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½ Prince Chapter 70

Volume 9 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Feng Long Ming, Part Two – translated by raylight

“Hoho, that boy, he raised a great uproar in the village the moment he was born.” The elderly village chief laughed as he said, “All the girls in the village had chased after him relentlessly, scaring that boy so much that he climbed the fence to leave the village.”

Xiao Xiao Lan swallowed her saliva and asked, “Does he look very handsome?”

“Was said to be Second Life’s number one pretty boy. From what I saw, that boy is indeed good-looking. He is a handsome elf lad with white hair and red eyes.” After saying that, the elderly man chuckled again.

White hair and red eyes… I tried to take note of it in my brain hurriedly, but then I furrowed my brows. Doesn’t this mean Prince is an elf with albinism? Because his whole body is lacking in melanin, it resulted in him having white hair and red eyes? Poor thing!

“Number one pretty boy!” Xiao Xiao Lan’s eyes turned into two hearts, and then she impatiently wanted to drag me outside again, her mouth shouting non-stop, “Quick quick quick! Let’s hurry up and look for Prince. I want to see a pretty boy!”

“Wait a moment, Xiao Xiao Lan, wait a moment! I haven’t finished asking…” I struggled desperately but to no avail, for the game was too cruel. I couldn’t win against Xiao Xiao Lan even if I pitted my whole strength against her.

Bang! A loud sound rang out, and then I felt a sharp pang in my back, hurting me so much that even my face contorted.

Only at this point in time did Xiao Xiao Lan return to her senses. She turned around to look, and exclaimed, “Wow, your wing has been knocked askew by the door!”

Who do you think caused this? I resentfully looked toward Xiao Xiao Lan’s embarrassed face, and then forced myself to bear with the pain coming from my wing. I turned around and continued to ask the village chief, “Village chief, then may I ask if you know Prince’s current whereabouts?”

“Prince? Everyone knows he is in Infinite City,” said the village chief, as though it were a matter of fact.

“Infinite City? Where is that?” I asked with wide eyes, doubtful that things could be this simple.

“Right in the center of this continent.” The village chief put down the pipe that he had been smoking all along, and then looked at us with a worried expression. “You two youngsters, don’t even think about going to Infinite City. At the very least, wait until you’re level fifty to sixty before going. There are a lot of monsters along the way, and Infinite City is not a safe place. I’m afraid that it might even be more dangerous than going outside.”

“Level fifty to sixty?” Xiao Xiao Lan and I were stunned. How long would we have to train for to reach that?

“Yeah, right now, the world outside is very dangerous. Only small places such as ours here are this peaceful.” Once the village chief said the word “peaceful,” his face broke into a satisfied smile.

After asking this question, Xiao Xiao Lan and I didn’t have much to ask anymore. Things were simple. After training to level fifty to sixty, we could then head to Infinite City and find Prince. Our mission would be satisfactorily accomplished after we asked for clarification of the entire story. Though it sounded like a simple enough task, we didn’t even know when we would be able to accomplish the first item on that list. Thus, at the moment, Xiao Xiao Lan and I could only sit at the roadside, propping up our chins while lost in thought.

“I’ve thought of something!” Xiao Xiao Lan abruptly stood up, and then excitedly grabbed my shoulders and shook me frantically. “We’ll go find someone to help us train. Though this is a forbidden game, I have heard that there are still many people who like to play survival games secretly playing here.”

“This world is so big. Who knows if we would be able to find anyone?” I said unhappily. “Even if we find someone, why would they waste their time to help us?”

Once I said this, Xiao Xiao Lan suddenly looked at me with a strange gaze, making goose bumps rise all over my body. She even used a strange hand gesture to clasp my face. “Because of this!”

My face turned pale, and then I spat out a line, “Don’t even think about asking me to seduce someone!”

“This is a very fair trade. For the women, leave them to me, and for the guys, I’ll leave them to you!” Xiao Xiao Lan revealed an expression that said, “I, too, am making sacrifices,” but I really wondered… How many females like to play forbidden games?

Thinking about having to wear an enchanting smile on my face, and act coquettishly with a bunch of perverted fellows, f***! Just thinking about it made my gastric acids feel like they were surging upwards continuously. Once again, I flatly rejected Xiao Xiao Lan’s suggestion, “I don’t want to seduce guys!”

