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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 227

Chapter 192: Path of God! Demon! Devil! (Part Two)

Chapter 192: Path of God! Demon! Devil! (Part Two)

With Han’s learning speed, it actually really took him 3 days and nights to fully understand the techniques behind this Path, and as to when he could master this technique and make it his final ultimate attack, no one knew.

Han had been consistently making jaw-dropping progress, completely beating the vast majority of geniuses, but he was still shocked by the difficulty of the Path of God. Not mentioning the technical side of this technique, just the atmosphere and force one needed to generate to perform this technique was stupidly difficult.

Han felt that he went back to the beginning of learning Six Paths of Void again, at that time, Pathless taught Han a set of martial arts, and then told him to quickly forget it.

In comparison, the Path of God had different techniques but the same essence, and by the end of the practice, Han just had one thought left: if one wanted to use Path of God, one must first have spirit of a god that’s descending into the human world!

Use that spirit and force to trigger the techniques, thus performing the final ultimate, and that was the real Path of God!

This practice room also had a transparent window, Wuyun and Night Walker never left and just watched from outside.

Night Walker slightly nodded and said, “Although Han has amazing talent and both the Void techniques and the first 3 Paths didn’t stump him, the Path of God is finally letting him feel the pain. Hopefully he can persevere and grasp it as soon as possible.”

Wuyun said in disagreement, “Huh! Han’s in pain? Look at how happily focused he is. And look at the old monster Pathless, doesn’t he always get exhausted with his body covered in sweat with that move? Since using it once himself will exhaust him, it’s normal that Han feels its difficult.”

“Besides, why does he have to study some forbidden ding dong from Pathless? What’s bad about following me and studying fusion beasts? I don’t even have to move during fights, just need to toss out my fusion beasts, regardless of what kind of monsters or demons, they will eliminate them all.”

“Unlike Pathless, going onto the battlefield himself, he’s probably going to die from exhaustion before killing the enemy.”

Night Walker looked at Wuyun, “Following that logic, wouldn’t it be easier to study pharmacology with me? Just need to toss the poisonous stuff into the air, enemies will instantly die, you don’t even need a minute.”

Wuyun laughed, patted Night Walker on the shoulder and smiled bitterly, “That’s just us fantasizing. I can see, in the end, Han just likes learning martial art, our techniques are just for him to play around with, it won’t be the foundation of his life.”

“This time I prepared some notes for Han again to let him take a look when he has time, and just let him play it an extent he wants to. In terms of training, we can’t compare with Pathless.”

Night Walker had quite some mixed feelings, he pouted his mouth and said, “What the hell, among the three of us, Pathless is obviously the most stupid one. Even his way of killing is the stupidest, and he also does that level of training, always exhausting himself to half-dead.”

“Our life is fairly easy, get some poison, let out some beasts, and all the enemies are taken care of. But Han just doesn’t like to learn that. Maybe it is really what you said, prepare some notes and let Han self-learn is probably the best method.”

“I also prepared a pile of notes for him. If he can learn it all, he can probably reach 90% of my level.”

Wuyun laughed and said, “We really thought about the same thing. Can’t deny it, Han still had some influence on us. If it wasn’t because of that little brat, I would be too lazy to organize the research notes, but if I didn’t organize it, then my whole lifetime of experience would just end with me and not get passed along.”

“Now it’s pretty good, although Han doesn’t really like to study our crafts, but at least we technically handed out lifetime research experience down to someone else, so if we die one day, we can rest in peace.”

*Knock on wood*

“Shut up!” Hostility appeared on Night Walker’s face, “You are the one that will die, I’m different from you two idiots, I have a wife and kid! Maybe my daughter will get married in the next two years and I can still get a grandkid.”

Wuyun let out a long breath, with an indifferent look he said, “Hopefully. But don’t forget, we are both addicts, you’ve studied poison for so many years, problems have rooted in your body a long time ago. Pathless trained with his life on the line for that many years, his body is already covered with hidden injuries.”

“You don’t have to deny it, ever since encountering Han, our character and lifestyle changed too much, because we all know that our end is not too far away, can’t help it that we were so obsessed for our whole life and even went to that place, leaving behind hidden injuries”

Night Walker hesitated for a second, and then a faint touch of sadness crossed his eyes.

The atmosphere was beginning to become heavy, and at that moment Han and Pathless finally left the training room.

“This is the information disc of everything on the 6 Paths of the Void, this is as far as I can take you. After all, even I haven’t grasped the last two Paths, so I can’t demonstrate to you and be your model. If you want to learn it, you just have to transfer the data into your head, and then you can figure things out yourself.” Pathless said a little helplessly and handed a data disc to Han.

Wuyun gave Han a pile of messy notes, and in comparison, Night Walker’s notes are a lot neater, they are even categorized and labeled. It can clearly be seen who’s character resulted in which habits.

“Take it, I originally thought you little brat would live here a bit longer, but who knew you would be all over the place. Don’t lose these notes, these are Night Walker and my lifetime hard work, video chat us if there’s something you don’t understand.” Wuyun said.

Han carefully stored away these precious notes, and said with a little embarrassed, “You three are supposedly my teacher and I should really have prepared you guys some gifts, but I’m really a bit busy, there are still a lot of things on Earth that’s waiting for me to take care. I also plan on checking out the Dark Net Meet. Oh right, are you going?”

Wuyun waved his hand, “Gifts? Who you think we are? Us Demon Thief 3 Addicts aren’t interested! As for the Dark Net Meet, we don’t want to go and waste out time. In our fields we are already top tier elites, we don’t need to learn from others.”

Pathless said with a straight face, “Han, don’t listen to this crazy old man bullsh*t. We don’t want to go because we don’t want to run into our enemies. I predict that only a few people from the Oblivion Realm would go. After all we were all kicked out from the Milky Way, and there’s a risk of seeing familiar faces.”

“Enemies?” Han hesitated then suddenly came to a realization, “No wonder, the Protector knows so many elites, but only gave me the task to look for Prophet Joel, so it turned out that you all aren’t free to go to the Dark Net Meet.”

“You are looking for Joel?” Night Walker shook his head cautiously, “Although this is something arranged by the Protector, you must still be careful. In the Milky Way, it’s not just the Protector that’s looking for him, there are also a lot of people that want to find him.”

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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