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God of Crime Chapter 14

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Model Student Seo Tae-hyuk??? #3

Due to the test preparations, An Eun-young’s dark circles became even darker.

Park Sung-kwang’s face was a mess due to an entirely different reason.

‘How much alcohol did he drink?’

Tae-hyuk and An Eun-young was in the classroom after school. Aside from them, only Park Sung-kwang was left.

An Eun-young was still studying hard. Park Sung-kwang was lying face-down on his desk.

Tae-hyuk was pretending to do homework while keeping an eye on both people.

It was at that moment. The door opened and one of Park Sung-kwang’s friends, Kim Jin-soo entered.

However, it wasn’t Park Sung-kwang but An Eun-young that he had business with.

“Class President! Teacher-nim has a task for you so go to the second floor of the old teacher’s building.”

“…H-Huh? Y-yes. U-understood.”

The old teacher’s building was where special activities classes were held.

Unlike the rest of the school where students stayed behind after school was over, the old teacher’s building was normally empty at this time.

Then why was Teacher-nim looking for her in such a place.

The listening Tae-hyuk felt suspicious.

“He wanted your help to organize something. Go quickly.”

An Eun-young nodded and left the classroom.

Kim Jin-soo then approached Park Sung-kwang, who was lying on his desk, and said.

“Sung-kwang. I did it.”

“Uh, yes. Ah, I had way too much to drink yesterday. Damn. Then shall we start the plan?”

Jin-soo pointed to where Tae-hyuk was sitting with uneasy eyes.

“What about him? He saw all of it.”

Park Sung-kwang shook his head as he glanced at Tae-hyuk, who looked like he had no interest.

“You can ignore him. Anyway, he is a guy who gave up on life. If he notices something then I can just pay him some money.”

“Is that so?”

“Then let’s go.”

Park Sung-kwang left the classroom, followed by Kim Jin-soo.

Seo Tae-hyuk’s eyes shone as he pretended to study hard.

‘Hoh. Look at those children.’

He had found a clue to the crime that he had been searching for.

Tae-hyuk followed behind the two people at a certain distance.

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at their destination.

The old teacher’s building. 

It looked exactly like the set of a horror movie.

‘Wah… This atmosphere makes it feel like a ghost will pop out.’

It was so creepy that he didn’t want to enter it in the day. There was the smell of chemicals from the chemistry room. There were creepy biological specimens in containers of formalin.

Even the plaster casts in the art room gave off an ominous feeling with the sun went down.

‘Can’t a full movie be filmed here?’

It was a place where even a man would scream in fear.

Buzz buzz!

In the silence, the sound of voices could be heard.

‘Were they going to the second floor?’

Tae-hyuk carefully walked to the place where An Eun-young and Park Sung-kwang’s group was, making sure not to be noticed.


Despite being as careful as possible, sounds were still heard from the old building.

‘This isn’t a school horror experience.’

As he grew closer, he could hear a certain voice.

“I don’t understand why you dislike it. Isn’t this a good deal for Class President?”

Tae-hyuk arrived at the place where Park Sung-kwang’s voice could be heard. He leaned forward and observed the situation.

Park Sung-kwang was excitedly talking with someone.


“But what? You are being ridiculous.”

“I-I… I have to be 1st.”

“It is the same for me. Don’t you know how upset my father is? There is no such thing as 2nd place for politicians. They are either elected or defeated. So if I want to become a politician, I have to get 1st place. What the heck? That is discipline.”

“I-If you study harder then…”

“That is the problem! The 1st place classmate is someone who studies 20 hours a day so what can I do? Therefore, let’s do something good for each other. Show me your answer sheet the day after tomorrow. Then get one question wrong. I will be in 1st place. You will be in 2nd. Isn’t that good? One million won. No, five million won.”

“I-I don’t want m-money.”

Kwang! Park Sung-kwang punched the wall next to An Eun-young.

Tae-hyuk bit his lip as he listened to the conversation.

‘That’s it. The reason why he gets good grades despite playing all day.’

Park Sung-kwang spent money to cheat on all the tests.

It was at that moment.


The Demon Revealing Mirror, that hadn’t moved for a week, finally reacted.

[Crime Skill: Spying has been learnt.]

-You can see your opponent’s belongings and stats.

-The criteria to fully learn it hasn’t been met yet.

-It has been registered in the temporary skills window.


He could see the information of the desired target.

Just like Voice Modulation, it was a skill with endless utilization.

‘What the hell is Robbery then? What the heck? A landmine skill?’

Park Sung-kwang was cheating. He was using indecent methods to do it.

Five big men were surrounding a small girl and intimidating her.

“It really doesn’t make sense! Jin-sso. Didn’t I tell you to do some research on Class President? Tell me how to make her listen? Is it not enough money? Does she want more? 10 million won?”


An Eun-young was tearful since the atmosphere made it seem like violence would erupt at any moment.

However, she didn’t accept Park Sung-kwang’s offer.

“Well, there is a reason that Class President needs to keep her 1st place.”

