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½ Prince Chapter 44

Volume 5 Chapter 7.5

Extra Chapter: The Classified Files of the Five Continents’ Overlords – translated by starie

Current Location: Eastern Continent

Nickname: Smiling Overlord – Winter Triumph

Described by Others As: A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Famous Quote: “Smiling is to earn even more money!”

It is said that Winter Triumph became the overlord of the Eastern Continent because of one fateful day when he returned home in real life.

“Gē, will you play Second Life with me?” His younger sister, brimming with youth, implored her older brother.

Disregarding the pleas of his cute sister, Winter Triumph put on a bitter, unwilling smile. “No way! There’s no money to be earned, and you even have to spend money to play it!”

“You can sell the in-game currency; this game will definitely be popular so there will be people fighting to buy the in-game currency,” said the little sister, who was very familiar with her brother’s weak spot.

There’s money to be earned! Winter Triumph’s eyes sparkled. “Okay, I’ll play with you.”

In order for Winter Triumph, who had chosen to be a warrior, to fight mobs more efficiently and earn money, he formed a party with his sister and recruited four other teammates along the way. Under Winter Triumph’s policy of picking up even half a copper coin to combine two halves into a whole copper coin, the team quickly became incredibly-rich-but-poor-people – their bank accounts were bursting at the seams, but their in-game wallets held only mothballs.

The furious little sister could no longer take it. After she had ordered the other four team members to tie her brother to a rock with chains, she grabbed Winter Triumph’s wallet, which he valued as much as his life… “No! Lives are precious, but the wallet is worth even more! I’d rather die than let go of it!” Winter Triumph cried.

Ignoring her older brother, who was wailing loudly enough to wake the dead, the younger sister ran into the city and spent all the money, buying the best armors and weapons for the team. Faced with the already purchased equipment, Winter Triumph was in a situation where what was done was done and having to make the best of what had happened, he was quite unwilling to sell off the equipment at cheaper price.

“Pig-headed sister, buying such expensive items; no matter what’s the price I sell them for, I’d lose money! No, I can’t sell them.” Winter Triumph cried a martyr’s blood and tears, shaking the now-empty purse.

The team, having finally obtained good equipments, could now play at their full strength: constantly challenging bosses, leveling at an insane rate, sweeping away all competition and becoming a powerful team famous throughout the entire Eastern Continent.

“Since we have good equipment, let’s just go kill bosses, which drop ultra-rare items! This way we can quickly earn back the money!” – Winter Triumph

On the eve of the Adventurers’ Tournament, all the team members aside from Winter Triumph decided to participate in the tournament.

“Winter Triumph, why don’t we take part in the Adventurers’ Tournament?” the team asked their warrior.

Winter Triumph laughed, holding up his middle finger at his teammates. “I won’t do things where there’s no money to be earned. We should be discussing which boss to fight.”

Immediately, the other five team members palmed their faces. If you want to point middle finger, just point it; you don’t need to smile like an angel at the same time!

“The prize is pretty good; it’s a piece of land!”

“Land?” Winter Triumph’s smile froze on his face, his entire person stopping as if in a trance, mentally calculating at lightning speed. If the first piece of player-established land was well defended and well managed, then the amount of tax received would be astonishing. Even if they didn’t want to run it, if the land were to be sold, the profit wouldn’t be bad at all. Good, very good. How could he, Winter Triumph, miss out on such a profitable opportunity?

“My fellow teammates, how can Second Life’s Adventurers’ Tournament be without our team? We will definitely participate until the end, and promote our team’s reputation.” Winter Triumph revealed an extremely confident smile.

It’s for that lucrative land isn’t it? the teammates secretly thought, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Men die for riches, birds die for food, and with the temptation of the land, Winter Triumph transformed into a smiling Asura in the arena. Even when facing the strongest opponents, he never backed down.

“Those who try to steal my money will all die!” This quote from Winter Triumph was voted as the scariest sentence of the year in the Eastern Continent.

For even greater monetary prospects, monopolizing the Eastern Continent’s commerce was the best path, so Winter Triumph decided to unify the Eastern Continent. Thus with the philosophy of ‘money is invincible’, Winter Triumph became the Eastern Continent’s overlord, nicknamed the ‘Would Die for Money’ Smiling Overlord.

Current Location: Western Continent

Nickname: Wandering Overlord – Neurotic

Described by Others As: A respectable gentleman who is joined at the hip with his wife, like Siamese twins

Famous Quote: “Honey, what beautiful object do you want to see next?”

