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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 225

Chapter 191: Duo-Horse Galaxy (Part Two)

Chapter 191: Duo-Horse Galaxy (Part Two)

“This is what I cannot figure out. Three months ago, I decided to activate the butterfly operation. The migration fleet just passed through the long natural wormhole, arrive at the Duo-Horse galaxy, and the dark net was already accessible. So far, all the communication I’ve had with the fleet was done over the dark net.”

“This is really incredible.” Han sat back down onto the sofa, his brain quickly processed as he mumbled himself.

“Do you still remember what I told you, about the friend that told me that the Milky Way will go extinct?” The Protector asked.

“I do, you didn’t trust his prediction and that’s why you invented the vector algorithm model.” Han said.

“Correct, that prophetic friend of mine, he had been a loyal supporter of the dark net. People like you and me all treated the dark net as a tool and used it as a platform, but to him, the dark net is his life.” The Protector deepened his voice and said.

Han became a bit puzzled, “Treated the dark net as his own life? Isn’t the biggest function of the dark net to provide information and transactions? Speaking of the dark net, I can be considered a senior user and I know a lot of addresses others can’t find, but to me, the biggest function of those addresses were nothing more than looking up information and trading goods and services.”

The Protector replied, “That’s why I said, that friend is a bit different than us, he seems to think that the virtual world of the dark net is…”

“Never mind.” Speaking of that, the Protector seemed to have something on his mind. He no longer talked about his friend and simply said, “Anyways, he just feels differently towards the dark net than us. I don’t know the details either.”

This was a long natural wormhole, and going through it took an entire 72 hours.

But everything was worth it. After 72 hours of waiting, Han finally came to the new home for the people from Earth, the Duo-Horse galaxy.

As a giant resource-rich galaxy like the Milky Way, the Duo-Horse galaxy wasn’t like a whirlpool like the Milky Way, but more like two giant running horses with their head colliding with each other, their bodies strong and vigorous.

“Look, this is the Duo-Horse Galaxy, and it’s 160,000 light years in diameter, even longer than the Milky Way. Of course, this is because of the fact that the Duo-Horse Galaxy is relatively more dispersed, and in terms of the number of planets, the Duo-Horse Galaxy is only 40% the size of the Milky Way.” The Protector pointed at the dazzling Galaxy and said.

Han smiled, the active radar displayed that there were already starship movement at a few star systems near the landing point, and the large fleet amongst them was Han’s big robot army, the 450 thousand robots that followed Raksha.

“What you have talked about before.” Han recited.

The Protector calmly replied, “I understand what you mean, anyone from the Oblivion Realm that’s willing to follow me here must bear the responsibility of guiding the immigrants, including your three teachers.”

“The Duo-Horse galaxy areas around the natural wormhole’s entrance will be developed first. By that time, a lot of teaching facilities will open up, your immigrants from Earth and also immigrants from other parts of the galaxy can all select the best young students to follow the teachers from the Oblivion Realm and study.”

Han was very happy, “Then I have to thank you in advance. You know as well, Earth is a very small and underdeveloped planet. In the past, we had selected many young people to go around the Milky Way finding teachers, but unfortunately the results were very limited.”

“The people under your hand are all pioneers and masters of their field, as the old sayings goes, skilled students come from famous teachers, the young people can follow these kind of teachers to study, I’m very happy for them.”

The Protector frowned, “Did you never hear, there’s no good people in the Oblivion Realm. The majority of my followers are infamous criminals.”

Han disagreed, “I can’t be considered to be a lawful citizen, and all three teachers of mine probably aren’t considered good people either, but so what? There’s nothing wrong with skill itself, it’s all about how they are used. People that learn forbidden techniques must be killers? There’s no such logic. People that want to be murderers, regardless if they learn forbidden techniques, they will still become murderers. If someone wants to be a nice person, doesn’t matter how evil the skills he learned are, he will still be a good person.”

The Protector laughed out loud, he really liked Han’s argument.

Han took a week to arrange the construction tasks for the robots, the star system he chose was called the new solar system, which was made up of a fixed star and over hundreds of revolving planets, and amongst them, 6 were suitable for human habitation, and they were named Earth 1 to 6. (TL: very creative)

The 450 thousand robots plus 370 million learning robots, formed the most spectacular construction team for the Duo-Horse galaxy.

Han was still somewhat selfish. The Protector saw how effective and large Han’s robot army is, so he suggested to have Han to help with the construction of cities for other people.

Han agreed right away, but with one condition: these cities either had to be built in the new solar system, or built within 3 transition jumps of distance from the New Solar System.

Han’s doing so to help the people from Earth to learn easier. Those “bad” people from the Oblivion Realm were all treasures in Han’s eyes, it will be easier for the young people on Earth to study under them.

Although the immigrants to the Duo-Horse Galaxy, no matter where they came from in the Milky Way, were now one community with no discrimination, Han was still from Earth and he couldn’t be completely selfless. The Protector also understood Han’s intentions so he agreed.

After Han finished making all the arrangements, he decided to go back to the Milky Way once. There was nothing that worried Han about leaving work to the loyal robot army, so he was going to get ready to go join the dark net meet.

When bidding farewell with the Protector, the Protector specifically gave Han a sealed box, deepened his voice and said, “If you want to go, I will not stop you, but I will one favor to ask you.”

Han hesitated for a second, “Please let me know.”

“Find the Prophet Joel, give this thing to him. He’s a hardcore believers of the dark network, he will go for sure.” The Protector solemnly said.

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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