Instead, Xiao Xiao Lan’s eyes opened wide, and she stared past me. At this moment, I too found out that I had been unknowingly covered by a shadow. I turned my head to look and saw a pair of feet wearing a good pair of boots. Then I slowly lifted my head upwards to see a belt embedded with emeralds. After lifting my head higher, a handsome face with a gentle and faint smile appeared in front of my eyes. Also, he extended his hand to me, and was waiting to help me get up… Go to hell! I swatted away his hand, and then jumped up onto my feet by myself.

“Who are you?” I immediately stood in front of Xiao Xiao Lan, blocking her, and stared at the guy in front of my eyes with fear and vigilance.A dark elf with white hair and green eyes, and his appearance is coincidentally the type that Xiao Xiao Lan loves the most, the mature good-looking type. The equipment on his body looks high quality. This kind of person could probably dispose each of us with a single slice of his sword.

“Wow! A really handsome guy!” Xiao Xiao Lan screamed in intoxication again.

When I glared behind me at Xiao Xiao Lan, I only saw a muscular man salivating, with both eyes turning into hearts. He even used both hands to cup his face in a manner of acting cute… The whole image was so terrifying that it gave me shivers across my whole body, and I really wanted to commit the crime of battery against my own cousin.

I turned to face the handsome guy from just now. He had obviously seen Xiao Xiao Lan’s terrifying expression. His whole body had gone stiff, and he was even slowly taking several steps back…

“Wait… Handsome, don’t be scared. We won’t hurt you.” While saying that, Xiao Xiao Lan was even throwing a flirtatious glance “full of tender feelings” at the handsome guy. Oh, God, don’t use a muscular guy’s body to show a girl’s coy mannerisms.

I turned to look toward the good-looking guy once more. Xiao Xiao Lan was only a level one player and was wearing the simplest and crudest equipment while one could tell with a single glance that the dark elf was a high-leveled player. Yet the current situation was one where he was being forced into the corner by a level one player, and the high-leveled player was even showing a “don’t come over and please don’t hurt me” look.

“Xiao Xiao Lan, don’t move any closer. He’s about to be scared to death by you.” I grabbed Xiao Xiao Lan desperately, and used so much strength that I was about to burst a blood vessel. However, Xiao Xiao Lan’s determination to get closer to the handsome guy was simply too strong. The two of us still continued toward the good-looking guy.

At this moment, my wings suddenly trembled twice, and my feet also suddenly left the ground by a few centimeters. The feeling was as though I was about to take flight… I’m an angel, right? Then I should be able to fly. Once I considered that, I moved my wings with all my strength, and I hugged Xiao Xiao Lan’s waist tightly with both my arms. At last, Heaven recognized my hard work; I brought Xiao Xiao Lan away from the ground by three meters… Which was also three meters further away from the handsome guy, making Xiao Xiao Lan so angry that she kept struggling as though her life depended on it.

“Xiao Xiao Lan, don’t move. We’re going to fall.” I hadn’t even finished speaking when Xiao Xiao Lan’s hand hit my wing with a “smack.” My balance was instantly broken, and so Xiao Xiao Lan and I free-fell to the ground.


“Owie, it hurts like mad. Why is this game’s pain level set so high.” Xiao Xiao Lan once again clutched her butt and gave an anguished wail, not at all realizing that under her butt, there was a person about to die who had cushioned her fall.

“Xiao Xiao Lan?” The good-looking dark elf suddenly walked over, his face full of doubt.

Xiao Xiao Lan lifted her head up, and then replied tenderly and shyly, “Yeah, I am Xiao Xiao Lan.”

Oh God, I simply didn’t dare to look at the color of the dark elf’s face (Shouldn’t it be black?). A muscular, good-looking male saying that he is called Xiao Xiao Lan. This- this- can you even listen to this?

“When did you start to play this game?” However, not only did the dark elf’s face not turn pale in fright, he even extended a hand to pull up Xiao Xiao Lan. He also attentively brushed away the dust on her body.

“Just recently.” Xiao Xiao Lan was also thoroughly in a panic over the dark elf’s intimate actions, and she could only stand rooted to the spot.

“Oh, do you need me to help?” asked the dark elf out of goodwill.

“Eh? You’d do that?” Xiao Xiao Lan asked in shock.

“Of course. I’ll go and help you guys buy equipment and red potions first.” Once the dark elf finished speaking, he went straight to the store.