“Aiyah, this game is getting boring, fighting mobs non-stop. Even though I’ve become strong, what is my strength for?”

Neurotic had played Second Life for over a month, leveling like crazy until he was on the top players list. On this day, he suddenly found himself fed up, wondering why he’d been making such an effort to level up.

“Ahhhh! Save me! Could the brave warrior over there please save me?” a high-pitched female cry came from a remote area.

Neurotic looked uncertainly towards the sound and saw a pretty female mage running over. As soon as he saw the beauty, Neurotic was immediately roused from his thoughts. He picked up his frighteningly huge Ultima Sword and prepared to be a hero saving a damsel in distress.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you…” Before he could even finish his sentence, Neurotic suddenly saw that behind the beautiful woman there was a giant group of mobs that looked as though they were rioting. He froze on the spot, thinking, That’s a bit too many mobs, isn’t it?

“Warrior, you might want to run, otherwise you’ll be trampled to death!” In the end, the beauty ended up dragging the hero who had come to save her and the two quickly fled for their lives.

Huff, huff!” After the hundred mile marathon, Neurotic asked, gasping, “How come… How come there were so many mobs?”

The beauty, also huffing, answered, “It- it often happens. Don’t be too surprised.”

Neurotic looked at her uncomprehendingly. This beauty is probably a mage, and mages usually don’t attract mobs. Also, mages often fight best in a party. However, the woman before his eyes had not only drawn an army of mobs, but she was also alone. It really was unusual.

“In order to see beautiful things, even if I get chased 1000 miles by mobs, I’ll still be satisfied.” The beauty’s eyes shone with determination and longing, leaving Neurotic to look on, astounded. “This time I was targeted by those mobs because of this Rainbow Chrysanthemum, which only exists in the Heaven’s Mountain Cave.” The beauty enthusiastically presented a flower, and when Neurotic saw it, another stunned expression appeared.

The Rainbow Chrysanthemum was a flower about the size of a fist that had hundreds of fine petals, and every petal comprised of several colors. Multicolored and bright, the entire flower even exuded a faint rainbow light, making it appear even more flawlessly beautiful.

“This flower is so pretty.” Neurotic looked on in a daze, unable to believe that such a flower existed.

The beauty tenderly stroked the beautiful flower. “I originally didn’t want to pick this flower; beauty should be appreciated, and definitely not destroyed! Unfortunately, when the mobs were drawn to me, they trod on the stalk and broke it, so I could only take this little treasure and flee.”

“Beauty should be appreciated, and definitely not destroyed… I like the sound of that.” Neurotic mulled over the beautiful girl’s words with great interest.

“Really? I have finally found a companion. My name is DanDan, what’s yours?” DanDan ecstatically looked at the companion in front of her.


“Neurotic, do you want to admire all of Second Life’s beautiful things with me?” Dan Dan’s eyes shone with hope. After all, she was only a summoner, and couldn’t travel to very dangerous places. Unfortunately, beautiful things always seemed to be in dangerous areas.

“Admire beautiful things?” Neurotic thought about it. It sounded like a good idea and it would definitely be much better than his currently aimless way of playing Second Life. “Ok, DanDan, let me come with you, and we’ll go see beautiful sights all over Second Life!”

Thus, Neurotic and DanDan traveled all over Second Life together and, as with many a case of one man and one woman, they quickly became husband and wife. As a pair, they went to highly dangerous places, putting on brilliant displays of self-defense in order to see beautiful objects, and as a result, the pair’s levels and tacit understanding of one another increased at lightning speed.

One day, when Neurotic and DanDan were in a city buying supplies in preparation for going out and finding wondrous things once again, they were stopped halfway by a team.

“Excuse me, are you the legendary expert couple?” a warrior questioned.

Baffled, Neurotic asked, “How did you know?”

The warrior chuckled, gesturing towards Neurotic’s huge sword and said, “A slim warrior holding a massive sword; that’s your trademark. Would you be interested in joining our team? We happen to need two more people to participate in the Adventurers’ Tournament. Trust me, our team is very strong.”

“Adventurers’ Tournament…” Neurotic rubbed his chin, and looked towards his wife with a questioning expression.

DanDan’s expression radiated light. “The Adventurers’ Tournament! There will definitely be a lot of people there, and there will also be a lot of handsome guys and pretty girls to look at.”

“That’s right, honey. We’ll participate!” Neurotic eagerly grasped his wife’s hand, heart overflowing with admiration. His wife was indeed smart, even managing to think of the beautiful people there would be to see.

