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½ Prince Chapter 59

Volume 7 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Attacking in the Real World – translated by raylight

As expected, my character had gone missing. Prince is really gone! I took off the game simulation helmet and, in a fit of anger, threw it away…

“Ah…” A voice tragically rang out, followed by the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

“Oh, Yang Ming, it’s not my fault. It was you who walked by and allowed the helmet to hit you.” As I spoke, I felt guiltier and guiltier. I stared at the sprawled out Yang Ming who had fallen in the doorway and saw that his face even had an obvious red helmet mark.

“Yes, yes, yes. Your helmet can just fly up by itself and wait for me to walk and bang into it.” Yang Ming gritted his teeth as he helped himself up.

“Sorry.” I put both of my index fingers together and revealed a look of unrivaled innocence.

“Your acting pitiful towards me is just like my acting cultured towards you: both are useless,” Yang Ming said, displeased.

If that’s the case… I jumped up, pointed my index finger at my brother’s nose, and said without any courtesy, “Then fine. Your elder sister is feeling extremely pissed right now, so you’d better scram. Otherwise, I’ll cook dead mice for your dinner tonight!”

“Oh, is that so?” Yang Ming coldly replied, “Then fine, I will scram. I guess I won’t need to relay what Lolidragon wanted me to tell you then.”

Hearing that, I immediately changed the expression on my face to one that was gentle and virtuous. “My dear little brother, what do you want to eat for dinner tonight? How about a cold lobster platter as an appetizer, and then a steak with foie gras sauce? And for dessert, you can eat another of my carefully baked cherry cupcakes with white wine, accompanied with top quality Blue Mountain coffee, okay?”

Yang Ming nodded his head repeatedly when he heard this. “Having a late-night snack afterwards would be even better.”

You insatiable bastard. I suppressed the urge to cook my own little brother into a late-night snack and forced myself to smile. “A late-night snack isn’t a problem.”

“Lolidragon says that Wicked and Gui had already started investigating the truth of the situation when their characters disappeared. They also discovered Ocean’s Heart’s intentions, but they did not say a single word to reveal his scheme so that they could track his IP address secretly.” After hearing that even his late-night snack was settled, Yang Ming finally started solemnly talking about Lolidragon’s last words… No, I mean message.

“Have they found him?” I asked urgently. Long Dian! You better not get found! Otherwise I’m determined to… use measures that words cannot describe to deal with you!

“They’re battling with him right now.” Yang Ming frowned. “The two of them are currently in Second Life’s head office, fighting with Long Dian over the Internet. I heard that Zhuo-dàgē’s hacking skills are pretty good.”

“Then what can we do?” I was a little worried. If we were to let Long Dian escape, then wouldn’t the Dictator of Life be subjected to Long Dian’s control forever?

“Do you know how to use a computer?” Yang Ming asked coldly.

“Yeah, I know how to switch it on, get on the Internet, and I even know how to play online games,” I replied confidently.

However, Yang Ming revealed an expression that said “you’re impossible” and, with a pained voice, he asked, “What, do you think that knowing how to switch a computer on and off can help us locate Long Dian’s whereabouts?

“Right now, all we can do is wait for their call.” Yang Ming gazed far into the distance… Is the phone that far away?

Ring… Ring… Ring!

“…Brother, you really are too incredible.” I was so moved that I hugged my brother and shook him violently. Then, I pressed down the phone key to receive the phone call.

Lolidragon’s voice immediately rang through the room and shook the heavens. “Is the pig-headed Prince here?”

“Hey, aren’t you forgetting to ask if I’m here or not?” Hearing the voice of the woman of his dreams, Yang Ming immediately rushed to the front of the phone and complained resentfully.

“Go away. I have life-threatening matters to discuss with Prince.” Lolidragon shooed him away without any mercy.

Lolidragon is actually saying that she wants to “discuss” things with me? This is definitely not going to be good. I gulped and asked, “What is it? Other than asking me to seduce Long Dian, anything is fine.”

“Go to hell. If seduction were needed, then it would be me, the D cup, who went. You? Little girls should stay out of the way.” Lolidragon made a cutting remark that was the epitome of her ability to be harsh.

