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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 241

Chapter 202: Tracking Star Squirrel.

Chapter 202: Tracking Star Squirrel.

In the camp, whether the news was good or bad, it always spreads quickly.

By evening, almost everyone heard about the fierce battle between Han and the Violent Grappler.

The events of the fight were described vividly. If anyone wanted, one could even watch a replay. The dark net council even provided this kind of service.

But what people were discussing was Han’s attitude towards fusion beasts.

When people talked about Han, they all used the word master to describe him. As for the fusion beast made by Han, it was also described as a masterpiece, fused with the master’s blood and sweat.

As a result, Han’s reputation in the camp suddenly became unparalleled and, as a result, more people came to ask for fusion beasts.

As for the genetic biology expert’s ranking side of things, since the Violent Grappler placed all of his points to gamble with Han and then lost, Han’s score leaped to number one immediately.

It was not difficult to predict but with Han’s personality, now that his score was this high, he probably wouldn’t be battling again because the score was high enough to help him pass the selection.

At the camp, the population had become smaller and smaller, from the initial one hundred thousand or so, to not even 20 thousand now.

Some people died in battle, yet more were taken away by the dark guards.

Han saw many times people getting pushed into the dark guard’s star ships. As for whether they were killed or imprisoned, Han was not too sure.

At night, Faint Blue Moonlight came to see Han. Don’t know how he got the news that Han was going to Universe Valley, but he volunteered to go with him and protect him.

Han’s true profession was a soldier so he actually didn’t need anyone to protect him, but he couldn’t refuse Faint Blue Moonlight. He had just gotten back from the battlefield, with his clothes still covered in dust but he came nonstop to Han’s tent. Obviously he saw Han as a real friend.

“Okay, then tomorrow my ass will be in your and Black Tower’s hands. I have some pills here for you, take one every night before you go to sleep.” Han nodded and gave Faint Blue Moonlight some pills he formulated himself, which was a weakened version of the fission energy pills. At the very least, it won’t harm their bodies if they took them.

“You also understand pharmacology?” Faint Blue Moonlight was a bit surprised.

“They were traded from other people.” Han smiled and said, “Us people that do technology has this privilege to trade our products.”

The next morning, when the agreed time came, Black Tower and Faint Blue Moonlight both came to Han’s tent.

Han also divided some drugs to them both, all weakened forms of his toxic medicines. Since Han had high tolerance to toxins, if the drugs he used were given to Faint Blue and Black Tower, they would die for sure.

The three of them came to a tent in the center, and there were a few star gates inside, known as fixed jump portals.

At the moment, there were many people in the tent. The soldiers wanted to take advantage of their days off, so they finally got together to go gather some valuable goods in Universe Valley. All of this was so that they could then come back to find pharmacists to exchange for drugs, or trade for fusion beasts and weapons or other goods.

There were also technical professionals like Han who had found some soldiers to accompany them to personally visit Universe Valley to find things they needed.

In short, the magical Universe Valley now became very popular. The people in camp would always visit it whenever they had time.

Black Tower pointed at the holographic map and said, “Wind Speaker you see, this is the structure of Universe Valley. In addition to the known locations, there are still large unknown areas full of danger.”

“We better cut in at this landing point, the star gate near the swamp area. The original material of the flying crocodile that many people asked you to make were harvested from here.”

Han nodded, “Okay, you are responsible for leading the way, us two will follow you.”


Black tower raised his head up, pulled out two axes and placed them on the sides of his waists. He then took Han and Faint Blue Moonlight to the star gate to teleport to the star crocodile swamp.

Some time ago, this route was actually very popular because many people wanted to get a flying crocodile from Han, but the trend was almost over, so the route to star crocodile swamp only had a few people lining up.


The star gate flashed, then Han and the other two came to the edge of this swamp, on top of a high post.

Looking around, the large stinky swamp was full of all kinds of nasty mosquitoes. Amongst the clumps of aquatic bushes, laid the horrifying star crocodiles. In the sky, there were star vultures and other bird species, and they fed off the animals that died from being trapped in the swamp.

Han pulled out a tube of ointment and told everyone to rub some onto their neck, that way the annoying mosquitoes and bugs wouldn’t bother them anymore. Although these insects can’t do harm to esper soldiers at all, their existence alone was annoying.

Black Tower said, “I inadvertently found a way through the swamp. Now we will go along this way. On the other side of the swamp is a strange golden forest, you must be extremely careful and stay between Faint Blue and I. Let us take care of any danger that comes up.”

Han didn’t say anything, he just released the Demon Claw and then relaxingly sat on the Demon Claw’s head.

Faint Blue muttered, “Similar, too similar. That friend of mine also likes to use claw beasts, it’s just his is not as high level as yours.”

