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I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184: Dao Tribulation!

In almost the same moment that Fang Xiufeng’s cultivation base exploded with power, the blood-colored sky overhead was ripped apart by seemingly invisible hands to reveal a starry sky.

Simultaneously, a huge vortex appeared up above, whose rotation caused the entire blood-colored world to distort as the power of the Dao Realm… descended to Planet South Heaven!

All of Planet South Heaven rumbled, and countless cultivators looked up into the sky with expressions of astonishment. What they saw was the sky distorting as a shocking vortex appeared. Its rotation caused innumerable motes of dust to float up into the air, and even the Milky Way Sea began to seethe.

Everyone from the Fang Clan sat cross-legged, expressions of anticipation on their faces as they looked up. They were filled with excitement, as they all knew that their Clan Chief Fang Xiufeng was currently transcending tribulation to step into the Dao!

Meng Hao’s mother and sister were in the Fang Clan ancestral mansion, along with Sun Hai and many others. They were nervous, and Meng Li was even clutching tightly at her garments, shivering slightly as her heart filled with numerous anxieties.

Meng Hao’s sister was acting exactly the same.

As of this point, the eyes of virtually everyone on Planet South Heaven were fixed upon that vortex!

The rumbling grew increasingly intense as a path slowly became visible…. If one could step onto that path despite all of the tribulations, then entering the Dao Realm was a possibility!!

In the blood-colored world, Fang Xiufeng’s eyes shone with a strange light. He lowered his left hand and pushed onto his dantian region, while his right hand viciously slapped his forehead. A banging sound rang out, and his body trembled. At the same time, his flesh visibly withered.

He threw his head back and roared, and all of a sudden… a ghost image of himself appeared. Shockingly, this was a type of clone, an image that looked exactly like Fang Xiufeng, which flew up into the air toward the vortex.

Fang Shoudao began to explain.

“Meng Hao, this Trifecta Dao Formation uses the cultivation base power of three people to help your father create three clones, all of them as powerful as his true form. By using these three clones to transcend the tribulation, he will have a much easier time succeeding!”

Meng Hao looked up into the sky and saw the huge vortex filled with crackling lightning, numerous bolts of which were already shooting down. Fang Xiufeng’s clone shot forward to meet the powerful lightning, lightning that was actually larger and more terrifying than the lightning that Guru Heavencloud had faced.

It was powerful enough to destroy worlds, and it transformed into a sea of lightning that smashed toward Fang Xiufeng.

A huge boom rang out. Everyone watched as Fang Xiufeng’s clone threw his head back and roared, then performed an incantation gesture to summon divine abilities and magical techniques that fought back against the lightning.

Time passed, and everyone was shocked by the astonishing events playing out in front of their eyes. After the first tribulation passed, Fang Xiufeng’s clone was injured and tired, but continued onward toward the vortex. It was at this point that rumbling sounds echoed out as the second tribulation descended… the Weapon Tribulation!

Based on what Meng Hao knew from watching Guru Heavencloud stepping into the Dao, there were a total of nine tribulations, each one successively more intense. If you could beat them all back, then step into the vortex, you would be half finished with the process. Having transcended the tribulations, you would be qualified to achieve the Dao.

Guru Heavencloud had failed in the middle of the third tribulation, and currently, Fang Xiufeng was facing the second tribulation. Various weapons materialized, sweeping forth with astonishing power. Rumbling sounds echoed out as nine of them bore down on Fang Xiufeng’s clone.

Meng Hao was looking on nervously as Fang Xiufeng’s clone spread his hands wide, his eyes glittering with a cold light. He then waved his hands in front of him, causing colors to flash and the sky to tremble. The nine weapons suddenly stopped in place for a moment, then trembled with energy and shot forward again.

Booms echoed out constantly, and the roars of Fang Xiufeng’s clone echoed out into the ears of all the cultivators on Planet South Heaven. When his wife and daughter heard them, they became even more anxious than before.

The direct bloodline clan members of the Fang Clan were also waiting in nervous anticipation, waiting for their Clan Chief to step into the Dao!

The sky flashed as the nine Tribulation Weapons surged with power and a desire to cut down anyone who attempted to transcend the tribulation. As the rumbling echoed out, Fang Xiufeng’s clone advanced relentlessly.

“Get the hell out of my way!” Fang Xiufeng’s clone suddenly sucked in a deep breath. As he did, his eyes shone with cold light, and boundless energy of Heaven and Earth roiled toward him and was absorbed. Wild colors flashed up above, and Fang Xiufeng’s clone began to shine with brilliant light, making him look like a blazing sun.

Suddenly, an illusory sword materialized in his outstretched right hand. He stepped out with his right foot, bending his body like a bow and then slashing down with the sword, unleashing a blinding stream of light.

The sword qi pulsed with indescribable energy, causing everything else to grow dark and blurred. Fang Xiufeng’s clone, and the sword he held, were the only things that were incomparably bright and clear.

“My Dao is the Dao of the sword, and the sword is the king of all weapons! Trifling Weapon Tribulation… do you really dare to block my way!?” The clone’s echoing voice was filled with incredible pressure as the sword light shone out toward the nine weapons of the Weapon Tribulation.