“Wow, we met a good-hearted person!” Xiao Xiao Lan was screaming and bouncing in excitement, and then with a shy and proud face, said, “And it’s even a good-hearted, handsome guy.”

I wiped away the blood at the corner of my mouth, and then coldly threw cold water on her enthusiasm. “Right, and he’s even a gay, handsome guy. Don’t forget that right now, you are a ‘man’! I guess he must have fallen in love with your muscles and handsome face.”

As though she had been struck by lightning, Xiao Xiao Lan’s face turned from shy to vicious. She looked at me, and then she lowered her head to look at her own pectoral muscles and six-pack. Then, she seemed to have a dizzy spell as she exclaimed, “Oh God! He actually doesn’t love you, the big-chested angel, but has taken a fancy to me, this muscular man. This is simply too disgusting!”

“What is too disgusting?” The dark elf still had a gentle smile on, and at the same time, he was holding a bunch of equipment in his hands.

“Eck!” I glanced at the equipment in the dark elf’s hands, and then calmly said, “He said that hitting slimes is too disgusting.”

“Oh? Then how about we fight wolves?” The dark elf seemed not to mind as he handed over the equipment to both of us. “What classes are you two planning to choose?”

I raised my ches-breasts up high, and said full of spirit, “I want to be a priest!”

Xiao Xiao Lan seemed to have a touch of embarrassment as she said, “This one wants to be a warrior.”

“Pretty fitting for your races.” The dark elf nodded his head, pleased.

While the dark elf guided us to the training location, he explained, “The wolves’ teeth are very sharp, so be careful. Especially Xiao Xiao Lan. Getting hurt is very painful.” Then, he pointed to a lone wolf. “Go and try fighting it. Remember, you must be careful. If you can’t do it, run back here, and I will save you.”

After foolishly smiling, Xiao Xiao Lan easily held the machete on her back in her hands. Then, with a powerful swing of Xiao Xiao Lan’s strong arms, the machete rushed toward the poor little wolf in a roundabout fashion. Xiao Xiao Lan was as usual, accurate to the point of being scary. The blade hit right in the center of the wolf’s head. White brain mush mixed with blood leaked out of it…

“Xiao Xiao Lan, your skills haven’t deteriorated at all,” I praised without any attempt to cover my awe.

Whatever weapon, regardless if they were knives, axes, wooden rods, guns, or bows, as soon as they touched Xiao Xiao Lan’s hands, they would all become super lethal weapons! It was exactly this unrivaled talent of hers that made her scare all the guys away no matter which game she was in, and she was never able to become someone’s girlfriend… This also indirectly triggered Xiao Xiao Lan’s thirst for guys.

“Haha! But of course! Back then, I was known as the invincible female hero who ruled the place with just a knife.” Xiao Xiao Lan laughed wildly without any restraint, completely forgetting about being lady-like… Though right now no matter what she still wouldn’t look like a lady.

I also seemed to remember that Xiao Xiao Lan’s true nickname was “History’s Strongest Violent Woman,” or “Female Broadsword” that made even monsters tremble at her name, or “Female Pervert” that made all the handsome guys avoid her in fear.

“Long Ming, go over to the side and rest first. You’re not a priest right now anyways and can’t heal. Stand more to the side so you won’t get hurt.” Xiao Xiao Lan told me to stand further away as per usual so that I wouldn’t get hurt. I obediently walked under a tree to avoid the glaring sun.

Xiao Xiao Lan had a smile on that harbored ill intentions as she slowly approached the poor wolf pack.

While I was cooling off in the shade, I chewed on a steamed bun. All of a sudden, I thought I heard the dark elf mutter, “As expected of her daughter.” I looked at the dark elf with suspicion, but he was instead fully concentrated on gazing at Xiao Xiao Lan’s brutal killing form and had not noticed me in the slightest.

I too looked at Xiao Xiao Lan with curiosity, but I didn’t understand what was so fun to watch about a man chopping up wolves, making blood spray and bone show. I couldn’t help but turn my head away, not wanting to see Xiao Xiao Lan’s serious violations of animal protection laws.

I waited and waited. Under the cool shade of the tree with the comfortable, gentle wind, I couldn’t help but start to doze off. I fell into a deep sleep. It wasn’t until there was a sudden sharp pain at my chest that I abruptly opened my eyes. What I saw was only Xiao Xiao Lan’s expression of surprise, and following Xiao Xiao Lan’s gaze, I saw that Xiao Xiao Lan’s two hands were on my chest like claws, and she was even squeezing, damn it.

