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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Void End

Chapter 8: Void End

The “meat mountain” came into the elevator at the last moment. Although it was only him and the huge guy in the elevator, it felt pretty crowded and Han quickly maneuvered over to the corner.

The fat guy was dressed strangely, wearing a striped jersey, with multiple ponytails (TL: lol), loud music coming from his earphones, playing strong rhythmic punk music. Oh, and he’s also wearing sunglasses.

“You here for the test as well?” The fatty was actually really nice, he saw the form Han was holding and asked in a low and muffled voice.

Han nodded.

“Haha, I’m Chen Zhong, Chen as in morning, Zhong as in heavy. (same characters in Chinese) What’s your name?” the “Meat Mountain” asked.

“Hi, my name is Han Lang, Lang as in homeless (same character in Chinese).” Han smiled and answered, thinking that Chen Zhong is pretty heavy, just like his name.

Chen Zhong casually pressed the button for floor 18. Han saw and was a bit confused, “Brother Cheng Zhong, the girl at the front desk said to go to floor 17.”

Cheng Zhong nodded his head like he understood what happened, “That’s because they got it wrong. If you’re coming to see director Li Muyun to attend the test, you should go to the 18th floor. I’ve been here multiple times, I can’t be wrong.”

Han was a bit confused, because the girl at the front desk did say to look for a director with the last name Li, maybe she did get it wrong? Seeing how confident Cheng Zhong was, Han didn’t say anything more. But little did he know, the Esper Administration has two directors Li, Li Jie of the 17th floor and Li Muyun of the 18th floor…


The two arrived at the 18th floor in a blink, and it was a long hallway in front of the elevator door. They walked to a room named “Test Center”, two security guards stood outside and greeted Cheng Zhong upon his arrival.

“Cheng Zhong, the director was just talking about you.” The female guard smiled and said.

“That’s for sure, I’m such an essential personnel haha.” Cheng Zhong isn’t really humble, he said while patting himself on his wide chest.

“Who is this young man following you? He doesn’t look familiar.” The male guard looked at Han and asked.

“This is Han Lang, my bro.” Cheng Zhong casually stated, and after the two guards heard that Han is with Cheng Zhong, they didn’t question further.

The sofa in the living room is quite comfortable, other than Han and Cheng Zhong there were a few other guys sitting apart from each other. A middle-aged man in glasses was calmly reading a book, a young girl with freckles on her face was doing make-up in front of the mirror, and a very buff baldy was doing push-ups with one finger.

There were fruits and desserts on the table for the guests, Cheng Zhong took two apples and looked at it, kept the large one for himself, and gave the small one to Han. The fatty is not only overly familiar but also not that polite.

Nom nom~

Nom nom~

Cheng Zhong’s giant appetite shocked Han, he just finished half an apple and Cheng Zhong almost finished everything on that table, and this guy started shamelessly going to other tables for food, taking all the food that was placed in front of other people and finishing it instantly.

Maybe because it felt kind of awkward to have Han always staring at him, Cheng Zhong picked out a piece of fruit candy from the pile of food he collected.

“How about a piece of candy?” Cheng Zhong looked a bit unwilling to part with itand handed the candy to Han.

“I will just eat this.” Han waved and said.

“Oh, then I guess I will eat it. It’s still a few hours until lunch, I will just eat some snack to hold off the hunger.” Cheng Zhong said while eating.

Snack? That’s just snack?

Han was speechless, he couldn’t even finish all that food in a week, and to Cheng Zhong it was just snack before meal? This guy must be rich, otherwise who has the money to feed him…

After Cheng Zhong basically finished all the fruit and desserts, a man in a white coat walked out from the inner room. He looked to be about 50, his hair was almost all white, and he was kind of skinny. There were a few other guys with him, whom Han judged to be espers, all of them with sharp eyes.

“The assessment is done, you guys can go and rest.” The old man in white cloth said.

“Cheng Zhong!” The old man saw the Cheng Zhong and yelled, “You little brat came late again, hurry up and come in. You guys can come in too.”

So, including Han and Cheng Zhong, all six of them went to the room. The room was a lot more spacious than the living room, a row of 10 esper power assessment pods, pure white, looks like giant goose eggs.

Cheng Zhong seems to be quite popular, six guys in the room and director Li was just interacting with him.

“231 kg? No Cheng Zhong that can’t do. You have to reach 300 kg to qualify.” Director Li let Cheng Zhong get on a scale and said.

Han didn’t really get what those two were doing, so he followed the other 4 people, placed the form on the table, took of his shoes and stepped into one of those assessment pods.

“Director Li, how about we just get started first? I still have a date later today.”

Director Li didn’t turn his head and said, “Yep, just put on the helmet and press the start button.”

