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½ Prince Chapter 9

Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Tournament, Begin – translated by Kat

Wearing the Blood Tiara that the team had given me, my heart was overwhelmed with emotion and I hardened my resolve. We will create a legend together, a legend that belongs to us. I closed my eyes and gathered my focus, calming down before I gradually reopened them. With self-confidence and determination etched in my expression, I gave the rest of Odd Squad a smile and took the first step in the journey to creating our legend, the first step onto the stage where we would perform, the first step into…the tournament arena.

Within the arena, the announcer loudly introduced himself. “Hello everyone, I’m your commentator for today, Xiao Li. Let us begin by introducing the two teams who will be fighting in this match! First, coming out from the west entrance is the Perfect Princess Team! The Perfect Princess Team is led by Perfect Princess, a mage of the elf race. Their five other members are a beastman warrior, a human warrior, an elf archer, a human archer and an angel priest.”

I walked over to stand at the very front of our squad. Judging by the thunderous cheers filling the stadium, it seemed that our opponents had already stepped out into the arena. Don’t tell me that the Perfect Princess Team is that famous? Looks like I’m really out of the loop, seeing as I’ve never even heard of them. It doesn’t matter anyway, since Odd Squad will definitely defeat them and become renowned throughout the whole of ‘Second Life’!

Mic in hand, the tournament’s commentator loudly introduced the next team to enter the arena. “Now, coming in from the east entrance is Odd Squad! Odd Squad has an extremely peculiar team composition consisting of an elf warrior, an elf thief, a beastman priest, an angel necromancer, a demon bard and a human mage!”

Murmurs began to run through the crowd immediately. “What a weird team!”, “Extreme Squad? What a weird name!”, and other similar comments could clearly be heard.

“If this team isn’t the lousiest team around, then they’ll have to be one of the best…” Perfect Princess Team’s strategist, the angel priest, muttered quietly to himself.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of team they are. You guys will obtain victory for me, right?” the eye-catching beauty, Perfect Princess, asked sweetly as she addressed her team members – though to me, it seemed more like she was cajoling her suitors! The five guys immediately nodded fervently.

Amidst the murmurs of the crowd, I slowly stepped into the tournament arena. As usual, wherever I went I was met with a stunned silence. My looks usually possessed a lot of devastating power, but now, coupled with a tiara that could only greatly increase my attractiveness, that destructive power immediately jumped from 100% to 200%! I ignored the crowd’s stares (Sigh, after being stared at for so long, I’ve already become accustomed to it…) and instead looked directly at our opponents for today: the Perfect Princess Team.

Initially, I’d thought that this team would be made up of six girls. To my surprise, it was made up of only one girl and five guys! In my heart I kept thinking, That girl is acting as though she’s bringing her own Inner Court to participate in this tournament and yet her looks aren’t even nearly a match for Lolidragon’s. I’m so envious…! Ah, no…I’m a guy right now; there’s nothing to be envious about!

Setting my envy aside, the other five team members and I each took our places and struck the pose that Lolidragon had spent three days teaching us. I obediently followed her instructions – I was to drop the attitude of an elegant Prince and instead maintain a suave, arrogant, undefeatable image during battle. That way, we could undermine our opponents’ confidence… Although, personally, I felt that guys would only be infuriated by my handsome looks, causing their battle spirits to blaze even more fiercely.

“How can someone be this handsome…?” Perfect Princess stared at my face, mesmerized, while her five team members glared at me, their expressions clearly showing their desire to skin me, rip the flesh off my bones for meat, and then boil my bones to make a stock for soup.

“Prince, Lolidragon, the other team has two archers and two warriors, so prolonging the battle would be nothing but a disadvantage to us. I have a plan though, so listen up…” Wolf-dàgē then proceeded to meticulously explain his plan to us.

After Wolf-dàgē finished giving us our instructions, our squad strode forward, brimming with confidence. There was even a faintly sadistic smile on my face. Lolidragon was the one who taught it to me. (Lolidragon, the nickname “Blood Elf” must have been all because of you…) I looked at the Perfect Princess Team and said coolly, “Shall we begin?”