“It feels really comfortable squeezing them. No wonder everyone likes big-breasted women so much.” After saying that, Xiao Xiao Lan stuffed her face in between my chest, and then she even gave a big sigh out of comfort.

Bang, pop, pow! I ruthlessly gave her the triple consecutive flicks to the forehead combo, the only attack that I knew, which was also the one that Xiao Xiao Lan was the most afraid of. Once I used this move, she would always hide in a corner, hugging her head while repenting on what she had done. Of course, this time was no exception.

“You’re supposed to be fighting monsters. Why come over and sexually harass me,” I cursed unhappily.

“I only wanted to tell you that we’re already level ten, and Wicked told us to go change our classes first. He just gave me a sum of money and said that he had business, so he had to go off first. He even said that he’ll see us in Infinite City in one month,” said Xiao Xiao Lan with a tone of one that had been wronged.

“Wicked? Is that the dark elf’s name?” I asked. Xiao Xiao Lan nodded her head.

I gave a helpless sigh. A month? It looks like Xiao Xiao Lan and I will really have to work hard and put great effort into training.

“First of all, let’s go change classes!” Xiao Xiao Lan dragged me back to the village in high spirits. Then, as though on purpose, she actually dashed into the pharmacy. Once more, we saw the professional smile of that NPC lady. However, this time, the moment she saw us, her face immediately turned cold and harsh.

Xiao Xiao Lan seized the opportunity to yell first, “Twenty bottles each of extra large red potions and blue potions.” Afterwards, Xiao Xiao Lan looked at the NPC with a proud look.

The NPC lady’s face twitched twice, and then changed from a cold and harsh face back to a professional one again. She took out the potions dexterously. “Here, customer, these are the potions you wanted.”

Xiao Xiao Lan took out a gold coin and then waved it in front of the female NPC. She even pretended to cough and ask, “Miss, could I ask you a question?”

The professional smile of the NPC froze for a moment, and then while smiling, there came the sound of grinding teeth as she replied, “Of course you may. Please go ahead.”

“Where do you go to change your class to warrior and to priest?” The corner of Xiao Xiao Lan’s mouth kept on rising higher.

“For the warrior, it’s in the main square. For the priest, go look for the village chief.” Her expression was one mixed between that of a person sniggering and someone whose veins were about to burst.

“Oh, thank you.” Xiao Xiao Lan threw the gold coin down, and then she shoved the potions into her pouch. While laughing, she went to find the person that could change her class. During that time, I seemed to have heard the sound of a wooden table breaking behind my back.

After finding the appropriate NPCs to change our classes, we both received our class change quests. Xiao Xiao Lan even tried to forcefully bargain with the NPC, reducing the number of wolf fangs needed for the quest from ten to five. Under Xiao Xiao Lan’s unmatchable violent tactics, both of our class change missions were accomplished easily. Of course, with our warrior and priest combination, the training went smoothly and easily.

Basically, I would sleep the whole time while Xiao Xiao Lan killed the mobs. Xiao Xiao Lan would wake me up only when dinnertime came, and then after the two of us had eaten and drunk to our hearts’ content, I would conveniently throw a healing spell at Xiao Xiao Lan, and then I would flip over to continue sleeping.

When we tired from training, we would return to the village. Xiao Xiao Lan would go to the pharmacy and continue to sneer at and mock the NPC lady with biting words. Even after quarreling for several weeks, they still never tired of it.

I, on the other hand, would go to the village chief’s house to brew tea and play chess. Occasionally, the class change NPC and the counterperson at the weapons shop would come over and play a game of mahjong, completely breaking the impression I had that NPCs would stay in their assigned positions. The NPCs here were always running about, and sometimes they would even go out and hunt, and then they would treat Xiao Xiao Lan and me to baked slime, stewed bone soup (I heard that there was a skeleton cave nearby… Gross!), and also the classic, tasty delicacy of the Wolf King’s brain.

“Anyway, the only people who need weapons or class changes here are you two. You guys already have both, so why should we foolishly stay in the stores like idiots?” The NPC… No, Wu Da Lang from the weapons store and the guy who had initially given Xiao Xiao Lan her class change told me while playing mahjong.