When they slammed into each other, a massive boom echoed out. The sword light exploded with scintillating, intense power, causing everything to vibrate. A supreme, paramount aura even rose up from the sword!

Boom! The first weapon fell into pieces!

Then the second, the third, and the fourth….

In the blink of an eye, seven weapons were turned into ash. The remaining two, however, continued to struggle through the sword light. As they neared the clone, he didn’t even dodge, but let out a cold harrumph instead.

The sound of it caused the two weapons to tremble and then collapse into fragments, which then turned into nothing more than ash. They… had already reached the point of collapse, and were pushed over the edge by the mere sound.

Fang Xiufeng had successfully transcended the second tribulation. His energy soared brightly, as if stepping into the Dao was a simple matter for him!

Had Guru Heavencloud not been killed, and were now able to watch what was happening, he would be flabbergasted. After all of his own years of preparation, he had only been able to pass the second tribulation. Fang Xiufeng was clearly far, far more powerful than he had been.

Of course, much of that had to do with the Trifecta Dao Formation, which bolstered Fang Xiufeng’s cultivation base and gave him three clones. Because of that… things were much easier, and he could explode out with even more power.

By this point, the third tribulation was approaching. This was the tribulation that had rocked Guru Heavencloud, in which four black-armored figures appeared.

However, as soon as they materialized, and before they could even make a move, Meng Hao waved his right hand, sending his divine will out to the figures. Immediately, they stopped, then clasped hands and bowed to Fang Xiufeng. After that, they turned and disappeared back into the vortex.

They retreated without even putting up a fight!!

This sight caused Fang Xiufeng’s clone to stare in shock. He wasn’t the only one. All of the cultivators on Planet South Heaven who were watching the scene couldn’t help but be astonished. Even Meng Hao’s mother and sister stared, eyes wide with disbelief.

“Now nothing can prevent your father from transcending this tribulation,” Fang Shoudao said.

“That’s right,” replied Fang Yanxu. “Xiufeng has prepared well. Even I couldn’t match up to him, back when I stepped into the Dao.”

“From the look of it, being stationed here on Planet South Heaven is actually an opportunity for Xiufeng.”

As Fang Shoudao and Fang Yanxu continued to discuss the matter, the serious looks on their faces faded into a more relaxed expression.

From their perspectives, whether or not he would transcend the tribulation was now not even in question. Fang Xiufeng had already proven that he could step into the Dao even without their help. Clearly, his eventual success was without question.

What they were worried about now… was what would happen with the Planet South Heaven spell formation after he succeeded.

However, Meng Hao wasn’t so confident. For some reason, when he looked at his father’s clone up in midair, he got a very nervous feeling. It was as if something really bad was about to happen, although he wasn’t sure what.

“What’s wrong here?” he thought, his eyes narrowing. “Why does it feel like something is off…?” The misgivings inside his heart only continued to grow stronger.

By this point, the fourth and fifth tribulations were arriving. The fourth tribulation was the Five Elements Tribulation. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth. Five different tribulation powers appeared from within the vortex, which then materialized into five enormous dragons that roared as they shot toward Fang Xiufeng’s clone.

This battle was much more difficult than the previous ones. Fang Xiufeng’s clone held nothing back, wiping out one dragon directly, and then self-detonating to take out three more. Only the Water Dragon remained. At this point, Fang Yanxu roared, and suddenly, his body withered. At the same time, a ghost image stepped out of Fang Xiufeng, who was still sitting in the middle of the Trifecta Dao Formation.

This was his second clone, which flew up in a beam of sword light to slaughter the fifth and final dragon. There wasn’t even a slight pause as the sixth tribulation descended.

The sixth tribulation emerged in the form of a single character, the character Dao 道. It hovered there, radiating bizarre light. Anyone who could see it would notice that the character didn’t seem stable. It was constantly transforming back and forth between nine different versions. However, each one of those permutations of the character represented… the Dao!

Rumbling echoed out as intense pressure radiated out from the nine Dao characters. Fang Xiufeng’s clone threw his head back and roared, erupting with cultivation base power. Numerous sword images appeared around him, which then transformed into a Dao mist!

The Dao mist spread out in all directions, reaching 30,000 meters, which vastly exceeded Guru Heavencloud’s. It swirled around Fang Xiufeng’s clone as an illusory sword appeared in his hand, and he shot toward the nine Dao characters.

“Tribulation… begone!” As Fang Xiufeng’s voice echoed out, Heaven and Earth trembled. Sword light rose up, filled with azure light that slashed toward the nine Dao characters. Fang Xiufeng was completely confident that this sword strike… would vanquish the sixth tribulation!

That was because he… was Fang Xiufeng!

However, it was at this exact point that Meng Hao realized that his father’s clone was glowing with azure light. Suddenly, his mind began to spin.

“Dad! Suppress your Dao seed!!”

I Shall Seal the Heavens

I Shall Seal the Heavens

ISSTH, Ngã Dục Phong Thiên, Wo Yu Feng Tian, 我欲封天
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
What I want, the Heavens shall not lack! What I don’t want, had better not exist in the Heavens!” This is a story which originates between the Eighth and Ninth Mountains, the world in which the strong prey upon the weak. “My Name is Meng Hao! The Ninth Generation Demon Sealer, I shall seal the Heavens!! “


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