The huge beastman warrior immediately gave his enormous axe a couple of swings. Unfortunately for him, he was shorter than Wolf-dàgē by a couple of hand spans, plus he lacked the intimidating and powerful aura that Dàgē possessed. The human warrior walked up toward us and replied coldly, “No problem. Let’s begin then!”

The referee standing on one side saw that we were prepared and, with a wave of his flag, the battle commenced.

Normally, battles would begin with both teams’ priests casting buffs and bolstering their teammates’ defense. Only after this was done would the competition truly begin. However, Lolidragon and I went against this norm and, making use of our high agility, we charged forward the moment the judge announced the start of the battle. Before the enemy team’s warriors could even react, I had already darted past them, my targets being the two archers… Next, with a swift movement, I grabbed Meatbun and used my sword to bat it with all of my strength.

“Meatbun, Double Kill.” Meatbun immediately flew towards those two archers, who had yet to figure out what was going on, and began smacking back and forth between them like a ball in a pinball machine.

Given that archers tended to have low HP, this attack was more than enough to keep them both occupied. With my Black Dao in hand, I rushed towards the human archer, whose health was probably higher than the elf archer’s.  Reaching him, I called out, “One of the Five Ultimate Techniques, Dragon Whirlwind Strike!”

I lifted my sword over my head as my legs pushed, propelling my body off the ground. Twisting my body in mid air so that I was flying parallel to the earth, my Black Dao cleanly stabbed into the human archer’s abdomen. The speed of my attack left even the agility-oriented archer unable to dodge in time. Although it wasn’t a fatal attack, the move Dragon Whirlwind Strike could severely injure enemies with just the surrounding air pressure alone, even if it didn’t land a direct hit. The unlucky human archer’s left arm was immediately broken by my twisting attack. The moment my feet touched the ground, I executed a reverse sweep of my blade, sending him flying back to the rebirth point to contemplate his mistakes in his “past” life.

While everyone’s eyes were glued on me, Lolidragon, whose agility was so high that her every action seemed to come out of nowhere, had long since crept up behind the elf archer with a dagger in each hand. Now she pressed one of them against the elf’s neck and gave a savage slash across his throat. It would have been a fatal blow if not for the fact that Lolidragon’s strength was too low and thus was unable to directly kill the elf archer.

Just when it seemed that the opposing priest – who had started to chant a healing spell – would be able to heal the archer, Lolidragon’s lips curled into a cruel smile. Unseen by everyone else, the dagger in her other hand was already placed against the elf’s back, pointing directly at his heart. Now she gave a vicious stab and the priest could only watch helplessly as the archer died.

At this point in time, Perfect Princess Team’s warriors were being kept busy by Doll’s super scary Hell’s Inferno Armored Skeletons. In addition, their agility had been lowered by Gui’s Sheng-ge Entrancement Technique. The skeletons alone were nearly enough to KO them; there was no possibility of them helping the rest of their team!

Perfect Princess, who’d been busy admiring my face initially, finally realized that something was wrong and immediately cast a spell to destroy one of Doll’s skeletons. However, Lolidragon and I had already finished off the two archers by this time, so I charged straight at the warriors, providing support for Doll’s skeletons. Lolidragon, on the other hand, employed an ability that she had created after studying Japan’s ninjutsu: Burrowing. (This technique had not come easy to anyone, because whenever she failed, the entire squad had to organize an excavation, in order to dig Lolidragon out from the earth that she was trapped in.) Using it, she stealthily snuck up behind the mage, Perfect Princess…

“Princess, be careful!” The priest hurriedly shoved Perfect Princess – who was about to have her throat slit by Lolidragon – to one side.

As for Lolidragon, she simply took in the change in situation and immediately changed her target. Two fatally dangerous daggers flashed through the air as she slashed at the priest. His face quickly paled as he tried his best to replenish his health even as he yelled for the warriors to come over and help.