Xiao Xiao Lan and I had long since forgotten what we had come here to do, until one day, when I happened to be in the pharmacy watching Xiao Xiao Lan try to slash prices with the female NPC, the village chief suddenly came to find us. He told us, “Xiao Xiao Lan, Long Ming, didn’t you guys want to go to Infinite City to look for Prince? There is a quest that can help you guys.”

Xiao Xiao Lan and I exchanged glances, and then we abruptly remembered, Oh yeah, we wanted to go to Infinite City to look for Prince. The two of us asked the village chief in a hurry, “What quest is it?”

“There are two players asking for help. They are trapped in a place called Underwater Cavern. As long as you are willing to go save them, they are willing to form a team with you to go to Infinite City to look for Prince together.” The village chief explained, and then added on in a hurry, “The village will provide all of the potions needed as well as the best equipment so as to aid you in your rescue mission.”

Is there really such a good deal in this world? I was extremely suspicious, and I asked, “Why don’t you all go save them yourselves? Though Xiao Xiao Lan’s and my levels have already increased a lot, we are still not as strong as you all.”

“We are NPCs and cannot leave the village.” The village chief put on an expression of pity.

“Oh?” I expressionlessly said, “Don’t tell me that for the stewed Wolf King’s brain that we ate yesterday, the Wolf King had personally come over to jump into a pot so that you guys could stew it? For yesterday’s baked slime, did the oven jump outside by itself and trap slimes inside it to bake? Also, regarding the day before yesterday’s bone soup, don’t tell me that the skeletons actually ran out of the skeleton caves by themselves?”

The village chief clapped his hands and replied, “The last one is correct. The skeletons really did come out by themselves. It had nothing to do with us.”

“That is not the main point!” I brought my face closer to the village chief, a dubious look aimed at him. I threatened, “Tell the truth!”

The village chief feebly said, “It’s because NPCs cannot go in there. Only players are able to.”

“Just that?” I asked, skeptical once more.

The village chief kept nodding his head as he replied, “Trust me, I wouldn’t hurt you two.”

Though I was still suspicious, the village chief indeed had no reason to harm us. Judging from my gaming experience, even if he wanted to harm us, it had to be part of the plot. Just let him try and harm us then. I turned around to tell Xiao Xiao Lan, “Let’s go and save them.”

Xiao Xiao Lan too expressed agreement on this matter, and the two of us spilt up. Xiao Xiao Lan went to the herbal pharmacy and plundered a whole bunch of medicinal herbs, and hence, the lady at the herbal pharmacy was extremely unhappy about this. I could tell from the scratches on Xiao Xiao Lan’s face. As for me, I went to the weapons store and asked for a lot of concealable weapons and rope claws. Holding fast to the theory that I should take advantage of whatever I could, I even forced him to make a small crossbow for me.

“Then, let her take you to the Underwater Cavern.” The village chief pointed at an extremely familiar person. It was the NPC lady from the pharmacy.

“What? Can’t we exchange her for someone else?” Xiao Xiao Lan gave an anguished wail.

“Humph!” The pharmacy lady’s rage was almost about to manifest, so I was also fully in support of Xiao Xiao Lan’s suggestion. For the sake of not dying mid-way on the journey, we better have someone else lead us?

“No, no. Only she is able to… Only she knows how to get there,” explained the village chief frantically.

“Is that so. Then let’s go.” Though I was still skeptical, role-playing games were usually like this, full of mysteries, so there was nothing strange about it.

As expected, the road there was full of trouble. The two women who seemed to have grudges as deep as the sea quarreled non-stop. One said that the other smelled like moldy Angelica sinensis, while the other party replied that the other was all brawns and no brains. One said that the other party’s strength and level was lousy, and the other replied that the other person only knew how to use potion bottles to crush people to death.

In conclusion, these two people’s quarrelling ability had really surpassed all others of their kind before and since. Thankfully, the aforementioned Underwater Cavern was not far. Otherwise, I would not have been able to resist lifting my crossbow and taking aim, and then resist that by putting it down. This continued for quite a few times.

“This is the place.” The pharmacy lady spoke unwillingly.

“Here?” Xiao Xiao Lan looked over in doubt, and then started to mock, “Are you kidding me? This is a waterfall, not an underwater cavern. Could it be that your memory is failing in your old age?”

The pharmacy lady was so angry that her whole face flushed red. “Enter from this waterfall, you brainless idiot.”

