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God of Crime Chapter 11

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Second Skill #3

“The banks are closed at such a late time, so go to the nearest ATM machine.

Those were the instructions Tae-hyuk received.

‘They deliberately aimed for the evening.’

There was a higher probability of someone being alone at around the time when the banks were closed, making for a perfect situation for voice phishing.

Tae-hyuk arrived at the ATM and waited for the call.

Not long afterwards, the person contacted him.

-Have you arrived at the ATM?

Oops. I almost forgot to turn on Voice Modulation.’

Tae-hyuk used the Demon Revealing Mirror to activate Voice Modulation.

[Voice Modulation has been used.]

-You can directly imitate the voice of Seo Ha-ran.

“Yes… I arrived.”

I thought I just heard a man’s voice.

Tae-hyuk made a mistake, and the skill had been released.

He manipulated the Demon Revealing Mirror at lightning speed to reactivate Voice Modulation, and then gave a trembling reply.

“I’m not quite sure what you’re saying. I’m currently alone so why would a man’s voice… Did some type of confusion happen?”

Indeed. Then, please proceed to deposit the surgery and repair fee into the account that I previously mentioned.

15 million won in total.

‘It is obvious that he wants to shout with joy right now.’

“Yes, I understand. Please wait for a moment.”

Tae-hyuk went to the ATM and deliberately wasted time in order to make the opponent nervous,  rendering him unable to make any calm decisions.

After five minutes, the voice phishing scammer spoke.

Are you done yet?

Tae-hyuk made a fuss, as if he was confused.

“I-It is strange. I have the money in the account, but I can’t make a deposit. W-what is this?”

-Slow down and try again.

“Is the machine broken? I’ll try another bank account.”

Tae-hyuk put his bankbook on the ATM and sent the money.

Of course, it wasn’t 15 million won.

The reaction was immediate.

-I’ve confirmed that 10,000 won has been deposited.

“Really? That’s strange. The money was taken out of my living expenses account, so why can’t I withdraw from my savings account?”

-…The money is in your savings account? Then it is natural that you can’t withdraw the money. A savings account can’t be withdrawn from unless it is expired or cancelled.

“Eh, t-then what should I do?”

-You’ll have to go to the bank and cancel it.

“The bank isn’t open right now!”


‘Isn’t this enough to make it seem like I’m willing to pay? This way, it will be hard for them to give up on my case.’

Tae-hyuk exclaimed like he was just reminded of something.

“Ah! There is a way to withdraw money without having to go to the bank and cancelling it!”

There is a way?

“Yes. My savings account is a little unusual, as it is a limited savings account. It is a type of savings account where you sign up to collect a certain amount of money before withdrawing it. I signed up to pay for my brothers’ university tuition. As long as I have a certain amount of money in my bankbook, I won’t have to go to the bank to cancel it.”

There is such a thing?

“Yes. However, the interest rates are low so it isn’t popular…”


‘He believes me. Believes me! Of course, this is a lie.’

“At any rate, the limit is 20 million won, so I need three million won before I can withdraw all the money. But getting three million won all of a sudden…”


‘He is conflicted! Conflicted!’

The voice phishing scammer didn’t realize that he himself was being scammed.

Tae-hyuk said the decisive words.

“… I will borrow it from a friend. However, I don’t know if I can borrow three million won so suddenly…”

-P-please wait a moment.

The voice phishing scammer was confused. 

If Tae-hyuk contacted a friend then he would have to explain the situation to them, making it obvious to the friend that it was a scam.

The scammer would then miss a valuable fish.


-Let’s do this instead. I will lend you three million won. Let me clarify – you’re saying that if you put three million won into the limited savings account, then you can withdraw it right away?”

“It seems so.”

Cough! Then please withdraw the money and send me 18 million won. How about that?

“T-thank you! You are my brother’s lifesaver!”

Then the account number is…

Tae-hyuk receiving the scammer‘s account number was like finding an oasis in the vast desert.

-Please wait. Oh, don’t hang up the phone.

He wanted to stop Tae-hyuk from calling anywhere else and asking around.

“Yes, I understand.”

‘I’m sorry but I have one more call to make.’

The phone connected to the scammer was Ha-ran’s, and Tae-hyuk still had his own phone.

Tae-hyuk silenced the phone to stop the scammer from hearing his conversation and called Kang-suk.

“Kang-suk hyung?”

-Ah, is this Ha-ran ssi?


‘Whoops. I forgot to turn off the skill.’

-It is late so what is going on?

“Ah. Hyung, sorry. It is Tae-hyuk.”

Ah. Is that so? It is late. Go to sleep early.

Tae-hyuk laughed at the clear disappointment in Kang-suk’s voice, and proceeded to describe the situation to him.

Hmm. Let me know once you receive all the information. They called Ha-ran ssi’s handphone? I will check the time that it was received, but it will probably lead to a foreign country. It is harder to arrest that way.

“Even if I have the chief bank account information?”

Hey. How did you get something like that?

Normal bank accounts were points where the money was passed through, while a chief account was the central point where the money was actually gathered and originated from.

The voice phisher had to use the chief account to deposit money into Tae-hyuk’s account.

“I will turn over as much information as possible and catch all the people that are in South Korea.”

Yes. This brat, I was just laying down watching TV, and now I have to work because of you.

“The special diligence will help when you get married.”

Tae-hyuk ended the call with Kang-suk and used Voice Modulation again. He then said to the phishing scammer.

“How is it?”

I have deposited the three million. Please check it as quickly as possible.

“Yes, I understand.”

Tae-hyuk went to the ATM and checked the bankbook.

There was a deposit for three million won.

Their account information was stamped as well, meaning the bank log would have their IP address.

Tae-hyuk ended the conversation with the voice phishing scammer and sent the information to Kang-suk.

He had earned himself three million won, while Kang-suk would be able to catch those voice phishing scammers in South Korea.

“I ate well.”


[Crime Skill: Voice Modulation has been acquired.]

-You can directly imitate the voice of the target.

-It is completely learnt. 


He fully gained Voice Modulation, meaning that he could now use it without worrying about it ever disappearing.

‘I can directly imitate the voice of someone else… Isn’t this a good skill?’

He already came up with several useful ideas to use it.

Tae-hyuk showed a warm smile.

*     *     *

“I’ve finished, Noona.”

Oh. Tae-hyuk came.”

“Huh? I thought you were watching a drama.”

“No, I prepared some rice for us to eat together when you got back.”

“Oh, really? I am hungry after working so hard.”

“Did you study that hard?”

“… Wah, looks delicious.”

“Tae-hyuk, don’t change the subjectAnswer my question.”

“I will eat it well. Oh right, Noona.”


“Thank you.

God of Crime

God of Crime

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Seo Tae Hyuk, jailed after being falsely accused. He will be executed without being able to prove his innocence. When he opens his eyes, it’s 15 years in the past?


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