Warriors? I scoffed; the supposedly nimble human could barely land a hit on me, let alone the muscle-for-brains beastman whose goal seemed to be imitating a tortoise’s speed. They mouthed off angrily at the priest, yelling at him for not healing their health. It’d be a shock if they could find the time to go and save their teammates!

In fact, the moment the two archers – who had posed the greatest threat to our plan – died, the opposing team’s fate had been sealed. At this thought, the corners of my mouth rose to form an evil grin, scaring the opposing warriors into thinking that I was about to use that move Dragon Whirlwind Strike again. I smiled coldly and used… ten continuous strikes to finish off the human warrior instead. What a joke; you think Dragon Whirlwind Strike can be used so many times in a row? Using it that often will leave me dizzy, okay?

In this fashion, Lolidragon and Gui kept the priest and the mage at bay while the skeletons and I gave the remaining beastman warrior a free ride back to the rebirth point. Moments later, the priest was dead as well.

The six of us converged upon the mage, Perfect Princess, who had backed away into a corner. Walking at the head of the group, I smiled coldly at her and asked, “Surrender?”

Perfect Princess lifted her head slowly. As she looked at my face, the fear written all over her face melted away and was replaced by a coquettish expression, and she even dared to sweet-talk me. “Surrender, I surrender! Since I lost to you, I’ll be your girlfriend, okay?”

I gazed icily at this girl, whose beauty lost to Lolidragon, who was not as cute as Doll, who was not as elegant as Yu Lian-dàsăo, and felt extremely put off.  And she has the audacity to plaster herself all over me like some sort of invertebrate now?! Catching a whiff of her disgustingly over-powering perfume, I thought, I am still a woman—just because I look like a guy doesn’t mean I need to be like one and appreciate feminine beauty, do I?!

I slowly raised my Black Dao and, still smiling faintly, drove it through the body of the woman in front of me. It’s your fault for being prettier than the female “me”! Not to mention stringing along five somewhat handsome guys… Clearly you are trying to trigger my envy! To enrage me into killing you!

I watched with satisfaction as Perfect Princess flew away with a look of resentment and disbelief on her face. I swung my Black Dao lightly a few times, trying to shake off the nauseating blood on it, but suddenly I realized that the entire arena was silent and everyone was staring at me with an odd look in their eyes.

“Lolidragon, is something wrong?” My countenance remained serene, but secretly I was PMing Lolidragon with some trepidation.

“…It’s probably because you were covered in blood and smiling as you stabbed a beautiful woman to death, before nonchalantly flinging away the blood. It’s just too handsome, too cool, and too bloody! That’s why everyone is stunned!” Lolidragon said with a helpless shrug.

I just got slightly carried away with my jealousy, I thought, feeling misunderstood.

“Odd Squad, victory,” the judge, who had finally snapped out of his shocked stupor, announced belatedly.

Emitting a frosty aura, I stood on the bloody arena, a glacial look in my eyes as my sword rose and fell. As I cut down the last enemy, I could hear the crowd beginning to cheer. However, I turned and scrutinized the entire audience with emotionless, icy eyes, until the last person fell silent. It was only when I was satisfied that I smiled an evil, bloodthirsty smile, and then led Odd Squad out of the arena as the judge declared our victory.

Why had I become like this? It wasn’t like I was a willing party to this. I had no idea when it began, but recently, the area outside the stadium would always be packed with my fans after each match. Initially, this was a problem that plagued only me. However, on one occasion, I was walking behind my team members when we were leaving the arena. My fans, who were standing outside the stadium, trampled over my teammates in order to get to me. After that incident, the matter became a squad-wide issue.

After that, Lolidragon came up with the “Blood Elf” strategy. With five votes to one, I was forced into the terrifying role of a remorseless, cold-blooded killer, just to discourage those fans from getting too close. Unfortunately, the strategy was an unexpected success, for while my fans continued to admire me, they no longer dared to even come within ten meters of me… After all, I was the one who had mercilessly cut down the beautiful Perfect Princess, so anyone who had eyes could see that I did not know what the words “feminine” and “charm” meant.

