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Hidden Marriage Chapter 169

Chapter 169: She Really Wants to Steal Him Away

Chapter 169: She Really Wants to Steal Him Away

After Ning Xi finished going through her call logs, she continued reading her text messages. When she reached the last one, she stared blankly at it for a moment.

[My dear, I’ve really underestimated your guts.]

Sender: YS

Why did this guy send her a message like that out of the blue? What had she done?

Lu Tingxiao had deleted the call log, so Ning Xi naturally didn’t know that the two men had talked to each other that night.

“Is something wrong?” Lu Tingxiao asked upon realising that her expression didn’t seem right.

“Nothing…” She just took it for a fit of madness from that person and just ignored it. Ning Xi put down her phone and asked, “When is Little Treasure coming over?”

“He should be reaching soon.”

The moment she heard that, Ning Xi subconsciously touched her hair, “Where’s the hair clip that Little Treasure gave to me?”

“It’s here, I helped you put it away previously.” Lu Tingxiao pulled the bedside drawer open and handed the pink hair clip over to her.

Ning Xi happily put it on.

Looking at the hair clip on Ning Xi’s head, a trace of regret flitted across Lu Tingxiao’s heart. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have given her a gun. If he had given her a necklace, bracelet or earrings, she might have been able to wear it on her all the time.

Actually, he had already prepared a gift early on: a ring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right time to give it to her.

While the two of them were conversing, a knock sounded at the door.

Ning Xi slipped out from the bed and went to open the door. As expected, Little Treasure had arrived.

“Darling, you’re here!”

After Little Treasure entered the ward, the first thing he did was to pull at her clothes urgently with his little paws, seemingly asking for her to bend lower.

“What’s up?” Ning Xi squatted down.

Little Treasure immediately knocked his forehead against hers with a completely serious expression.

Ning Xi couldn’t resist laughing out loud, “Heh, Darling, are you checking my temperature? Relax, I just used the thermometer to take my temperature, the fever’s gone!”

Little Treasure still had a worried expression on his face. He stared with an expression of heartache at the bruise left on the back of her hand from the IV drip.

Ning Xi wrapped the little guy up in her embrace and comforted him with pats, “Don’t frown anymore, all of Auntie’s pain flew away the moment Auntie saw you!”

The little bun was practically a miracle cure. She really wanted to steal him away.

“Do you want to go downstairs for a walk?” Lu Tingxiao suggested.

“Yes, yes!” She felt like moving her body a little after sleeping the whole day. It wasn’t good to trap Little Treasure in the ward with her either.

The three of them passed by another ward on the way to the elevator. There were a bunch of reporters wielding cameras crowding outside the ward, raising a huge clamour and fighting to interview the woman inside the ward:

“Xueluo, have you managed to contact Ning Xi yet?”

“Not yet, there’s been no news of her.”

“Ning Xi is trying to abscond from fear of her arrest. Is there anything you’d like to say about this? What do you intend to do next?”

“I… I don’t know… I still don’t believe that she would do something like that even now…”

“We’ve heard that Ning Corporation and Starlight Entertainment have both withdrawn their sponsorship to express their objections? Has there been any reply from the production team? Are they going to replace Ning Xi?”

“I’m not sure about that, you can ask the representative of the production team.”

“If Ning Xi reappears and apologises to you, will you forgive her?”

“If she’s heartfelt about her regret, I can personally forgive her mistake. However, the negative impact she has made on the entertainment circle isn’t something that can be resolved by a simple apology, and it’s not up to me to forgive that!”


Ning Xi unexpectedly bumped into a scene where Ning Xueluo was playing her part as an innocent flower to the fullest. She couldn’t help but frown. It was only now that she realised she was staying in the same hospital as Ning Xueluo, and they were even on the same floor.

It was at this moment that one of the reporters noticed Ning Xi standing near the elevator right in front of the ward. He abruptly shouted in surprise, “Ning Xi——”

Hidden Marriage

Hidden Marriage

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband, 隐婚100分:惹火娇妻嫁一送一
Score 8.9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take revenge on the sister who turned her parents against her, and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her sister. She aims to fulfill her childhood dream and become a famous actress. However, her sister is still out to get her and she has to avoid all her underhanded schemes. One day, after falling into one of her sister’s schemes, she meets an adorable little boy and saves him. His father then offers to repay her with his body: “Marry me.” Ning Xi: ???!!! Little boy: -sad puppy dog eyes- Thus Ning Xi starts staying at the mute little boys’s house to help him come out of his shell… cue lots of comedy, some flirting, sweet moments between Ning Xi and little bun… and maybe big bun too. aaa


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