“…” The team who had invited them was speechless.

Hence, Neurotic and DanDan joined the Adventurers’ Tournament. By upholding their philosophy that only by fighting until the very end would they be able to see the most beautiful things, they became the eventual winners of the Western Continent’s Adventurers’ Tournament.

“We’ll just leave the operation of the city to you. DanDan and I are going to the Central Continent to find the famous bishonen, the Infinite City Liege Lord, and the Den of Wandering Nymphs’ Celestial,” Neurotic told his teammates after the city had been built.

The teammates continued to be silent. Truthfully, no matter what they said, it wouldn’t dull this couple’s determination to find beautiful things, so they could only allow them to go.

“Honey, do you think Prince or Celestial will be more beautiful?” Neurotic excitedly asked his wife.

“Beautiful things do not need to be compared or ranked,” DanDan said sternly to her husband.

Once again astonished by his wife’s words, Neurotic only managed to speak after a long while, “Honey, you really are great. I will go searching for beautiful things with you for the rest of my life.”

Current Location: Southern Continent

Nickname: Undying Overlord – Undying Man

Described by Others As: A cockroach that can’t be killed

Famous Quote: “Only I kill people, nobody kills me!”

“Hahaha, I, Undying Man, swear to the heavens that I will definitely become Second Life’s strongest man, and then get together with all ofSecond Life’s beauties!” Undying Man yelled fiercely at the sky.

A nearby teammate explained to another teammate, “That guy just confessed for the 3,657th time and was refused again.”

“So that’s what happened…”

It’s said that, after Undying Man’s 3,657th confession was rejected, under his oath to the heavens to become the strongest man, or perhaps due to extreme provocation of the refusal, he started to train like crazy. Living only on steamed buns and water, he spent all of his time training, returning to the city only once a week for supplies. Even when his teammates weren’t online he still madly trained by himself, guzzling red health potions.

With his resentment towards his 3,657 rejections, Undying Man endured the loneliness of his solo training. These past few weeks Undying Man had been training particularly hard because he had to gain only three more levels in order to become the number one player on the ranking charts. Unfortunately for him, he met a boss.

“Damn it, don’t you even think about killing me, don’t you know how important this period is? I only need three more levels, how could I let myself drop a level right now? You stupid boss, do you know how exhausting it is for me to train up one level?! Do you know the pain of being rejected over three thousand times? You don’t know anything, and you expect to kill me!” Undying Man, attacked to the point where he was almost a pillar of light, yelling at the boss and crying two steady rivers of tears.

However, this boss couldn’t have known about those things, and simply charged forward to tear Undying Man in half. Undying Man used all his strength, and climbed atop a tree to take refuge. Luckily, this boss couldn’t climb trees, and could only use its sole ranged spell to attack Undying Man up in the tree. Undying Man perseveringly moved from tree to tree to dodge attacks, and occasionally even dropped some coconuts down in retaliation.

With Undying Man’s undying determination, three days later, he slid down the tree trunk, completely exhausted, kicked the boss’ corpse and arrogantly laughed, “Hahaha, dead, right? Some boss, I just used a few coconuts and I smashed you to death.”

“Wow, what just happened? We followed the coconut road all the way here, and we ended up finding Undying Man,” called out one of Undying Man’s teammates in surprise.

Undying Man turned around to see his teammates walking along a coconut-paved path towards him.

“Why don’t we participate in the Adventurers’ Tournament, Undying Man? Nothing good will come of you being so dejected. ” A teammate advised him, seriously.

“I want to train and become Second Life’s strongest man!” Undying Man yelled angrily.

“You’ve just became number one on the ranking table; it seems like that boss was really strong!” the teammate informed him.

Undying Man froze. He was already the strongest man? Then… He could pick up all of the beauties now?

“Let’s go! The Adventurers’ Tournament will definitely be very lively; you can start searching for the next target for a rejected confession,” the teammate said, holding back laughter.

And so Undying Man participated in the Adventurers’ Tournament, upholding the philosophy that if he wanted to pick up girls, then he couldn’t afford to lose in front of girls. Undying Man led his team members to the final match and became the victors of the Southern Continent’s Adventurers’ Tournament.

“Undying Man, build the most luxurious city. After you become the liege lord, there will definitely be many beauties who would fall for you,” the teammates said as they comforted the victim of a 3,658th failed confession. As soon as Undying Man heard this, he stood up, spirits high, and roared, “That’s right! I’ll definitely become the strongest liege lord, unite the Southern Continent, and get together with all the Southern Continent’s beauties!”