Taking the point guard, I walked at the very front of the squad (no one dares to walk ahead of me anymore…) with an impassive look on my face. My left hand rested on the hilt of my Black Dao out of habit, as though I was ready to kill someone at a moment’s notice. However, what I was actually thinking was, Sigh, I’m so hungry! Why haven’t we reached the restaurant yet?

“Prince!” a delighted voice cried out from not too far away.

Who was it? I furrowed my brows. To think that there is still a girl who dares to call me by my name in this crowd, I thought irritably as I glanced around. The surrounding girls were all silently gloating, thinking, Who is the suicidal person who actually dares to call Prince by his name?

“Prince? What’s wrong?” Upon meeting my frigid gaze, Rose revealed a startled expression, tears nearly leaking from the corners of her eyes.

Rose? Seeing that familiar face, my facial muscles relaxed; it had been a long time since I last saw her.

“It’s been a while, Rose, and everyone in the Rose Team,” I greeted and gave them a brief smile as I looked at Li’l Strong, Legolas, For Healing Only, and Broken Sword, whom I’d only met briefly previously.

“Prince, it’s not good to stay standing here for too long. You can catch up with them over a meal instead!” Lolidragon PMed me, cautioning me about the surrounding fans. Seeing how some of the fans were beginning to move in, Lolidragon thought, if we stay here any longer, the lives of Odd Squad and Rose Team’s members might all be at stake…

“Why don’t we have a meal together? Rose, let’s meet up at the usual restaurant—and make sure you come!” I too was beginning to feel the threat from our surroundings, and so I hurriedly PMed Rose… and fled!

The moment we reached the restaurant and secured a booth on the second floor I dropped my act. As I massaged my face, I apologized to Rose, saying, “I’m really sorry about just now, Rose. About what happened outside – treating you so coldly just now, I didn’t mean it.   Actually…”

I proceeded to explain the entire situation to the Rose Team, so as to prevent a misunderstanding from occurring again, the next time we met. After all, I had no intention of losing such good friends.

“Hahaha! To think that being too handsome could cause this much trouble.” Li’l Strong broke into laughter – at my expense – upon hearing the entire story.

“It’s not like I asked for this…” I mumbled under my breath as I scratched my face. Li’l Strong gave me a hearty slap on my back and the lot of them began to laugh.

Apart from Fairsky, whose head had been hanging low all this while, the rest of the party were all chatting happily. Broken Sword and I were particularly lively, since we’d been getting along very well. He told me that he had attended every single one of Odd Squad’s matches and was really interested in the unusual and even bizarre techniques I had executed. Apparently, he too often tried out the moves that he’d come across in wuxia novels. It seems like I’m not the only weird person around here after all! Thus, the two of us found ourselves chatting enthusiastically about my Nine-Headed Dragon Slash and Dragon Whirlwind Strike and his Taichi Strike and Nine Swords of Du Gu.

“Prince, Lolidragon, about what happened the previous time we met… Well, Fairsky has been feeling really guilty about it…” Rose trailed off and glanced worriedly at Fairsky, who had held her head low and kept silent the entire time.

“Oh, that. I’ve forgotten about that—it was such a long time ago. Don’t fret over it, Fairsky,” I said and turned to look at Lolidragon, “You don’t blame her either, right? Lolidragon?”

“Huh? What happened the previous time?” Lolidragon’s face was covered in confusion. (Your memory really sucks… *sweat*)

“In any case, Lolidragon and I have already put that incident behind us!” I said, but saw Fairsky’s shoulders had suddenly begun trembling.Crap! She’s crying! Waaah, what did I do wrong this time?!

“I’m sorry…” Fairsky darted towards me and started sobbing in my embrace. I patted her on the back comfortingly, thinking, Sigh! Having a sister feels pretty good. A sister would definitely be way cuter than that idiotic brother of mine; nowadays, all he does is brag about Dark Emperor having cleared round X of the tournament. If not for fear of angering my ancestors by killing the only successor of the Feng family, I would have long since used my chopping knife and turned him into a charsiew bun!

“It’s okay, you’re a good girl, don’t cry…” I said in a gentle voice, trying to console Fairsky.