I lowered my head to look at my own A cup and then bitterly said, “What’s inside is what counts for women, okay?”

“Hmm, D cup!” Yang Ming produced a notebook out of nowhere and recorded Lolidragon’s D cup with all his effort. He even added as a side remark, “Sis, you are an A- cup, not an A cup, ok?”

“Yeah, what’s inside is important, and that is a D cup.” Lolidragon casually gave me the final attack.

“Did you come here to compare cup sizes or to ask me for help?” I gritted my teeth and asked.

“Oh, that’s right.” Lolidragon suddenly returned to being serious. “We have managed to chase down Long Dian, and that fellow has already seized complete control over the Dictator of Life. Right now, the entirety of Second Life has fallen into Long Dian’s hands and our company simply has no way to enter.”

“Sunshine and Kenshin?” I suddenly thought of the two of them. Didn’t Lolidragon say that we could download the two of them to another place?

“Stuck in Second Life. What happened was too abrupt. We were completely unable to make it in time to save them…” Lolidragon’s voice trailed off.

Sunshine and Kenshin are stuck inside? No way, I want to go and save them! I jumped up and held onto the phone violently. “Where is Long Dian? Didn’t you say that we have managed to track him down?”

“You and Wu Qing go to the nearest instant transmission station immediately and use it to come over to the one closest to our headquarters. I have already told the others over the Internet and they have arrived one after another. Hurry up and come. We’ll be waiting for you for an hour. After one hour, we have no choice but to depart. Otherwise, Long Dian might change his stronghold. Did you hear that, Prince? One hour…” Lolidragon said urgently.

One hour! I immediately grabbed the back of Yang Ming’s collar and then, with one foot kicking open the house door and one hand scooping up the keys, I jumped onto my mom’s custom-made hover bike. I stuck the key into the keyhole and started the engine…

“Sis, have you driven a hover bike before?” Yang Ming asked shakily.

I used both of my hands to tie my hair into a ponytail, and then I put on a windbreaker and a pair of goggles. Without even turning around, I asked, “Yang Ming, which side is the accelerator and which side is the brake?”

“You, get off the bike!”

“Ah, I found it.” So the right side is the accelerator! Let’s accelerate!

“No, no, no, I don’t want to meet an early demise while in my prime~~”

Under Yang Ming’s constant howling, I drove the hover bike toward the transmission station. Second Life’s headquarters were in the capitol and the transmission station nearest to my house required around forty-five minutes of driving to reach. Then, I’d have to spend another ten minutes transmitting over to the capital and drive for another fifteen minutes in order to reach downtown… And this was still under the conditions that there were no delays, no red lights, and no queuing at the transmission station.

“Sis, there’s a red light!” Yang Ming shouted wildly.


“Sis, there’s a traffic jam!”

“Weave through it!”

“Sob, sob, sob, the Feng family is going to die out. Dear dad and mom, your unfilial son has let you two down.”

Inside Second Life’s headquarters…

“I didn’t think there would be a day when I would actually cooperate with you.” Zhuo Ling Bin said unenthusiastically. He was extremely discontented with this fellow, but he did indeed have some very good capabilities. Even though Min Gui Wen had never touched a computer before, he could still think of a trap to ensnare Long Dian… He could not help but admire him.

“For Prince.” Min Gui Wen had also pulled a long face. With the exception of Prince, no one else could make him reckless.

“You guys, go outside to choose your equipment.” Lolidragon… No, she should be called Long Shui Han, the chairman of Second Life’s only daughter, walked into the room.

“Shui Han, must you really go personally? That lad, Long Dian, is extremely difficult to deal with. I’m afraid that this time the risk is very high.” A robust adult in his fifties asked worriedly.

“Dad, I must go personally. This matter is caused by Long Dian-biǎogē, so I definitely have to deal with this personally.” Long Shui Han’s fist clenched and then relaxed repeatedly. If it weren’t for her foolish wishes in the past, Long Dian-biǎogē wouldn’t have designed Second Life, and he wouldn’t have created so much disaster… Though she couldn’t think of a reason why the gentle Long Dian-biǎogē from the past would become like this.