Hearing the pharmacy lady’s words, I immediately walked to the front of the waterfall and stuck my hand in. As expected, it was completely empty inside, and there were absolutely no rock walls. I hurriedly called Xiao Xiao Lan over to go into the waterfall first… A warrior is, of course, supposed to walk in front. Don’t tell me that I, the priest, am supposed to walk in front?

After Xiao Xiao Lan gave the pharmacy lady an angry glare, she walked before me and prepared to step into the waterfall. However, at this moment, the pharmacy lady suddenly called out to Xiao Xiao Lan, “Hey, remember what I said. Don’t just pick anyone. You can only pick your own companion.”

Both Xiao Xiao Lan and I were bewildered, but the pharmacy lady had left without even looking back after she finished speaking. The two of us could only shrug our shoulders and start our underwater cavern adventure.

Walking into the underwater cavern, a bizarre sight appeared. Surrounding us was actually a sea of blue, as though we had walked into the ocean, yet we were still able to breathe, and there was no water resistance. However, the weird thing was, a school of fish actually swam happily past my ear.

They were really very happy, for I even heard them say while laughing, “Look, guys, those big fish look so strange and actually have neither tails nor fins.”

Okay, though this is the first time in my life that I have been made fun of by fish, life must still go on, and we still have to continue walking down the road. I slapped Xiao Xiao Lan’s back violently. Shocked, she didn’t dare to use her feet to step on a certain innocent stingray.

I pointed out a direction to Xiao Xiao Lan. At our front left, there was only one road that had a sign saying, “Do not enter if not a fish.” Although the road sign said so, Xiao Xiao Lan and I usually have the habit of “If there is a road in Heaven, I wouldn’t take it, but even if there is no door to Hell, I will barge through.” Reality has also proven that Hell is indeed a more exciting place.

“Hey, Long Ming, do you think we will meet a mermaid?” Xiao Xiao Lan asked me in an excited tone while walking.

After I glanced at her, looking askance, I replied, “I think that the one that you want to meet should actually be a merman, right?”

Xiao Xiao Lan said with absolute certainty, as though it was but a matter of fact, “Birds die in pursuit of food, and human beings die in pursuit of the opposite sex!”

Is this phrase used this way? I was highly sceptical, but my doubt only remained for 0.5 seconds before I knocked into Xiao Xiao Lan who had stopped abruptly. Under the situation where my pronounced and delicate nose might have been knocked crooked by Xiao Xiao Lan’s solid back muscles, Xiao Xiao Lan instead gave a gasp in admiration followed by several more.

“Wow, I really saw a merman!”

“Then are there any mermaids?” I stuck out my head from behind Xiao Xiao Lan’s back in a hurry to look around.

I widened my eyes as I saw the unbelievable scene in front of me. Two people had been frozen separately within two pillars of ice. No, more accurately, it was an elf and a demon. In both of their hands, they held weapons. The elf held a bow while the demon wielded a magic staff. It was as if they had been abruptly frozen in the middle of a battle.

Xiao Xiao Lan walked closer and closer, and in the end, she seemed to have almost stuck her eyes onto the ice. While looking, she even swallowed her saliva, saying, “Wow, the elf is the extremely pretty type, slim with golden hair and blue eyes. The kind that really makes people want to push him down.”

Then Xiao Xiao Lan started pacing back and forth between the two pillars, unable to make a decision about which one to lean on. However, when she walked between the two pillars, Xiao Xiao Lan disappeared without a trace. She didn’t even have time to scream, leaving me and the black hole on the ground to look at each other in dismay.

At this moment, there instead rose a fairy maiden from in between the two pillars. That’s right, it’s a fairy. But, but… Why is it that Xiao Xiao Lan’s “mermen” are so handsome, and are even two different types of good-looking men, while my fairy is that kind of short and chubby old fairy that can at most only be described as benevolent and amiable. I won’t let this go lying down!

“Cute little girl, did you lose someone?” The fairy asked me gently.

I was stunned for a moment before I remembered that I was a female angel right now, and hence “cute little girl” would of course be referring to me. I hurriedly answered, “That’s right, my companion just fell into the hole.”

The fairy gave a gentle smile, and then with a wave of the wand she had in her hands, the original ice pillar encasing the elf suddenly disappeared. The elf’s eyes also blinked several times, and then he looked at the fairy and me with a bit of shock.

The fairy opened her mouth to ask, “Is the person that you lost this one?”

I opened my eyes wide as I denied, “No, this is not the one that I lost.”

