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Hidden Marriage Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Let’s Start Off A Little More Exciting

Chapter 70: Let’s Start Off A Little More Exciting

Who was the hottest young guy in the entertainment circle right now?

No matter who you asked, they would tell you that it’s Jiang Muye!

Jia Qingqing was still unable to accept reality up to now. She paced about and said, “Did they make a mistake somewhere? Wasn’t Jiang Muye filming overseas? Even if he came back, why would he take such a small role as the second male lead?”

Ning Xueluo muttered lowly, “I heard that Jiang Muye refuses to take any role other than the male lead. Moreover, the main sponsor for this film is Starlight Entertainment, so why would he come here as a Golden Age artiste?”

Although she had been celebrating moments ago that she wouldn’t get taken advantage of, Jia Qingqing was now close to going crazy, “Damn it! How did it turn out like this! How is Ning Xi’s luck so good! Jiang Muye should have been mine, mine! It’s all because she took my role so shamelessly!”

The people watching around her sympathised after seeing her expression, and weren’t at all surprised by her frenzy.

It was because everyone in the entertainment circle knew that Jia Qingqing loved Jiang Muye, and had even publicly confessed to him through her Weibo previously. Although Jiang Muye had completely ignored her, she would still frequently post about news related to Jiang Muye on her Weibo like an ardent fan.

Guo Qisheng used tremendous strength and finally got that group of crazy ladies settled down. He couldn’t resist teasing, “Muye, look at how you’ve already gotten the ladies of our crew wrapped around your finger! Handsome guys really are treated better!”

Jiang Muye played along and joked, “Director, haven’t you heard? All of them just want to bed me, so you have to protect me, okay!”

“Hahaha… No worries, your partner is the war goddess Meng Changge, she’ll protect you! Oh yes, where’s Ning Xi? She kept asking who her second male lead would be, how come she’s disappeared now?” Guo Qisheng looked all over for her.

Jiang Muye had a faint trace of a smile on his lips, “Maybe she was scared away by me?”

“That might be possible, almost all the girls in this country are your fans. Maybe Ning Xi is one too, and she’s suffered a shock from seeing her idol!” Guo Qisheng smiled as he spoke.

As the two were talking, Ning Xi was walking over.

In a short amount of time, the expression on Ning Xi’s face had already become flawless, she smiled as she reached her hand out to the person she was facing, “Senior Jiang, nice to meet you. I’m Ning Xi. I’m honoured to be working with you.”

Although Ning Xi was the same age as Jiang Muye, since Jiang Muye had entered the industry earlier, he was her senior and she had to be respectful towards him.

“Nice to meet you…” Jiang Muye’s lips curled up. He reached out to shake her hand lightly, but in the next second, he almost threw her hand away without caring about his image.

This damned girl, she had almost crushed the bones in his hand.

Jiang Muye struggled to hold onto his cool expression, and acted as if a sudden realisation had hit him, “Ah, Ning Xi, so it’s you…”

“Oh? Do you know each other?” Guo Qisheng was surprised upon hearing so. It wasn’t just the director, but the rest of the cast and crew had focused their gazes on Jiang Muye.

Jiang Muye smiled with hidden meaning, “Of course we know each other.”

Hearing that ambiguous tone and seeing the strange looks that everyone directed at her, Ning Xi was so angry that her hand started shaking. She was almost unable to hold back the raging urge to pummel him!

Seeing that Ning Xi’s face was almost turning white from anger, Jiang Muye finally spoke up slowly, “We worked together on the set of 《Blue Bird》previously.”

“Oh? How come I’ve never heard Ning Xi mention that before?” Guo Qisheng was taken aback.

Ning Xi felt like she had just escaped death, her back was covered in sweat. She replied meekly, “Director Guo, I was just the stunt double for the female lead then, it’s amazing that Senior Jiang remembers me.”

Guo Qisheng was amused upon hearing so, “Oh my, I didn’t think that the two of you would have fate like this. That’s great, since you’ve worked together before and you know each other, I don’t think you’ll need to warm up. Let’s start with a little more exciting and go with a confrontation scene, shall we?”

Ning Xi: “Uh…” A confrontation scene? More exciting? Director, please don’t do this! They’re not familiar!

Jiang Muye smiled happily, “Sure!”

Ning Xi felt like reaching out and plucking out those evil little canines.

Hidden Marriage

Hidden Marriage

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband, 隐婚100分:惹火娇妻嫁一送一
Score 8.9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take revenge on the sister who turned her parents against her, and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her sister. She aims to fulfill her childhood dream and become a famous actress. However, her sister is still out to get her and she has to avoid all her underhanded schemes. One day, after falling into one of her sister’s schemes, she meets an adorable little boy and saves him. His father then offers to repay her with his body: “Marry me.” Ning Xi: ???!!! Little boy: -sad puppy dog eyes- Thus Ning Xi starts staying at the mute little boys’s house to help him come out of his shell… cue lots of comedy, some flirting, sweet moments between Ning Xi and little bun… and maybe big bun too. aaa


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