“But, darling, Father will be worried about you.” Long-bà suddenly abandoned the dignity of a chairman and pulled at his daughter’s sleeve with a pitiful face.

Long Shui Han cast a cold glance at her father. Once her killer gaze had sent him to the corner to hide, she gestured for Zhuo Ling Bin and Min Gui Wen to follow her. They walked all the way to the lounge area, where Long Shui Han revealed a grim smile and pointed at the various weapons one-by-one.

“Light defensive armor set. Not only does it increase your defense, it also has the effect of increasing your agility. After putting it on, you would be able to do various kinds of high difficulty movements that you usually wouldn’t be able to do.

“Power gloves. As the name implies, it increases your strength by a lot. Breaking a few walls isn’t really a tough matter with these.

“Bouncing boots. After wearing them, your jumping abilities are guaranteed to improve by leaps and bounds. Powerful people can even use them to jump over ten meters high.

“Ray gun. You can shoot ten rays in one second.”

“My index finger has never moved ten times or more in a second.” Min Gui Wen coldly interrupted Long Shui Han’s “wishful thinking.” He even added, “Moreover, I have never fired a gun before.”

“Uh, it’s possible in theory.” Long Shui Han embarrassedly explained, “These are weapons that are given to the Special Forces. It took me a lot of effort to get a hold of them. Oh, that’s right; there’s also the lightsaber. You can also use a sword.”

“Sigh, if you give a gun to someone who doesn’t know how to use it, no matter how good the gun is, it would be of no use.” Min Gui Wen shook his head.

Bang. Bang. Zhuo Ling Bin managed to fill the gun’s energy with little effort. After inspecting whether or not the gun was in good condition, he raised the gun with his right hand and fired without any hesitation. More than ten meters away, the shattering of bonsai pots answered to him one-by-one.

After Min Gui Wen shut his wide-open mouth, he coldly made a cutting remark. “Are you a terrorist? Your gunmanship is so accurate, killing a few people shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“What do you think?” Zhuo Ling Bin stroked the gun and glared at his love rival with a dangerous gaze.

“Hehe, Prince-gēgē hasn’t even arrived yet, but Gui-gēgē and Wicked-gēgē have already become this rowdy.” A beautiful girl suddenly stepped into the entrance, elegantly and quietly. Following behind her was a male and a female. The male was wearing gold-rimmed glasses and appeared to be intellectual and shrewd. The woman, with long, soft hair, appeared to be very classy.

Long Shui Han, Min Gui Wen and Zhuo Ling Bin looked at the three people questioningly. In the end Long Shui Han asked with furrowed brows, “Who are you?”

The girl pursed up her lips and smiled slightly. “I am Doll. You are Lolidragon-jiějie, right?”

“Doll? Oh my heavens, you really are…” Long Shui Han circled around Doll once and, after releasing one long breath, said, “You really are a princess.”

“Of course she is, don’t tell me that there are fake princesses?” The woman behind Doll pursed her lips and laughed.

Long Shui Han looked questioningly at the woman and, as though she didn’t dare to believe it, asked, “Yu Lian-dàsăo?”

“Then, you must be Winter Triumph.” Min Gui Wen called the man’s name with a smile.

Yu Lian and Winter Triumph both nodded their heads, admitting their identity.

“As expected of a princess, you sure came quickly!” Long Shui Han clicked her tongue in amazement. They probably used a personal transmission station to get here. “You guys can also come over and pick your weapons.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Doll also wants to go? It’s too dangerous. And being a princess, Doll wouldn’t know how to use weapons or have any fighting skills…” Halfway through Min Gui Wen’s saying this, he abruptly saw Doll hold up the ray gun of the highest caliber and remove the safety with a few swift moves. She even showed an expression of admiration at the gun.

“Nice gun, Lolidragon-jiějie.” A glint of light shone in Doll’s eyes. “Too bad there’s no time. Otherwise, I could do a few modifications to give this gun the ability to release an even stronger ray.”

“…” Lolidragon and Min Gui Wen opened their mouths wide together.

Winter Triumph coughed twice and explained, “The princess has had to learn a variety of skills since a young age, including how to use a weapon to protect herself.”

