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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 190

Chapter 167: Destination – Headhunter Star System

Chapter 167: Destination – Headhunter Star System

This space station of the Ye Family’s belonged to the third generation galaxy expedition model, designed specifically as a frontline command post far away from the center of human civilization. The four large space array scanners were the most typical features of this type of space station, allowing the commander in the space station to monitor the entire battlefield situation from afar.

After the Crow-class battleship docked at the station, Han and Ye Zhonghe walked off the warship side by side, into the huge translucent porthole.

Ye Zhonghe smiled, “I didn’t notify the Miss, wanting to give her a surprise. You wouldn’t mind right?”

“Nope.” Han said plainly.

On the way to the central control room, Ye Zhonghe saw the heavily guarded hallway and couldn’t help but frown and speed up his pace.

“Miss is in a meeting and all the commanders are present. No need to inform, please enter quickly.” The soldier guarding the door quickly performed a military salute to Ye Zhonghe and said hastily. The Ancient Maple Leaf utilized a militarized management system, and the whole family itself was a huge expedition army.

Han followed Ye Zhonghe and walked into the central control room from the back. There were already dozens of people in there, and they were all high ranking commanders of the Ye Family.

Ye Weiwei sat in the center of the meeting room. Her face was still as pretty as before, but was a little more sullen.

Beside her was the old housekeeper Ye Hua, that hale and hearty old man, and there were also some more familiar faces that Han recognized. Back then they were all Ye Weiwei’s personal bodyguards, and now they all serve important positions in the family.

Ye Zhonghe very naturally went to stand together with his brothers, and everyone suddenly stopped talking when they saw Han. The creases on old man Ye Hua’s face immediately smoothed out. He gently waved at Han, and Ye Weiwei suddenly hesitated, face became flushed, eyes full of surprise and not knowing what to do.

“You guys continue; I will sit down first.” Han smiled and apologized for interrupting the conversation.

He found a chair in the corner and sat down, quietly listening to their discussion.

“It has been 72 hours, I recommend that we immediately send the fleet into the Headhunter Star System and put pressure on them!”

“Not good, not good. Master said before, we can only be nice to the aliens at the Headhunter Star System, we can’t force them. After all, those aliens have a lot of integrity. If we pressure them with force, the result can be counterproductive.”

“Counterproductive? We haven’t had news of our Master for 72 hours! Maybe Master already got controlled by those aliens, or maybe even killed!”

“That’s just your inference. Besides, with Master’s power, how could he be killed by a group of aliens?”

“Then how do you explain why there’s no news of Master in the last 72 hours?”

“The Headhunter Star System already had a wireless blocking system, and that’s a high grade signal blocking system left behind by the prehistoric civilization which our radar array cannot penetrate. If Master would like to contact us, he would have to command the ship to leave the Headhunter Star System first before he can reach us. Maybe Master felt that there’s no need, that’s why he hadn’t contacted us.”

“Your explanation is very far-stretched! It’s because the Headhunter Star System’s aliens possess powerful combat forces, that’s why we should worry about Master’s safety more!”

“Master is an experienced veteran, he commanded us before to not enter Headhunter Star Field.”

“Well! The commander is out; we must be flexible with our actions based on the situation!”

Han listened for awhile and understood what they are arguing about.

The aliens at the Headhunter Star System were those tenacious diehards in the turbid star field that Ye Zhonghe talked about. They got possession of some of the science and technology left behind by the prehistoric civilization and became an independent kingdom.

To demonstrate sincerity and goodwill, Ye Guhong traveled alone towards the Headhunter Star System to negotiate with the alien leader there. Until now, it had been 72 hours since Ye Guhong entered the Headhunter Star System, all contact and signals between them and this base were lost so his men began to worry that these aliens are up to no good.

Some people felt the need to blaze their way into the Headhunter Galaxy and rescue Ye Guhong, and there were also people believing that with Ye Guhong’s power, he would be fine and staying still was the best strategy.

Han looked at Ye Weiwei. Now she was facing enormous pressure. As Ye Guhong’s only granddaughter, it was time for her to make a decision, which was clearly something she was not very good at.


Han felt that Ye Weiwei’s situation was very pitiful, and some words that had been brewing in his head for a long time now, Han couldn’t help but blurt them out.

“We don’t need to go in the name of Ancient Maple Leaf at all.”

Although it was not loud, immediately everyone stopped talking and looked at Han who was in the corner.

Ye Hua smiled and said, “Mr. Han, I wonder if you have any suggestions?”

Ye Hua seemed to have deliberately said Han’s name, which caused the people in the room that didn’t know Han to seriously look at him. Even if they couldn’t recognize Han, his name must have been heard before, and in their minds, Han was a very special presence in the galaxy since the last Milky Way Meet.

Han had no choice but to smile and say, “I listened for awhile, it seems that on the matter of going and checking to see the Master is safe, there is no objection. It’s just that the master of the house gave orders not to charge in recklessly into the Headhunter Star System, going into the star system would be going against his wishes and it’s also very possible to trigger conflicts with the local aliens. That’s the main reason why you guys are hesitating.”

“On the way here, I heard from Ye Zhonghe that although the turbid star field is quite remote, but there are still businessmen selling goods to those indigenous aliens and also purchasing local specialties from them.”

“In the turbid star field, businessmen are welcomed by the locals. If you guys are worried about the master of Ye family, just find someone to disguise as a businessman and go to the Headhunter Star System. That way, you won’t be violating the master’s command and the conflicts with native aliens at the star system can also be avoided.”

“But what if our man gets caught when disguising as a businessman?” A commander of the Ancient Maple Leaf asked.