Fairsky hiccupped, lifted her face, and looked at me with an incomparably pitiable gaze. “May I ask you a question?”

“… Sure!” Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling about this? Noticing that remaining members of Rose Team were standing on the sidelines as though they were waiting for the show to begin, my sense of foreboding intensified.

“Can I be your second wife? I’m willing to acknowledge Lolidragon as my Dàjiě!” Fairsky looked at me with an expression of utmost yearning as she uttered that shocking, headline-worthy sentence.

As one, the members of Odd Squad spurted out the mouthful of drink that they had just taken before stealing a glance at me, laughing silently…

And still more shocking was…

“Me too.” My good sister, Rose, actually tugged at my shirt, her gaze determined.

When two beauties have offered to become your second and third wives, yet you are a girl… Can anyone tell me what a person is supposed to do in such a situation? I couldn’t think of an answer myself, so I could only look pleadingly at Lolidragon, who was snickering silently. The two girls then turned to stare at Lolidragon and the latter gulped down her drink before hurrying to clarify our relationship.

“The relationship between Prince and I is only that of siblings. I only pretended to be his wife in order to scare off those other girls. This entire thing is none of my business, so don’t look at me,” she said.

That damnable Lolidragon! I thought, cursing that treacherous “sister” of mine from the bottom of my heart. Now what reason am I to use to discourage them?

I was stunned and at wit’s end when Gui suddenly pulled me into his embrace. Holding me tightly, he stared at the others, his frosty gaze even more terrifying than my Blood Elf act. In a tone that sent shivers up the spines of all the listeners, he said slowly, “Prince is mine.”

Everyone was shocked by his actions, and I was no exception. It wasn’t his hug that shocked me (that sort of thing happened often), but rather the coldness of his tone; it was very difficult to reconcile this Gui with the one who rarely raised his voice and constantly fooled around. As a result, my heart pounded wildly for a while…

ROARI’m going to kill that freaking homo, I thought, but just as I was about to go in for the kill…

“Sigh! Actually, the relationship between the two of them is like that!” Lolidragon suddenly dropped the bomb on Rose Team, leaving them staring in shock at Gui and me.

“Rose-mèimei, Fairsky-mèimei, actually, I too have feelings for Prince (Prince: The feeling between sisters…), but it just can’t be helped! Prince h-he… the ones he likes aren’t women, but. MEN! (Prince: She isn’t actually lying there…) So I would advise you wake up from this infatuation and look for love elsewhere!” Lolidragon said, glancing at me with sorrow and disappointment from time to time.

“Prince, don’t deny it; otherwise you’ll really have to accept the two of them as your wives!” Lolidragon warned me over party chat. I sighed and cast a helpless look at the ceiling. Ahhh, two choices! One is to accept the feelings of a homosexual fellow and the other is to become a homosexual and accept the feelings of two women? Who was the person who said there is no path in life without hope? I’m on one right now!

Having received such an intense shock from the revelation, the members of Rose Team were now looking as though they had each swallowed three broiled eggs. Is it just my imagination or has Broken Sword –  who was just sitting next to me a moment ago – moved away by a few seats?

The corners of my mouth twitched and veins started popping on my forehead, but still I fought the urge to deny it… Unwilling to open my mouth and admit that Lolidragon’s words were true, I could only bow my head as though it was a silent admission.

At first, Rose and Fairsky were shocked. Then they bit their lips, looking as though they were on the verge of tears. Finally, seeing my head bowed in silent admission, they couldn’t take the shock anymore. The two of them got up from their seats and fled, running out of the door in a storm of tears.

“Oh! I think w-we should be going after our teammates now. Let’s chat again some o-other time!” With that, the remaining members of the Rose Team almost flew out the door and, within the blink of an eye, had disappeared.

In the booth, my squad members and I silently bade Rose Team farewell as they made their escape.

After a few quiet minutes Wolf-dàgě said calmly, “Let‘s take a look at who our opponents are for the next round. According to the data, this team’s combat strength probably greatly outstrips our seven previous opponents. Also, Prince you cannot allow Gui to lose a level. If he’s about to die, call me over so that I can heal him before you continue to fight!”