Current Location: Northern Continent

Nickname: Flower Overlord – Northern Flower

Described by Others As: The most beautiful flower under the sun

Famous Quote: “Aiyah, my bra can’t even hold my breasts in anymore… Ah, no! I mean, it’s that there is no man that cannot be seduced by such a flower as me!”

 “Ahh! Has my skin become rough? Husband No. 5, come and take a look for me!” Northern Flower used her sickeningly sweet voice to call softly.

That so-called Husband No. 5 walked over, and, with unparalleled affection, lightly caressed Northern Flower’s cheek, which was as smooth and soft as tofu. “How could it be rough? Flower, your face is the smoothest and most delicate in the world; even the slightest breeze could break it.”

Northern Flower’s slender, delicate hands held Husband No. 5’s large ones. Her fingers drew circles on the back of his hand as she used a bashful tone to rebut, “So annoying; if you say it like that, Flower will be embarrassed.”

Husband No. 5 chuckled and saw with keen eyes that the others had returned. He asked, “You only went to buy food, how come all of you were so slow?”

“We heard news of an Adventurers’ Tournament. Do you have any interest in participating?” Husband No. 4 replied.

“Let’s ask Flower!” Husband No. 3 chipped in.

Northern Flower gently bit her lip and her eyes misted over as she said, “Adventurers’ Tournament? It sounds like it will be very interesting!”

“Seeing as Flower likes it, why don’t we participate? We will definitely present the victory as a gift for Flower,” said Husband No. 1, filled with heroic spirit.

When a beautiful girl stands behind cheering, any man can give 200% of their ability—not to mention Northern Flower’s husbands, who genuinely are skillful! Thinking back to the fight for the Northern Continent’s number one beauty, Northern Flower, the competition truly had been unprecedented, with a huge turnout. Only the six hundred person melee at the Adventurers’ Tournament could even slightly compare to that spectacle.

After three days and three nights of rough hand-to-hand combat, the warriors’ blood had created an area later known as the Red Earth Plain. The sight of the white pillars of light constantly flying away as players died had contributed to the name of the pavilion where Northern Flower had awaited the competition’s results: Beacon Platform. All the fallen warriors were collectively called ‘The 7200 martyrs in the fight for Flower’.

In the end, only five people remained alive. As these five people were all sprawled on the ground, unable to move and couldn’t even distinguish up from down, they finally agreed that they would all become knights protecting the Flower.

How could such a team possibly be weak?

Thus, through the efforts of her five husbands, Northern Flower, who was a priest became, out of all the five continents, the first and only overlord who wasn’t a warrior: the Flower Overlord.

“Ah, hubbies, I really want a castle like Cinderella’s!” Northern Flower said coquettishly to Husbands No. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 after receiving the piece of territory.

“No problem!” Faced with a maiden’s charm, the hero becomes the prisoner and the five husbands immediately started to prepare Cinderella’s castle.

“Hehe, my hubbies really treat me so well. I should definitely find more husbands later.” Northern Flower lazily reclined on the long throne, delicately trimming her already flawlessly beautiful fingernails.

Current Location: Central Continent

Nickname: Bloody Overlord – Prince

Described by Others As:

Female: So handsome, so cool, so want to be his wife!

Male: (grinding teeth) Try being more handsome and see what happens.

Famous Quote: “I’m hungry.”

“Why is there no record of Prince’s experience?”

Who asked that question? Somebody, come and drag this person off to test Doll’s Chains of Endless Torture!

½ Prince

½ Prince

1/2 Prince, Half Prince
Score 8.3
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
During one of our arguments, my younger brother taunted me, claiming that I only knew how to depend on guys to get me through MMOs. In a fit of anger, I was spurred on by his words and decided to defeat my brother without depending on anyone else. By some coincidence, a new game called “Second Life” was about to go on the market and thus I started from scratch as a player. What’s more, I was the first person ever to log onto the game. The beautiful GM told me that I could have one wish granted… Humph! I. Want. To. Become. A. Guy! Shit, I accidentally became too super-ultra-incredibly handsome, now there’s a beautiful GM with designs on my virtue, waaaaah…! … OH MY GOD! A girl wants to make me her trophy husband! Heavens, what a hottie… Wait, what? He’s actually GAY and he’s hitting on me?! Go to hell! When I’m a girl you’re not interested, so why the hell do you want me now? With an incredibly hilarious main character, incredibly bizarre companions, and an incredible journey of growing up and self-discovery, how will things pan out? Even God is playing a guessing game…


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