“What on earth? Tell me the reason.”

Kim Jin-soo pulled out a notebook and started reading the contents written there.

“It was really hard to find this…”

“I understand. 200?”

Kim Jin-soo replied with a big smile.

“Yes. Thank you! Then I will tell you. Class President’s mother is in hospital for a blood cancer. What was it? Leukemia? Anyway, it is a condition where it is unknown if she will see tomorrow. Therefore, Class President made a promise with her mother.”


“She would study really hard and get 1st place in the school. Her mother should work hard to get treatment as well.”

“Puhaha! How ludicrous. Isn’t it crazy? A last resort? Does she think her mother isn’t going to die? Don’t be like this. Class President. Let’s agree on 10 million won. You will need a lot of money for the funeral costs. Shouldn’t you plan in advance?”

“U-uck, uwaaaaah!”

An Eun-young eventually burst out crying.

Park Sung-kwang cried out with annoyance.

“Ah, I’m going crazy.  It really doesn’t make sense. But Class President, do you want to know something? Your mother’s life support device. What will happen if I unplug that cord? Aren’t you curious?”

“U-uck… N-No. P-Please don’t. I-I’ll do it. I’ll do it so p-please…”

“Yes, good. Ah right, it will be troublesome if you spread this around. So I’ll need some evidence to make Class President stay silent. Jin-soo, did you bring the camera?”


“Now. Shall we have fun with a photo shoot?”

Park Sung-kwang laughed happily. 

Tae-hyuk quietly used a skill.

[Voice Modulation has been used.]

-You can directly imitate the voice of Jung Nam-ho.

Tae-hyuk yelled out with Jung Nam-ho’s voice.

“These children. What are you doing that you haven’t gone home yet?”

Park Sung-kwang was surprised.

“Hey, you jerk. I told you not to be tailed! What are you doing?”

“Uh, t-this is strange… There was clearly no one.”

“Fuck. Let’s go!”

“What about Class President?”

“Leave her. Fuck. I’ll need to ask my father for more money to buy her silence.”

Park Sung-kwang disappeared into the darkness of the old teacher’s building.

“Sob… Sob… T-Teacher-nim…”

An Eun-young was sitting on the floor crying.

Tae-hyuk scratched his head as he approached An Eun-young.

“Did you think I was Teacher-nim? Sorry. It is Seo Tae-hyuk.”


Tae-hyuk first apologized to An Eun-young for the magic incident.

“That unbecoming incident. I’m really sorry.”

“…Huh? ….Yes.”


Tae-hyuk emphasized it again.

“…By the way, why did you save me?”

An Eun-young was surprised to see a person she had never expected to intervene.

“I actually wanted to apologize so I followed you in secret. Then I became witness by chance. Something like that?”

Following her to apologize? 

Moreover, he saved her.

An Eun-young realized that she was mistaken about the young man called Seo Tae-hyuk.

If he hadn’t rescued her then she would have clearly suffered due to Park Sung-kwang’s group.

In addition, Tae-hyuk had seen everything that Park Sung-kwang tried to do to An Eun-young. 

Even so, he did not say one word about it.

She felt so grateful.

He didn’t ask if she was okay and just stretched out his hand.

An Eun-young grabbed Tae-hyuk’s hand and got up. 

The trembling in her body started to calm down.

“F-For saving me, t-thank you… By the way… Did you hear?”

“Well. Yes.”

“W-What are you going to do now?”

An Eun-young’s judgment was quick. She understood the whole situation.

Once Park Sung-kwang realized that he had been fooled by Seo Tae-hyuk, he would strike back.

Tae-hyuk exclaimed like he suddenly thought of something.

“Ah. Now I understand.”

“Eu? Huh? What?”

“No. Remember the other day when I caught a cold? Class President was helping me. At the time, I thought Park Sung-kwang was glaring at me. But he was actually looking at you.”

“There was something like that…?”

“In fact, I thought he liked me. When I didn’t look at him, his affection turned into hate. Well. Isn’t it cool that the mysterious had been unravelled?”


An Eun-young stared at Seo Tae-hyuk with a dumbfounded expression.

How could Tae-hyuk be like this? 

He had become the target of Park Sung-kwang who had enormous power in the school. Didn’t he understand?

An Eun-young formed tight fists. She didn’t want the person who helped her to get hurt.

“Ah right. Then what will I do now?”

“Yes. Actually, I’m a little worried about you…”

“He thinks he is a politician just because his dad is one. I need to let him know that even politicians can be pierced by bamboo spears.”

“B-Bamboo spears?”

“Yes. Class President should just drink soda and watch.”

Tae-hyuk laughed.

Even though it wasn’t a dependable face. Why did she feel this sense of relief?

An Eun-young’s face turned red the moment she realized why.

God of Crime

God of Crime

범죄의 신
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Seo Tae Hyuk, jailed after being falsely accused. He will be executed without being able to prove his innocence. When he opens his eyes, it’s 15 years in the past?


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