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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Strongest Man on Earth

Chapter 76: Strongest Man on Earth

#1 Practice Room in Training camp.

Pathless was shocked for a while before recovering, and he asked Han, “Comparing to the time in pressure exam, comparing your dark fist from then and now, how is the strength?”

Han recalled for a moment, and said, “Somewhat similar, the only problem is whether I can accurately hit the enemy’s vital. As long as I hit the opponent, no one can get up.”

Pathless nodded and said, “It seems like the strength bestowed by that half of the Heart of Darkness finally stabilized in your body, so it’s not a question of the purity of dark forces, but the complex changes that comes after you use your dark force.”


“Yes, look at this piece of memory metal. It doesn’t look like something that was hit by a fist, but rather like it was torn apart by the bite of a monster. When your power hits it, the dark energy began to radiate in random patterns. It’s like placing a bomb into the enemy’s body and then detonating it, causing a powerful strength that tears everything apart.” Pathless expressed his judgement confidently.

Han suddenly came to a realization, “Now I understand a little now, it’s like a powerful drill, the drill itself cannot piece the metal, but the drill rotates, and under high speed spinning it is able to crush the hardest metal.”

Pathless laughed, “Something like that. Anyway, after you punch, the dark energy will radiate and tear your opponent apart, and that’s what’s most frightening. As for the damage of the combat suit, it’s normal. When you use excessive force your dark power will also impact the combat uniform too, so the black Kylin that protected your right arm portion will also get torn to pieces.”

Han was a bit speechless, “Then what do I do? In such a short time I already destroyed two combat suits, that’s all money!”

Pathless gave Han the white eye, “What can I do? You might as well can just keep wearing that black Kylin suit, it’s just missing its right arm portion, but the other part of the suit is still functioning. Just that pitiful amount of money that you have, it won’t even be enough to pay for all the knowledge I’m passing on to you. Don’t tell me you are even thinking about buying Ares-class equipment. Also, Ares-class equipment is not something you can get just with money, you also need to have enough relations.”

Han was speechless, after every battle he will damage a combat suit. The cost was too high. No wonder they say that being a soldier burns through money. Just keeping updated equipment was enough to make one bankrupt.

The fact was, the Silver Moon Crescent blade was already a bit dull as well, but it could still do its job.


Suddenly, a sound came from the outside of the training room. Han slightly frowned, the training room had very good sound proof walls, and if the voice could be heard even from the inside, could something be wrong?

“There seems to be a bit of a situation outside, let’s talk later.”

After finishing, Han retrieved his dark net login program, hastily stepping out of the training room and went to the window. He only saw the base in chaos, and many soldiers were in a siege battle against a dark monster. There were even battle aircrafts circling in the sky.

“Enemy attack?!”

Han was shocked for a moment, and he suddenly ran out of the camp towards the square at the center of base.

“Do not shoot! Do not shoot! Long Chuan is still in his hands!” An officer yelled at the aircraft in the sky.

An enemy that hijacked Admiral Long Chuan?

Han rushed into the crowd, only to see the man that hijacked Long Chuan was also a solider. In a General uniform, he grabbed Long Chuan in one hand, and proudly moved forward. Soldiers were scared of hurting Long Chuan, so they did not dare to attack.

“It’s vice-admiral Heinrich!” Han saw the metal plate on that man’s uniform and was very surprised.

Heinrich was a very experienced veteran in the Earth Federation, as a Strength descent esper at the intermediate 4-star level, ranked 4th highest in level on Earth, why would he suddenly hijack Long Chuan, and why did he look like a demon now?

If he didn’t see that metal plate on the chest, Han really would’ve confused Heinrich as a devil. As a Northern European Caucasian descent, Heinrich’s entire body’s skin and muscle had already become pitch black in color. As well, both of his eyes were radiating green light, muscles bulging, bursting through the seams of his uniform which had become torn and was now barely an old rag that hung on him.