Long Shui Han laughed stupidly and continued introducing the weapons. “This is a one-handed shield. Its area is only thirty by thirty centimeters. It is a small shield that is supposed to be installed on the left hand and can block various kinds of light energy.

“Okay everyone, hurry and put them on!”

“Are there any large sizes?” a rough and outspoken voice rang out.

“Wolf-gē!” Min Gui Wen happily shouted the name of the person.

“Has all of Odd Squad arrived?” Li Tian Lang was grinning from ear to ear.

“Wolf-gē!” Yu Lian cried out as she delved into the arms of Li Tian Lang as per usual, without even a moment’s hesitation.

“Yu Lian.” Li Tian Lang tenderly embraced the petite person in his arms. The two of them only looked at each other silently, wanting to carve each other’s appearance completely into their own hearts. Although this was the real world to the two of them, this was exactly the same as in Second Life.

“Prince hasn’t arrived!” Min Gui Wen frowned, his hopeful gaze plainly visible.

She won’t be able to make it on time. Zhuo Ling Bin understood this clearly in his heart. One hour was simply not enough time for Xiao Lan to rush over from her house. However, he didn’t say anything. He wished that Xiao Lan would not come… This was the real world, a world where one could get injured for real and could die for real. He wished that Xiao Lan would not take the risk, and he hoped that she would not receive any injuries!

Zhuo Ling Bin shut his eyes and then softly said one sentence, “I will help you bring justice to Long Dian.”

When Zhuo Ling Bin opened his eyes once again, he was shocked to find Min Gui Wen’s large face at an extremely close proximity. His heart thumped at that. However, he would not show weakness in front of Gui. Although he was shocked, he only narrowed his eyes slightly on the surface.

“What are you thinking about?” Min Gui Wen was extremely suspicious. To make Zhuo Ling Bin reveal an expression that says “I’m willing to sacrifice myself for you,” is definitely something that only Prince could do. However, seeing him show that kind of expression now made Min Gui Wen feel that something was extremely wrong. Could it be that Prince… will not be coming?

“None of your business.” Zhuo Ling Bin tilted his head away. He also didn’t want to let Xiao Lan meet with this fellow… even though they saw each other in class every day.

Although he was worried, Min Gui Wen was unable to do anything about Zhuo Ling Bin. Should he use his “Professor” status to force this “student” to submit? Forget it, if Zhuo Ling Bin were to call him Professor, then even the sky would fall down.

Min Gui Wen immediately turned toward Long Shui Han. “Prince will come, right?”

“Is there any possibility that that guy won’t come?” Long Shui Han replied, displeased. Prince had left the house without even having time to hang up the phone. How could Prince not come?

“Prince hasn’t arrived yet?” A sharp and clear voice sounded.

The crowd all turned their heads to see who had spoken, only to see a boy who was not tall, and even appeared to be somewhat cute, walk over. Who was this?

“Could it be that you are Ming Huang?” Min Gui Wen struggled to find a possible candidate in his mind. In the end, he could only come up with this conclusion.

Zhuo Ling Bin gave Min Gui Wen a cold glare and said sarcastically, “That’s strange. As the ‘elder brother’ of Ming Huang, I actually don’t recognize this person who is in front of me as my ‘younger brother.’” Though he had to admit, the boy in front of his eyes did indeed have a similar feeling to Ming Huang.

“No, I’m not Ming Huang.” The boy gave a small smile and then directly announced the answer. “I’m Nan Gong Zui.”

Long Shui Han barely managed a reply, “You are Nan Gong Zui? What proof do you have?”

The boy was stunned for a moment. This actually requires proof?

“Then very well, let me ask you. Who is your sworn enemy? Who is your most precious person? What is Prince’s most famous characteristic?” Long Shui Han asked earnestly.

“My sworn enemy is Fan, the most precious person to me is my god-sister, Ice Phoenix, Prince’s most famous characteristic is…” The boy frowned and hesitated before he asked, “I don’t know whether you are referring to his fondness for eating, his stubbornness, or his being directionally-challenged?”

Pretty much all of them… The people thought in their hearts.

With great alarm, Long Shui Han shouted, “You really are Nan Gong Zui! Goodness, the world is really full of extraordinary things! How could someone manage to transform from a cool, handsome guy to a cute boy?”