Then, everyone in the pods took out the metal helmet inside, then pressed the start button on the door, and the pods started to steal. The other four pods were already sealed, and Li Muyun was still doing assessments on Cheng Zhong, measuring weight, blood sugar level and height level. It seemed like Cheng Zhong is a special case among the crowd. Since Li Muyun told everyone to start already, Han putted out his hand and reached for the start button, and the screen displayed “Pressure Test Ready, on standby.”

“Pressure Test? Isn’t this suppose be the super power assessment?”

Han didn’t think too much and pressed down the button.

Then, the instant the pod closed its door, Han felt like a ray of light, passing the endless starry sky. Suddenly, a screen showed up at the centre of the starry sky, displaying that the system is assessing Han.

“DNA recorded, begin testing power features”

“Brain region breadth: Rank A”

“Source Index: 27, beginner”

“Esper Descent: Mystery Descent”

“Esper Class: Void End, Rank: Level S”

“Completed Assessment, qualified for Galactic Pressure Exam”

Han was so shocked, the statements that the system made unquestionably declared that Han is an esper, source index: 27, the possessor of the power of Void End of the Mystery descent

Mystery descent?!

Void End?!

Han wanted to cry out loud out of excitement, his power isn’t garbage! None of those extra tooth growing power, but it is the most extraordinary type of all: mystery descent! Bought with only 10,000 GC, he thought what he got was some random crap power yet it actually allowed Han to become one of the rarest Mystery descent? Holy crap, that’s like winning the jackpot!

On dark net, Han read up on a few posts related to esper and the different powers. Presently, all the powers are categorized into different descents, like Fire descent, Thunder descent, strength descent, etc. But not all powers are that self-explanatory, there are some power out there that are just as fearsome and powerful but very hard to comprehend, and these powers that no one understands were all classified as mystery descents. They probably account for the smallest population among all types of descents, you could say it’s a ratio of 1:10,000 and Han was actually lucky enough to get this mystery descent power called Dark Void.

Who’s going to believe it, a worthless piece of rock that cost only 10,000 GC give Han such unbelievable power!

Now that he thought about it, it’s very possible that because mystery descent’s power crystal is so rare, not even the experts that sell power crystals can tell the difference between those dark mystery descent crystals and random black crystals… How unfortunate, selling the rarest treasure at the price of garbage.

The crystal that Han absorbed has a very profound black color, completely opaque, very different from other crystals.


Just when Han was busy being excited, he realized that he already got transported to a very strange place, at the center of the circular public square stands a monument, and it says Galactic Pressure Exam Centre. On the four sides are all teleporting gates that are 6 meters tall, and on the public square a lot of people enters the gates from time to time, and there are also people socializing.

Han noticed that the quartzite flooring gives a unique feeling when he stepped on it. As well, there was a blue sky with white clouds and a crowd of birdies flying. Then as Han’s gaze moved around him, he saw that most of the people in the public square had a small screen beside them. Wherever the person goes, the screen follows, displaying everyone’s passport ID, nationality, level, current score and other information.

Han realized, this was a virtual world. In simple words, virtual worlds extracts all vital information and characteristics about a person and creates an exact replica on the main computer. The environment and such are also virtually generated, that way no one will be able to get hurt in a battle.

Of course, it’s still not absolutely safe, if an esper’s level and control are both low, then as soon as the brain receives an enormous amount of data, the brain can become easily damaged, even to the point of causing you to become a vegetable.

“You are only a beginner esper?” Suddenly, Han heard a surprised voice behind him.

He turned around and saw the bald monk that was doing push-ups in the living room. He had a whole body of muscles, probably 27 or 28 years old. He’s very distinguishable due to the fact that he’s bald and it’s very shiny.

Han was a bit embarrassed, “Yep, my name is Han Lang, Lang as in the character homeless (same Chinese word). This is my first time doing an assessment, how should I call you? Oh, and also, how do we get assessed in this pressure exam?

“Just call me Monk.” The bald guy was very surprised, “Who told you to do your assessment here?”

“Cheng Zhong.”

“Are you very close with him?”

“Not really, met him in the elevator… I was going to the 17th floor but Cheng Zhong said the assessment is on the 18th, so he brought me here.”

“17th floor? So you actually came here to register as an esper and the assessment you are meant to do is the Initial Power Assessment and not the pressure exam?”

Han was shocked for a bit, and responded hastily, “Ya, I just want to register as an esper, get a galactic passport on the way, but somehow I ended up here. I still don’t get the difference between this pressure exam and the Initial Power Assessment… But I do see that everyone around us are from other planets, and it’s just you and me that are from Earth.”

The monk showed a bitter smile, patted himself on his bald head, and said with a bit of pity in his voice, “You got trolled hard by that stupid fatty. Let me put it this way, the Initial Power Assessment checks to see if you have any super power and what type of power. But here is the preliminary round of the Galactic Meet Competition, attended by the top soldiers from all of galaxy, to fight for a spot at the Galactic Meet. A rookie like you coming straight onto the battlefield, you didn’t just screw up. You screwed up hard.”


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Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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