The fairy smiled gently, and then encased the elf in ice once more. This time, the ice around the demon disappeared. “Then, is this person the one that you lost?”

The demon slowly opened his eyes, and the expression on his face was incomparably cold and proud, looking simply like a monarch… I suddenly felt incomparably glad that the one who fell down was Xiao Xiao Lan and not me. Otherwise, Xiao Xiao Lan might possibly hesitate between choosing the elf or the demon, and definitely wouldn’t think about saving her poor cousin.

“No! This is also not the person I lost,” I denied strongly. I don’t want to save two guys.

The fairy once again waved her hand and put the demon back into the ice, and then, there appeared a black hole on the ceiling. Xiao Xiao Lan gave an “Ahh” as she fell from the ceiling. With an unkempt appearance, rubbing her butt non-stop, and even pouting her lips, her disgusting manner made me nearly want to say that this is also not the person that I had lost… Too bad I couldn’t do so. I could only admit, “Yes, this is the person I lost.”

“Child, you are really honest.” The fairy gave a benevolent smile. “In order to reward you, I give all three people to you.”

The fairy waved her hand, and the two ice pillars disappeared again. The elf and the demon had both been released, and the fairy too had a faint smile on as she vanished. “Have fun, children.”

Leaving only the four of us humans… No, only Xiao Xiao Lan is a human. The four of us, organisms from different races who could only look at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do.

At last, I asked a little hesitantly, “Are you guys the players who were trapped here? The two who are willing to take us to Infinite City?”

The awkward atmosphere was finally warming up. The elegant elf gave a faint smile. “Yes, thank you for saving us. I am called Elf, and I am an archer.”

“Demon Thirteen. Magician.” The other replied a little coldly.

“Nice to meet you two. I am Long Ming, a priest. The warrior beside me is Xiao Xiao Lan.” I was grinning from ear to ear. At long last, we can head for Infinite City.

For some reason unknown to me, Demon Thirteen and Elf who were in front of me suddenly became red in the face. Elf seemed to be a bit tongue-tied as he greeted me back, while Demon Thirteen directly turned his head to one side, a blush coming over his cheeks.

“A warrior, a priest, an archer, and a magician. What a good team.” I couldn’t help but smile even wider. This time, we would definitely be able to reach Infinite City.

Prince, here we come!


 “At last, Heaven recognized my hard work”: The actual idiom is 皇天不負苦心人, huáng tiān bù fù kǔ xīn rén, meaning that Heaven will not disappoint someone who tries. In other words, if you try hard, you’re bound to succeed eventually.

 “Wu Da Lang”: A character from the famous Chinese classic, “Water Margin” (水滸傳). He is the older brother of Wu Song, a heroic outlaw whose exploits include killing a tiger single-handedly. Unlike his brother, Wu Da Lang is usually bullied. More info:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Song

 “If there is a road in Heaven, I wouldn’t take it, but even if there is no door to Hell, I will barge through.”: Usually, this line is said by the bad guy, telling you that you’ve made the wrong choice. There is a road to Heaven, yet you didn’t choose it. Even if there is no door to Hell, you will rather barge through. The meaning is that you picked not the road that would let you live, but the road that would kill you.

 “Birds die in pursuit of food, and human beings die in pursuit of the opposite sex!”: A parody of the phrase that originally says, “Birds die in pursuit of food, and human beings die in pursuit of wealth”.

½ Prince

½ Prince

1/2 Prince, Half Prince
Score 8.3
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
During one of our arguments, my younger brother taunted me, claiming that I only knew how to depend on guys to get me through MMOs. In a fit of anger, I was spurred on by his words and decided to defeat my brother without depending on anyone else. By some coincidence, a new game called “Second Life” was about to go on the market and thus I started from scratch as a player. What’s more, I was the first person ever to log onto the game. The beautiful GM told me that I could have one wish granted… Humph! I. Want. To. Become. A. Guy! Shit, I accidentally became too super-ultra-incredibly handsome, now there’s a beautiful GM with designs on my virtue, waaaaah…! … OH MY GOD! A girl wants to make me her trophy husband! Heavens, what a hottie… Wait, what? He’s actually GAY and he’s hitting on me?! Go to hell! When I’m a girl you’re not interested, so why the hell do you want me now? With an incredibly hilarious main character, incredibly bizarre companions, and an incredible journey of growing up and self-discovery, how will things pan out? Even God is playing a guessing game…


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