A helpless expression appeared on Nan Gong Zui’s face and, somewhat embarrassed, he replied, “I only made myself taller and my face a little sharper in the game… And all of you, don’t judge me by my appearance. Actually, I’m already twenty-five years old and am much older than Prince.”

“Twenty-five years old? Heheh…” Long Shui Han smiled laughingly, for the person in front of her looked completely like a fifteen year old. “Regardless, you also have to get equipped with weapons for there is not much time left.”

Nan Gong Zui nodded his head, and then went up to equip himself with weapons and armor. The extent of his familiarity with them was as though he wore them every day.

Min Gui Wen couldn’t help but open his mouth to ask, “You have worn this stuff before?” Why does everybody seem to be a terrorist who specializes in weapons and armor?

“I’m a policeman!” Nan Gong Zui lightly said a sentence… that nearly made everyone’s jaw drop. In this world, is there any policeman who looks less like a policeman than him?

At this moment, there were still twenty minutes left before departure!

“Lolidragon? Are you Lolidragon?” Yet another person had just arrived. Everyone’s heads turned to look. It was a girl who appeared to be lively and full of vitality. However, at the moment, the girl’s face was extremely pale and her whole body was shaking non-stop. Her eyes were blood-shot and it was evident that she had been crying for some time.

“You are?” This time, Long Shui Han didn’t dare to carelessly guess the identity of the person in front of her eyes and only asked cautiously and timidly.

“I am Fairsky. Lolidragon, how is the situation right now? Has anything happened to Sunshine?” Fairsky desperately strung out a series of questions. Long Shui Han didn’t even have enough time to reply before Fairsky fell to the floor and questioned herself miserably, “Could it be, could it be that Sunshine is already… dead?”

Looking at Fairsky who seemed to be completely scared out of her wits, Long Shui Han turned pale with fright and she quickly clarified, “Fairsky, don’t think too much. Sunshine and Kenshin are still in Second Life. It’s just that Second Life has temporarily been sealed off, and thus we cannot go in.”

Once Fairsky heard that, she anxiously raised her head to ask, “Really? Will the Dictator of Life and Long Dian hurt them?”

“No, definitely not!” Long Shui Han replied confidently. “The Dictator of Life would definitely not hurt his own companions.”

“Th-then that’s good.” Fairsky wiped her tears away. She stood up from the floor and regained her original strength. She shouted, “I want to go with all of you together. I also want to go save Sunshine.”

“Sure!” Long Shui Han replied firmly and pointed at the equipment. “Go change into the equipment then!”

Fairsky equipped everything without a single word.

“… I’m also coming along,” a cold voice drifted over. “No need to ask. I’m Cold Fox.”

Everyone turned toward Cold Fox and, though he was still wearing a high school uniform, by this time everyone had already become used to seeing one another’s strange appearances. Lolidragon also only pointed to the equipment. “Wear them!”

Cold Fox didn’t say another word. After putting on the equipment, he slowly picked the weapon that was handiest for him.

At this moment, there were still ten minutes left before departure!

Everyone put on Long Shui Han’s carefully prepared equipment one after another. Min Gui Wen was putting them on and glancing at the door repeatedly, only hoping that he would appear, that white-haired boy that showed up even in his dreams… Of course, in real life, Prince would probably not be white-haired.

“Time’s up, let’s go.” Long Shui Han counted down using the clock on the wall, all the way until the second hand faithfully jumped to the next dot. One hour had passed, and even she couldn’t do anything about it. She could only tell them to set off. Why hadn’t that guy arrived yet?

“Wait, wait, Prince hasn’t come yet!” Min Gui Wen shouted anxiously.

“We must depart within one hour. This is what you yourself had said, right?” Long Shui Han stated calmly. She definitely couldn’t let Long Dian-biǎogē escape and then cause even greater harm… Having the Dictator of Life, this super-computer, in his hands, was too dangerous.

“Yes…” Min Gui Wen had no choice but to admit it. His mind told him that he couldn’t postpone it any longer, but, but Prince…

“Let’s go!” Long Shui Han voiced out this sentence.