“Don’t worry. His death alone is no longer able to satisfy my anger,” I said, and grabbed Gui by the collar, my lips curling into a slight grin.

Two hours later…

“We have already won seven matches; another three more and we’ll clear the preliminaries and officially enter the finals. But our opponents are getting stronger and stronger, as everyone here may have already realized. Hence, we need to think through each move and come up with an accurate analysis of our opponents. Only then will we emerge victorious from each of the upcoming battles,” Wolf-dàgě advised as he flipped open the booklet in his hand. “This is the “Adventurers’ Tournament Analysis of Competing Teams” that I’ve just bought. Let’s take a look at the next team’s data.”

[Team name: Team Phoenix | Team members: Six]

Obviously, I thought.

Odd Squad looked below the heading, but… There was nothing else.

Wolf-dàgě coughed a couple of times and said, “Very well, our opponent is Team Phoenix. Everyone got it?”

In the end, Yu Lian-dàsăo grabbed her husband by his fur, warning him to not buy things on impulse again.

“Team Phoenix! Might it be a team completely made up of girls?” I asked, worried. I’m really close to developing gynophobia…

Lolidragon shrugged. “I’ll help you ask!” She then burrowed underground, left for the main street, and grabbed hold of a random passerby.

I led the squad through the tunnel as per usual, preparing to step into the arena. Odd Squad’s fame now was no longer what it used to be. Our unusual team composition, odd team name, and unorthodox combat strategies and moves had already achieved some level of fame within ‘Second Life’. Add to that the notoriety of the Beautiful Blood Elf, our team’s fame had increase exponentially. Listen! These cheers sure are loud and they’re all shouting, “Go Team Phoenix!”, “Defeat Odd Squad…”, “Odd Squad’s nothing! Long live Team Phoenix!”

I stopped in my tracks, my ire rising as I thought, What is this? During the previous seven battles, even if the spectators didn’t yell out Odd Squad’s name when our team was announced, they would at least call out my name or nickname… But how is it that I don’t hear that at all now? Even if you look down on us, there should be a limit!

“There’s nothing we can do. After all, this is Sun City – it’s Team Phoenix’s territory,” Lolidragon said lazily. “And from what I hear, Team Phoenix is made up of six beautiful men.”

“Six beautiful men?” I asked with some enthusiasm, thinking, There’s going to be eye candy!

Hearing my words, Gui looked at me with a hurt expression. “I’m a beautiful man too!”

“Does Prince-gēge like beautiful men? Just like Doll; Doll likes beautiful men too!” Doll said, looking delighted, but the others’ faces were filled with suspicion. Crap

“No way, I don’t like beautiful men, I was only thinking about how much I will enjoy beating them into the ground. Let’s hurry up and go, hahaha,” I said and gave a false laugh before quickly continuing forward. Whew… That was close; I almost let it slip.

But I walked away too quickly and missed hearing my teammates’ discussion at the back, saying…

“To think that what Lolidragon said was true.”

“Prince has that kind of inclination and so does Gui. It’s such a loss for women all over the Earth…”

“Then why does he like beating Gui up?”

“Didn’t you hear how excited he was about beating up the six beautiful men? Maybe Prince is a closet sadist!”

“‘To hit is to care, to scold is to love’?”

“Then I should allow Prince to hit me more often…?” Gui questioned.

In unison, the rest of the team said, “Yes! So long as you don’t lose any levels.”

Listening to their conversation, Lolidragon broke out in cold sweat and muttered under her breath, “This has nothing to do with me, this has nothing to do with me.”

We were about to step out of the passageway. I adjusted my facial muscles, adopted a cold expression, and then prepared to look at the beautiful men… Ah, no! What I meant was, prepared to step onto the arena floor.

I was about to step out of the tunnel when my eyes landed on the six so-called beautiful men. In one glance, the image of six guys whose bodies were contorted into strange poses entered my view…

GROSS! My stomach…!

