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Hidden Marriage Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Uncontrollable Burning Love

Chapter 94: Uncontrollable Burning Love

That’s because Ning Xi was purposely ‘pressure acting’.

‘Pressure acting’ was a technique that only extremely experienced actors could pull off. They could use their acting to pressure the other person mentally, making the other act abnormally, forgetting their lines. The most intense pressure could even give the other a mental block that they would never be able to get over for the rest of their lives.

There were extremely few people who could use this technique in the entertainment circle. Most importantly, it was very hard to see through this technique, because it was hard to tell if the other was simply acting well or was purposely using ‘pressure acting’. This technique could harm others without leaving a trace.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him, “I can’t throw out my moves so casually!”

Firstly, she needed a specific situation to use this kind of move. For example, the scene today was perfect for suppressing Jia Qingqing. Secondly, this move would affect the progress of filming, so she definitely wouldn’t use it unless she really had to.

Jiang Muye unconsciously remembered some unhappy memories and curled his lip as he said, “Then I am very honoured to, be one of the few you unleashed this move on!”

Back then, he had been suppressed by Ning Xi using this move. However, he wasn’t trash like that Jia Qingqing. He had eventually held on and had overcome the move, and his acting skills had even improved by leaps and bounds after that.

After saying so, Jiang Muye stared at her with a burning gaze, “Are we eating dinner together tonight? You promised me you’d treat me alone! You also promised that you’d play games with me another day!”

It was Ning Xi who was in the wrong for this, so she sighed helplessly and said, “Fine fine fine, I’ll eat with you and play with you, okay? I’m just going to message Lu Tingxiao and let him know.”

Jiang Muye’s expression instantly changed upon hearing this, “You’re only living in temporarily for Little Treasure, why do you have to report when you don’t go back? What’s the relationship between you and Lu Tingxiao?”

“Although I’m sending a message to Lu Tingxiao, the recipient is Little Treasure, okay?”

Ning Xi was too lazy to bother with him. She looked down at her phone and typed a message: [My dearest darling, Auntie is busy tonight, so I might come back really late. Remember to eat your dinner and go to sleep. When Auntie is free, I’ll buy cute clothes for you! Love you~ xoxo]

Jiang Muye looked at that message and got so annoyed that his eyes turned red, “Why are you so gentle to Little Treasure! You were never this gentle to me when we were together, you kept beating me up whenever we quarrelled!”

Ning Xi cast a sideways glance at him, “You deserved all those beatings! Little Treasure is so cute, are you sure you can compete with him?”

Jiang Muye’s beautiful eyes lit up like the blazing sun, “Ning Xi! Did you ever even like me back then? You really got close to me just to…”

Ning Xi looked at him with surprise, “Nonsense, of course not.”

“You… You you….” Jiang Muye pointed at her and couldn’t speak for a long while.

Ning Xi propped up her chin and smiled at him: “So? Are you full from anger now? Are we still going to eat dinner?”

Jiang Muye gritted his teeth: “We’re eating!!!” He absolutely could not fall for her evil schemes!

At the same time, in the Lu residence.

Lu Jingli sat on the sofa while hugging a pillow. If he had a tail behind him, it would be wagging up a storm, “Bro bro bro, tell me tell me, what happened last night?”

Because of Ning Xi’s words telling him to find a woman this morning, Lu Tingxiao’s expression was still a little gloomy. He had no mood at all to satisfy Lu Jingli’s curiosity.

“Is it because you couldn’t control the burning love in your heart and lost control and went to attack her at night? And then you weren’t careful with your actions and woke Xiao Xixi up? Then you were trapped on the spot, so you just pretended you were sleepwalking?” Lu Jingli’s ability to fill in the details wasn’t just for show.

Lu Tingxiao raised his gaze and looked at him. This fellow’s smarts were all used on things like this, weren’t they?

Seeing his dear brother’s expression, Lu Jingli just knew that he had guessed it right. With an expression like he was about to fall in love with himself, “Heavens! I’m too smart! Bro, don’t I know you so well?”

Hidden Marriage

Hidden Marriage

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband, 隐婚100分:惹火娇妻嫁一送一
Score 8.9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take revenge on the sister who turned her parents against her, and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her sister. She aims to fulfill her childhood dream and become a famous actress. However, her sister is still out to get her and she has to avoid all her underhanded schemes. One day, after falling into one of her sister’s schemes, she meets an adorable little boy and saves him. His father then offers to repay her with his body: “Marry me.” Ning Xi: ???!!! Little boy: -sad puppy dog eyes- Thus Ning Xi starts staying at the mute little boys’s house to help him come out of his shell… cue lots of comedy, some flirting, sweet moments between Ning Xi and little bun… and maybe big bun too. aaa


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