“Daughter, be careful!” Long-bà bid farewell, brushing away his tears with a handkerchief. He then said seriously, “That child, Long Dian, I’ll leave him to you.”

“I know. Relax Dad; I’ll capture Long Dian-biǎogē and bring him back.” Long Shui Han turned her head toward her father to make her guarantee. Then she led everyone to sit in her hover car. After that, the joyride began.

With a beautiful turn, they exited the parking lot. Long Shui Han pushed the accelerator to the floor and they shot out like lightning!

“Lolidragon, go slower!” The people sitting in the back seats were swaying from side-to-side and were so frightened that their hearts nearly jumped out. Of course, they couldn’t care less about what Lolidragon’s real name was and could only desperately shout for her to stop until their throats hurt!

“I’m already going very slowly!”

“Sigh, my precious daughter’s driving skills are still this good!” Long-bà sighed in admiration. “The race car and racing track that I bought for her to play with in the past sure haven’t been wasted! “Long Dian… Sigh, I’ll leave that boy to my precious daughter to deal with.” Long-bà turned around and was about to go deal with official business that had piled up like a mountain…

The sound of glass shattering suddenly came from behind. No, one should say the sound of glass exploding! Their company’s shop front was a large piece of bulletproof glass over twenty meters wide that stretched from the ceiling to the floor. Long-bà had very clearly heard that same piece of glass make a heroic sacrifice.

“A h-hover bike?” One of the employees shouted, mouth wide open in shock.

Long-bà calmly turned around and didn’t bother to tend to the noise from the employees in the lounge. He leisurely sized up the hover bike that had crashed through the bulletproof glass. On top of it sat two people. As for the rather handsome boy sitting in the back, who had turned pale with fright, his lips purple, Long-bà decided to ignore him for now.

However, the person sitting at the driver’s seat was an interesting character. It was someone in a dashing windbreaker and a pair of durable jeans, with long hair tied into a ponytail and goggles on the face… A girl!

Long-bà gave an “Ah-ha!” for he knew the identity of the person who had arrived. Didn’t this just happen to be his spokesperson for Second Life? Second Life’s only… What did the youngsters call it? Right, tranny!

“Where’s Lolidragon?” The handsome girl asked anxiously.

“Take this.” Long-bà took out a disk-shaped item. “See the green dot on the tracking device?”

The girl nodded her head, seeming to understand but actually not understanding it at all.

“You know, that is the person that you want to find. They have just set off, so you should take the chance right now to hurry and chase them. Who knows, you might be able to catch up with them not too long after they reach their destination.” Long-bà instructed with goodwill.

The female received the tracking device and threw it to the male on the back seat. Then, as she restarted the engine, she instructed the guy, “Yang Ming, you keep an eye on that disk and tell me where to go.”

With yet another beautiful turn, the girl flew out of the broken glass that was all that remained of the extensive windows. Before she vanished completely, she even gave Long-bà a salute. “Thanks, gramps.”

“Looks like I may have been wrong. With that speed, she might even be able to catch up to my daughter, who only knows that the accelerator has to be stepped on all the way down.” Long-bà looked admirably at the hover bike.

What a natural and unrestrained girl. No wonder she was able to charm the masses of males and females as a tranny. Long-bà shook his head. “Too bad I only have a daughter. Otherwise I would really want to have this girl as a daughter-in-law. What a pity…”

“Yang Ming, which way do we go?” I asked in a hurry. That damned Lolidragon. Would it have killed you to wait for me? I was only three minutes late!

“Go straight until the three-road junction ahead and go onto the road to the far right,” Yang Ming shouted into my ear as he clung on to me for dear life.

“Ok!” I turned the accelerator once again. Dash!

“Sob, sob, sob, Mom, why did you customize your hover bike for no reason at all? This speed is even faster than a race car!” Yang Ming wailed in anguish behind me.

After a little while, I asked continuously in a panic, “Yang Ming, have we caught up?”

“Whether we can catch up or not is secondary. Sis, the police are catching up!” Yang Ming hollered, and the ear-piercing sirens started ringing in my ears too.