Honestly, they didn’t look too bad — their eyes looked like eyes, their noses looked like noses (Otherwise what?)… However, according to my standards, apart from myself, my brother, and Gui, I’ve not yet met anyone else who was handsome enough to sigh over. They merely look passable, yet the six of them dared to wear pure white outfits, complete with matching weapons, cloaks, and stand there in that sort of pose? And what’s with the roses in their mouths? I should also mention that their members belonged only to two races – they were all either elves or holymen.

I immediately made up my mind to teach these six guys, who thought far too highly of themselves, a lesson. They will face the consequences of not living up to my expectations and then learn what a truly beautiful man is! Wahahaha!

“Gui, come here!” I said, and Gui nearly went crazy with joy upon hearing that sentence. “Let us acquaint these brainless flirts with what makes up a real beautiful man.”

[½ Prince Volume 2 Chapter 1 End]

 Extreme Squad: In case you’ve forgotten about our earlier footnote about Odd Squad’s name, Odd Squad’s name (in Chinese) can also be read as “Extreme Squad”.

 Inner Court: This is an area within the Forbidden City itself. The Inner Court was the private quarters of the Emperor and his family, and it was also where his concubines resided. As such, Prince is implying that Perfect Princess is bringing along her personal harem.

 Dragon Whirlwind Strike: This is yet another move from Rurouni Kenshin – this is written as “龍巻閃” in kanji and pronounced as “ryūkansen”. The original move is pretty different from Prince’s version, and is essentially an extremely fast counterattack aimed at the back of the opponent’s neck. The move is also called “Dragon Windup Slash” by some fans.

 Taichi Strike and Nine Swords of Du Gu: Tai Chi Quan (太极拳, lit. the ultimate fist) is a type of martial art frequently practised for health reasons; its execution is usually quite slow and it has some grounding in Chinese philosophy, such as in the concept of ying and yang. Here, it seems that Broken Sword has incorporated elements of Taichi into his swordplay to create the Taichi Strike. As for the Nine Swords of Du Gu (独孤九剑, prn. dú gū jĭu jiàn), this is from Jin Yong’s The Laughing, Proud Wanderer – Du Gu is the name of the person who came up with the skill.

 Charsiew bun: A type of bun with charsiew filling. Charsiew (叉烧, prn. chā shào) is basically roasted pork; it’s a bit sweet and is usually bright red.

 Dàjiě: This literally means “big sister”, but it can also refer to a woman who is your senior in terms of age, rank, et cetera. Hence, Fairsky and Rose (as second and third wives) mentioned calling Lolidragon (the first wife) “dàjiě”, since she would be their senior in terms of rank.

 Mèimei: A suffix which literally means “younger sister”, but can also be used on younger women.

 Gynophobia: A fear of women. There is also a fictional phobia called venustraphobia which supposedly means a fear of beautiful women.

 To hit is to care, to scold is to love: This is a common saying. In Chinese, it’s “打是情、骂是爱” (prn. dă shì qíng, mà shì ài).

½ Prince

½ Prince

1/2 Prince, Half Prince
Score 8.3
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
During one of our arguments, my younger brother taunted me, claiming that I only knew how to depend on guys to get me through MMOs. In a fit of anger, I was spurred on by his words and decided to defeat my brother without depending on anyone else. By some coincidence, a new game called “Second Life” was about to go on the market and thus I started from scratch as a player. What’s more, I was the first person ever to log onto the game. The beautiful GM told me that I could have one wish granted… Humph! I. Want. To. Become. A. Guy! Shit, I accidentally became too super-ultra-incredibly handsome, now there’s a beautiful GM with designs on my virtue, waaaaah…! … OH MY GOD! A girl wants to make me her trophy husband! Heavens, what a hottie… Wait, what? He’s actually GAY and he’s hitting on me?! Go to hell! When I’m a girl you’re not interested, so why the hell do you want me now? With an incredibly hilarious main character, incredibly bizarre companions, and an incredible journey of growing up and self-discovery, how will things pan out? Even God is playing a guessing game…


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