Without saying a word, Yun Xi directly picked up the wine pot and drank it in big gulps.

Hugging the wine pot that was even bigger than her own body, Yun Xi didn’t seem to have any difficulty at all, and the hair on her head swayed back and forth, looking incredibly cute.


Yan Xiu was stunned. He had not noticed Yun Xi just now, so he was somewhat dumbfounded.

“She’s my disciple.”

Qin Jue was rather helpless. It seemed that he had already raised this little fellow into an alcoholic. Every time she saw spirit wine, she couldn’t help herself.


Yan Xiu had a doubtful expression, but he didn’t ask any more questions. After all, he and Qin Jue had only just met. He knew very well what to ask and what not to ask.

Moreover, Qin Jue had deliberately erased the aura of the spirit herb on Yun Xi’s body. Even a Great Sage wouldn’t be able to tell that Yun Xi had transformed from a spirit herb, let alone Yan Xiu.

Not long after, the food was served. Qin Jue snatched the wine pot from Yun Xi’s arms and poured half for Yan Xiu. Then the two of them drank happily.

As the saying went, a thousand glasses of wine would be insufficient when it came to friends. The best way to improve one’s friendship was to drink.

But Yan Xiu quickly discovered that Qin Jue wasn’t getting drunk. No matter how much spirit wine he drank, his expression remained the same.

Seeing that he was about to collapse, Yan Xiu could only circulate his spirit energy to resolve the situation. Otherwise, he would definitely be lying here today.

From beginning to end, Su Yan sat by the side and did not speak. Unless necessary, she basically did not eat.

“Yun Xi?”

The bored Su Yan tried to stretch out her hand to touch Yun Xi, but Yun Xi moved away.

“Hmph, I don’t like you.”

Yun Xi pouted and shouted angrily.

Su Yan was stunned. She didn’t seem to have offended Yun Xi before.

“Do you want to drink? I have some here.”

As if recalling something, Su Yan took out a pot of spirit wine from her storage ring and enticed.

“Spirit wine?”

When the originally vigilant Yun Xi saw the wine pot in Su Yan’s hand, her eyes immediately lit up, and she pounced over without hesitation.


Su Yan raised her hand, causing Yun Xi to miss.

“Give it to me.” The hair on Yun Xi’s head swayed crazily, and she was clearly very anxious.

“I can give you the spirit wine, but… you have to let me rub you.”

Su Yan smiled and said slyly.


Yun Xi immediately shook her head and refused. “I hate you!”

“Oh? Really?”

Su Yan didn’t force Yun Xi, but opened the wine pot and took a fierce sip, revealing an intoxicated expression, causing Yun Xi to drool.

“Are you sure?” Su Yan asked again.


Yun Xi sucked in her saliva and said firmly, “Even if I don’t drink, I absolutely won’t let you touch me!”


After a short while, Yun Xi lay in Su Yan’s hand while holding the wine pot, allowing Su Yan to ‘ravage’ her as she pleased. She seemed to have already forgotten what she had just said.

“I can’t take it anymore. I can’t take it anymore. If I drink any more, I won’t be able to patrol tonight.”

Although he tried his best to use his spirit energy to resolve it, this was still a 60-year-old spirit wine after all. Yan Xiu quickly lost and begged for mercy.

In terms of drinking, Qin Jue believed that he didn’t have a match.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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