“Very simple, just don’t admit that the businessman is related to the Ancient Maple Leaf, then the two sides will not have any conflict.” Han said plainly, “If you guys are still worrying, you can let me go.”

The commanders all nodded, feeling that Han’s idea was really good. Spying in the name of trading was much more reliable than pressuring with their army.

At this moment, Han heard Ye Hua gently coughed.

Ye Weiwei hesitated for a second and then hastily announced, “Well, we will do according to Han’s idea. Ye Jincheng, immediately prepare a small cargo ship for commercial purpose, select the smartest crew members.”

“After everything’s ready, report to me.”

“Understand!” The commander named Ye Jincheng responded loudly.

“Very well, if there’s nothing else, the meeting is dismissed.” Ye Weiwei looked up to the ceiling and said.


The commanders exited the hall successively, and those that have seen Han before even rushed to him for hugs. It seemed that they are all very glad that Han was still alive.

Han heard that the second Ye Zhonghe stepped out of the door, he already began trumpeting the expedition journey Han went on for the Alliance, and the shock brought to the commanders were absolutely amazing. It should be known, just a year ago, Han took the champion spot at the Milky Way Meet.

And going on two A-class relic expeditions within one year?

At an age less than 20, Han already achieved so much that even this group of commanders couldn’t help but admire him.

Then, Ye Zhonghe started talking about warlord Ma Jingkong’s death outside of the door, and talked about how those expedition heroes died on the battlefield one by one, and everyone became silent.

The last one to walk out was Ye Hua. He lightly tapped Han on the shoulder, with an meaningful smile, he closed the door on his way out.

At that moment, there was only Ye Weiwei and Han left in the conference room. Ye Weiwei had a look like an awkward little girl in love. Han smiled and said, “I think you still look better in a dress. Although the black leather suit is sexy, but it’s also too mature.”

“Then I will go and change?” Ye Weiwei tentatively asked Han.

“Go, but don’t get further than 1 kilometer from me.” Han whispered.

“1 kilometer?! Within 1 kilometer I can do anything I want?!” Ye Weiwei’s serious face was forced on by the meeting, but at this moment her face became one of an excited little girl.

Han nodded. Perhaps Ye Weiwei was too excited, she actually ran over to hug Han and gave him a kiss, then blushed and ran to the back of the conference room into her office, as if afraid that Han would peek, and locked up the door.

After a bit, Ye Weiwei came out in a slightly sexy purple dress and appeared in the conference room, constantly checking herself against the reflective light of the large window.

Even the atmosphere became a lot more lightened. When Ye Weiwei took off her specially processed black leather suit, slipped off her gloves and finally exposed her white flawless skin, she achieved her long-awaited feeling of freedom.

Han quietly observed all of this. Ye Weiwei’s smile had also put Han’s mind and body at ease.

Sometimes people were like this, Ye Weiwei was that easy to be satisfied. Han could allow her to wear a dress and she would happily giggle with a bright face, and this satisfaction also influenced Han’s mood.

Bringing out a few bottles from the Ye family’s valuable wine collection, the two drank a few glasses, ate some snacks, and began chatting in soft voices. For a few hours, Ye Weiwei and Han just did these things which other people would see to be very common.

About what happened in the A-43, Han didn’t say anything because he felt that the bringing up a heavy topic at a moment like this was too unpleasant.

Ye Weiwei’s was different from other girls. This was her rare free time, so he wanted to let her continue to be free and hope that there were no worries to disturb her.

Unfortunately, Ye Hua still untimely knocked on the door. Ye Weiwei opened the door a little shyly, and then very excitedly showcased her cute dress-wearing little girl image to Ye Hua.

After praising Ye Weiwei with a few words, he said. “Ye Jincheng has finished preparing as requested.”

Han placed down the glass, stood up and said in a deep voice, “Let me go with them too, I will disguise as a businessman as well.”

“You are going too?” Ye Weiwei pouted and said reluctantly.

“Yep, I have a very important reason and I must see your grandfather, that’s why I want to personally go to the Headhunter Star System.” Han said seriously.

Unlike Ye Weiwei, Ye Hua didn’t have any objections.

He already heard a lot about Han from Ye Zhonghe, and unlike Ye Weiwei’s little girl feelings, Ye Hua was very clear that Han must see Ye Guhong because of the dark apostles, an existence that threatened all mankind in the galaxy.

This was a serious matter so Han would need to have a serious meeting with Ye Guhong.

Although the Ye Family had left the Milky Way Galaxy, but that didn’t mean that Ye Hua didn’t care about his compatriots still living in the galaxy.

So Ye Hua fully supported Han’s decision. After all, he was a man, occasionally accompanying Ye Weiwei and relaxing is excellent, but he had more important things to do.

“Miss, since Mr. Han has something important to see the old man, let’s just let him go. Very soon, Mr. Han will be back.” Ye Hua said.

Ye Weiwei, somewhat upset, returned to her office, put back on that sick and specially processed black leather suit, slipped on the black gloves and black boots.

When she returned to the conference room, she found Han was already at the door.

Looked at Ye Weiwei, Han smiled and said, “Goodbye.”


He and Ye Hua gently shut the door, left, and went to the space station’s docking module.

Ye Weiwei then uttered a long sigh, looked outside of the floor-to-ceiling window into the endless night sky.

Why were there dresses, shorts, a row of elaborately decorate small shoes and even a pair of high-heels?

Not even Ye Weiwei had the answer to this question, but she still kept these things that she couldn’t normally wear anywhere she often visited, like her bedroom, office, and her personal starship.

Perhaps she was secretly looking forward to something, or someone.


Outside of the window, a golden Beetle-class transport ship left the space station and advanced towards the Headhunter Star System.

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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