“Humph!” Even the police can’t stop me from teaching Long Dian a lesson! I laughed coldly. How could the police catch up with my mom’s meticulously modified, unequalled hover bike? My mom even named this bike Lightning while feeling pleased! I looked at the speedometer.Two hundred and twenty kilometers, and this hover bike’s maximum speed is three hundred and fifty kilometers. There is still a lot of room to speed up!

“Sis, what do we do?” Yang Ming shouted anxiously.

“It’s fine, Mom ‘forgot’ to install her license plate!” Meaning that we’ll be fine as long as they don’t catch up! I hammered the accelerator once more and was satisfied to see the speedometer pointing at two hundred and fifty!

“Lolidragon, there seems to be police cars?” Li Tian Lang frowned, for he seemed to have heard the sound of sirens.

“Relax, once they see the license plate clearly, they’ll leave.” Long Shui Han wasn’t scared at all because, due to her father’s abuse of authority, this car’s license plate number was already well known among the whole police force. They wouldn’t come and arrest her!

Hearing this, Nan Gong Zui couldn’t refrain from raising an eyebrow.

“Huh? They don’t seem to be chasing us.” Doll turned her head to look in curiosity. “They’re chasing a bike and that bike is really fast. They’ve almost caught up to us!”

“What?” Long Shui Han looked into the rear view mirror, extremely pissed off. As expected, there was a bike chasing them at lightning speed.

“Humph, you want to ‘race’ with me? You’ve picked the wrong person.” Long Shui Han gave a cold smile, and then reached down to press a red button. The body of the car immediately started changing, and on the trunk at the back there appeared something that looked similar to a rocket.

“A-Are we watching a car race?” Min Gui Wen’s face looked ashen.

“The distance between us and that bike is growing more and more…” Doll observed for a while and then gave a cry of shock, “Ah, they caught up again. Eh? The appearance of the bike has also changed!”

“What? So it turns out that they are also an expert!” Although she knew that she had a mission, Long Shui Han couldn’t help but want to race her heart out. She pressed the accelerator even lower.

“Hey, you’d better be more careful! The princess is in your car!” Winter Triumph roared in anger. “If anything were to happen to the princess, rest assured that I’d ask your country for compensation!”

“If anything were to actually happen to Doll, do you think that you, being in the same vehicle, would come out unscathed enough to ask for compensation?” Zhuo Lin Bin asked coldly.

“Eh? That person sitting in the back who is waving to us… appears to be Feng Wu Qing-gēgē.” Doll observed the person in the back seat, who was scowling miserably, and waving his hand as though his life depended on it. His face was exactly the same as Feng Wu Qing-gēgē’s.

“What?” Long Shui Han was stunned. Feng Wu Qing is on that bike? Doesn’t that mean that the other person is… Prince? She slowed down a little so as to allow the bike to drive to her side.

“Ah, that really is student Feng Yang Ming, who is also Feng Wu Qing.” Min Gui Wen identified his own student without the slightest doubt.

If Feng Wu Qing is in the back, then who is the reckless driver that is throwing away his life? Everyone wondered.

“Lolidragon, don’t stop the car, just rush straight to Long Dian!” The driver shouted wildly.

“No problem, Prince!” Long Shui Han happily shouted back. This guy still managed to make it in time!

It was Prince!

½ Prince

½ Prince

1/2 Prince, Half Prince
Score 8.3
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
During one of our arguments, my younger brother taunted me, claiming that I only knew how to depend on guys to get me through MMOs. In a fit of anger, I was spurred on by his words and decided to defeat my brother without depending on anyone else. By some coincidence, a new game called “Second Life” was about to go on the market and thus I started from scratch as a player. What’s more, I was the first person ever to log onto the game. The beautiful GM told me that I could have one wish granted… Humph! I. Want. To. Become. A. Guy! Shit, I accidentally became too super-ultra-incredibly handsome, now there’s a beautiful GM with designs on my virtue, waaaaah…! … OH MY GOD! A girl wants to make me her trophy husband! Heavens, what a hottie… Wait, what? He’s actually GAY and he’s hitting on me?! Go to hell! When I’m a girl you’re not interested, so why the hell do you want me now? With an incredibly hilarious main character, incredibly bizarre companions, and an incredible journey of growing up and self-discovery, how will things pan out? Even God is playing a guessing game…


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