Han didn’t mind, waved his hand and gestured to move.

In fact, with Han’s intelligence, he already guessed that Faint Blue actually did know him in real life. It’s just that Han has always been cautious. Even though he was almost certain, he still wouldn’t speak out. After all, the founder of the dark net told everyone to hide their identities from each other, and in the state of uncertainty, Han didn’t really want to break this rule.

The path discovered by Black Tower was hidden in the water, the black muddy water was up to knee height, but under their feet were solid rocks. It was as if someone deliberately threw those rocks into the water and paved this invisible but safe route.

The star beasts in the air and star crocodiles in the water would attack them from time to time, but Faint Blue and Black Tower’s combat power were clearly very high. Not even waiting for the beasts to get close, Black Tower would charge and kill them with one axe. Then, other crocodiles would eat their fallen companion’s body.

Han carefully observed those two’s performance in battle. Black Tower was actually a power descent esper, which pleasantly surprised Han.

Power descent was the most common type among all powers, but it was also the hardest ones to improve. Thinking about before, warlord Ma Jingkong was power descent, and Han could clearly remember how strong his attack power was.

Lower level power descent espers were pretty common, but as soon as one reached warlord level, then that would be awe-inspiring, capable of smashing moons with one fist. The destructive power was simple amazing.

Black Tower was already at the Quasi-warlord level. If one day he could become a warlord, people will definitely look up to him.

As for Faint Blue Moonlight, he was very special. Han couldn’t see what his power was because he rarely attacked. But, the moment he attacked, regardless of distance, the enemies would be killed in one shot.

He used a dagger with a thin thread attached. He throws the dagger out, accurately planting it between the eyes of the star crocodile into its brain, and then using the thread to retrieve it.

It could be seen, Faint Blue really liked how he described himself: very skilled at killing but not liking it. Such accurate killing techniques allowed Han to be more sure of Faint Blue’s identity in the real world.

After making enough observation, Han felt that he has a sufficient understanding of Faint Blue and Black Tower, so he smiled and said to them, “This is too slow, I will take you guys.”

Right after he finished, Demon Claw used one claw for each, grabbing Faint Blue and Black Tower, hanging them in the air, and then started charging forward with its other giant claws at an incredible speed.

If people watched them that didn’t know about the path hidden in the swamp, they would think that the Demon Claw was like Jesus sprinting on water, making large splashes and accelerating like a speedboat. Under half an hour, the group left the swamp far behind and came to the golden pine forest mentioned by Black Tower.

“This place is infested with snakes, be careful. The place where I encountered the strange squirrel is up ahead, in the region between those two mountains.” Black Tower pointed to the front and said.

Han nodded, urging the Demon Claw to keep going, and soon they arrived at the cold region mentioned by Black Tower. The golden pine forest merged with a black pine forest here, forming a clear diving line, one side was golden and one side was black, with the two sides being mountains.

Han told the Demon Claw to put down Black Tower and Faint Blue, and Black Tower took the two to the place he found the python’s body last time. They only saw that the hundred-meter-long star python was already left with only bones from being eaten by ants. The star python’s head had a circular hole drilled in the center, and that was where the little squirrel took out star python’s brain from.

“Look, this is the star python I was talking about. It would’ve been nice if you guys could see its skin, oval-shaped pattern, it belonged to the highest tier among star pythons.”

“Behind us, there are many small-sized golden star snakes. These things are poisonous and they hide inside the forest, which makes them very hard to notice. But if we keep on moving forward, it will be this kind of large star pythons’ territory. There’s also a swamp in the front, but it’s a lot smaller than the one we just crossed. I remember there’s also another lake in front of us too.”

“I am certain, that little squirrel that can turn invisible lives in this area, but the only question is how can we find it. After all, that thing is really too small and it’s also good at hiding.” Black Tower said.

Faint Blue thought for a moment and said, “Let me do it. I have a tracking technique. Give that ball of squirrel fur to me, after I smell the scent, I will be able to find its hiding spot.”

Han nodded and gave the ball of fur to him. Faint Blue carefully smelled it, and then whispered, “The scent is very light, but no problem. Come with me!”


The team quickly went into the black forest with Faint Blue at the front, Han in the middle, and Black Tower covering rear.

They turned a few laps in the forest. Although Faint Blue didn’t show anything, but he clearly began to appear impatient. Han knew that Faint Blue was circling around the same place. That squirrel was very cunning, knowing to use smell to confuse enemies.

“We won’t get anywhere like this.” Han thought, and then closed his right eye.

When he opened his eye again, the right eye already turned pitch black.

“Eye of Darkness, open!”

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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