The vice-admiral that was at least 2 meters tall before was now at 2.5 meters under the effect of some stimulus. Plus the drastic size change, he was like a giant tiger standing in a crowd of poodles.

“I’m the strongest man! I’m the strongest man on Earth!” He shouted as he was surrounded by thousands of people.

He stretched out his black hands, and his nails had grown to be like eagle claws.


Heinrich easily pierced Long Chuan’s shoulder with a finger, then lifted him up from the wheelchair.

“Who ever dares to come close, I will kill him!” Heinrich aligned his sharp nails with Long Chuan’s throat and he shouted.

In the Earth Federation, Long Chuan’s position was irreplaceable. Since the disappearance of Ke Lake, Long Chuan had always been the highest level esper on Earth. He was the soul of the Earth army! He was a banner that represented Earth!

Although Long Chuan was no longer as strong as he was in the past due to his illness, the soldiers still respected him. Right now, Long Chuan had blood dripping out of his mouth with his shoulder pierced. He tried to resist the pain to remain silent, and that made all the soldiers very anxious.

“Fast, out of the way! SWAT is here.”

Someone in the crowd shouted loudly, then they immediately saw several brothers from the SWAT team rush out of the crowd. They weren’t carrying any weapons, but had high-strength fiber rope prepared, intending to control Heinrich.

The SWAT team was one of the most powerful military sectors, specifically responsible for protecting dignitaries, implementing target killing and other dangerous jobs. All members were more than 35 years old, equipped with full combat experience, and are all pinnacle 3-star level espers or above.

The SWAT team were obviously extraordinary, all 6 people suddenly jumped out, attacking from both front and back, sharp executions and perfect coordination. If everything went well, within a second Heinrich will be tied down by 6 high strength ropes, and this riot will come to an end.


Heinrich also began to move, and with a speed that no one expected!

To soldiers, aside from properties such as power type, strength, and mental strength, there was also another key combat characteristic and that was reflex speed!

No one would have thought, the mutated Heinrich would actually acquire such lightning fast reflex speed. Just when the ropes were about to land on Heinrich, he actually relied on foot movement and body flipping to abruptly avoid everything!

Not only did Heinrich avoid everything, he also took advantage of how all 6 elite members of the secret service team were in the air and attacked.

It was a typical Strength descent counter attack. Heinrich clutched Long Chuan with his right hand, and just with his left arm he drew a sharp curve in the air!



Looking at those 6 members again, their bodies were sliced open in the air, blood immediately spraying out! Even the high-strength fiber ropes in their hand were also brutally broken by Heinrich.

You must know, this type of composite high-strength fiber rope can even drag down a frigate in the air, a single strand of rope can withstand up to 250 tons of pull! The power and reflex speed that Heinrich was equipped with right now has far exceeded what he should have!


“Hurry and come save them!”

The surrounding soldiers rushed up to rescue their SWAT team brothers, and Heinrich surprised attacked again! Two soldiers were kicked by Heinrich, and they were sent flying right away and disappeared in the night sky.

Everyone was shocked!

Was this still Heinrich? It was simply a titanic monster!

Killing 6 pinnacle 3 star SWAT members in the blink of an eye, his power and reflex speed should have reached 5 stars already, or even higher! What was happening?


Heinrich burst into laughter, and he excitedly shouted, “Godly pill! It really is a godly pill! Now I’m already the strongest man on Earth, who dares to stop me?!”

Lifting Long Chuan up high, Heinrich showed a grim face and shouted at Han, “Long Chuan ah, Long Chuan! We acquired our power in the same year, entered the esper administration in the same year! I was never worse than you, yet I’m always beneath you!”

“When I made it to second lieutenant you became lieutenant, but now that I’m vice-admiral and you are already admiral! As well as becoming the soul of the entire Earth army! Is that fair?!”

“When we got the Atlantic Cruiser, what would I have done to be the captain of that ship. To command that frigate and guard Earth. Unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen. Everyone unanimously elected you, and I didn’t get a single vote! Not a single vote!”

“It’s been twenty years! You were always above me! Today, I will let you see clearly! Which one of us is stronger! I am actually the strongest man on Earth! It’s me! It’s me! Not your run-down dragon!”

Heinrich roared at Long Chuan, but Long Chuan didn’t say a single word, his eyes were solemn.

All the soldiers at the scene were all extremely angry. Why did Long Chuan become like this? For himself?


He became disabled to protect Earth!

Without Han, there would already be no Long Chuan on Earth because he would’ve died long ago on the battle field!

Damn Heinrich, envy has made him irrational. He even wanted to attack the disabled Long Chuan?


“You guys get out of my way! I will bury this guy that had suppressed my entire life with my own hands!

Heinrich began taking Long Chuan out into the dark wilderness.

Although everyone was very angry, no one dared to stop him. One reason was that Heinrich was very strong, and secondly they were also worried about Long Chuan and feared to harm him.


A slightly thin silhouette flashed out of the crowd, and blocked off Heinrich’s path without hesitation.

It was Han!

To be honest, in the army, although the Tough Bone Han enjoyed a great deal of popularity, he was not someone with a powerful presence. He looked like he was an average soldier’s size but slightly skinnier. He could easily blend into a crowd.

The right arm that was hiding behind Han’s body, has already began gathering the power of darkness as Han said emotionlessly, “First, you won’t be able to leave today no matter what.”


Before Han even finished, Heinrich already became enraged, he didn’t expect that when everyone else didn’t dare to stop him, the skinny boned Han actually blocked his path.

“Just by yourself?! Even if you can deprive my abilities, so what?! Strength descent espers have always been your counter! Go to hell!”

Heinrich never really though Han could be his opponent. Everyone knew that the Void End can unreasonably take away others’ power, but it was only limited to esper powers so it still had vulnerabilities.

For a strength descent like Heinrich, what’s the difference between having their power taken away? It was close combat either way.

So, Void end could only place Han and all his enemies on a level battlefield and any powerful ability users couldn’t even think about having any advantage over Han. However, in this scenario, if Han wants to win, he will still have to rely on his fist and fighting will.

At this moment, Han faced Heinrich, so obviously Han’s power couldn’t put Heinrich in any disadvantage because he originally didn’t have any fancy powerful abilities.


“Han, run!”

Heinrich didn’t say anything, and went straight for a punch targeting Han’s head!

After taking the Nightmare toxin, Heinrich’s power and reflex speed were strong and fast enough for him to lunge towards Han at an explosive speed! Far exceeding the capacity of his own level!

Moreover, Han was just wearing a normal tracksuit, and his right arm sleeve was also torn apart, providing absolutely no protection. If this punch landed on Han, it would be impossible for him to withstand it!

But just between milliseconds, Han’s shadow also moved.

Heinrich’s tactical moves emphasized speed and also strong force and powerful strength, but Han’s counter attack emphasized weird angles that went beyond conventional ways!

Nobody knew how Han did it, but his body was twisting in an incredible way, and his right fist quietly extended from his back.

The Han that never learned any formal fighting techniques, used very unconventional moves. As now, his whole person was floating in the air with his body curving like a ribbonfish.


Heinrich’s fist whistled past Han’s head. It was dodged perfectly by Han, but that right fist that Han hid behind him fell on Heinrich’s abdomen.

A seemingly innocuous punch, actually displayed the brutal power of darkness that defied all principles!

Darkness descent, Dark Fist!


Heinrich’s muscular body began to explode from his abdomen! It was getting torn apart inch by inch by the power of darkness!

Bones attached to organs flew into the dark night!

One punch!

Han killed Heinrich with only one punch and ended the battle!

Until moments before dying, Heinrich’s eyes were still wide open, and he could not believe that someone could shatter his body that was even harder than steel, with just one punch!

Han landed on one hand, then he did another unconventional flip and stood up straight.

“Secondly, you will never be the strongest man on Earth.”

Han put up the finger towards Heinrich, and said lightly.

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Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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