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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 184

Chapter 161: The Spiral Leading to Death!

Chapter 161: The Spiral Leading to Death!

11 days have passed since the explorers have entered the relic.

Han helplessly witnessed the people around him getting plucked away like livestock. Seeing how the path taking them out of the relic is still nowhere in sight, he inevitably felt some sadness, but he did not give up.

Taking advantage of the break, Han used a little pebble and began to scratch calculations on the ground.

“What are you calculating?” Ms. White asked in curiosity.

“Calculating the paths we took and the angles.”

Ms. White replied with a hint of surprise, “You noted down all the routes we took?”

Han hesitated for second, decided to not hide anymore, so he let out Yuan Yuan, the little robot, out of Lunar Mark.

“To be accurate, Yuan Yuan and I noted down everything. Now we are comparing our respective records to verify if my theory is right.” Han said calmly.

Every so often, Han would quietly open Lunar Mark to let Yuan Yuan to record down the trip, and then close Lunar Mark. As for Han, he would remember all the paths and angles in his heart.

Ghost Lesa smiled and said, “A robot, and it’s also artificial intelligent. Han, I must say that you are the most daring guy I know. If the Alliance finds out about this, then you will be in deep trouble.”

“F**k the Alliance! When I’m in trouble, the Alliance never helped me!” Han muttered, and with Yuan Yuan the two began studying the simple diagram they drew on the ground as others watched in curiosity.

In fact, there aren’t many people by Han’s side anymore. Earth Fairy Nie Tian hasn’t appeared in a long time, and soon after, Ice Lock Du Haiming who took over Nie Tian’s job also went missing. Now, the expedition team only has 4 people left, and they are the Lesa Riley brothers, Han, and Ms. White.

“We took a right turn here, and it was because of an encounter with the dark beasts.”

“Yes, master, and then at here, we were forced to take another turn, and the cause of was still the dark beasts. After taking two turns we started heading right again.”

“And then over here, we encountered dark beasts again?”

“That’s right, my system also recorded, that was a very fierce battle, the escape path was blocked and then a large number of dark beasts kept on charging towards us.”

“So, that caused us to take another right turn?!” Han raised his voice a bit higher and asked.

“Initially it was a left turn, but we were forced to turn back due to the dark beasts.” Yuan Yuan answered in detail.

“Oh, I see.” Han let out a long breath and placed one hand on his chin.

Ms. White frowned and asked in curiosity, “What did you find?”

“The enemy’s intention.”


“Yes, I was unable to determine in the beginning, but it had been a long time and we have encountered the dark beasts more than a hundred times. Look, every time we encounter the dark beasts, is always when we are getting off track.”

“In simple terms, we spent 10 days on a downward spiraling path, and the reason was not that we wanted to take this path, but because the dark apostle controlled the dark beasts to force us down towards the bottom of the relic.” Han gritted his teeth and said.

Now looking at the roadmap sketch pieced together by Han and Yuan Yuan, all the travelled routes in the past 10 days were all laid out in front of them. It’s a spiraling path, and every encounter with the dark beasts were marked.

A mysterious conspiracy began surfacing, every time Han was about to deviate away from the path, dark beasts would charge out to force them back onto the track, and those battle locations were no doubt outside of the helical path. But every single time they encountered dark beasts, they would be driven around, and herded deeper into this endless cavern.

“But, why does the dark apostle want to control our escape route?” Ghost Lesa asked.

Han shook his head, “Don’t know. But I do have a way to prove my theory, and that is to follow this path that the dark apostle wanted us to take. If we no longer encounter dark beasts on the way, then it means that I’m right.”

Ghost Lesa nodded his head, smiled bitterly, “I agree, since we are already in a situation of despair.”

With a cold face, Han continued, “Also, I want to set a minimum goal.”

“What do you mean?” Mad Lion Riley asked.

“If we really can’t get out of here, then we must do something with our power. If we are going to die, then I want to at least drag that dark apostle down with me! If we can’t live, then he can’t even think about leaving this place alive too!” Han said in a dead serious manner.

Everyone hesitated for a second, Han spoke the truth that nobody wanted to hear. Everyone here is doomed in this relic!

People always like to save a little feeling of luck, even Lesa and Riley held the last glimmer of hope of leaving this relic alive to deliver the message about dark apostles to the Alliance.

But, Han didn’t. He was already prepared to cut off all means of retreat and calmly welcome death!

Minimum goal, is to kill the dark apostle?!

Lesa and Riley brothers looked at Han with surprise, feeling that his figure suddenly grew tall and big, becoming more like a true warrior than anyone else!

And Ms. White just feels a little pressure on her chest. Han’s words made her short of breath and have a racing heart. This little boy that’s a dozen years younger than her actually hides such a strong male hormone, although the timing and place is awful, but Ms. White’s eyes still lit up for a moment as her heart started racing due to an inexplicable feeling of attraction.

“Nice!” Lesa who usually doesn’t talk much suddenly said loudly, “Ever since entering this relic, this plan makes me most happy!”

Mad Lion Riley nodded, “Han, tell us what we should do now.”

Han pointed at the spiraling path he drew on the ground, and said in a heavy voice, “Since the dark apostle really hope that we go all the way down to the bottom of this relic, then we will just do according to his wish.”

“After all, we are surrounded by millions of dark beasts and don’t really have any hopes of leaving here. We might as well be prepared to die and give it our all, and go check out what’s really at the bottom of the relic that the dark apostle really wants us to go and see.”

“However, we will save our energy to have our final battle there. My teacher told me, the strongest weapon a soldier has is not how many skills he has, but his life.”

“We must be prepared to die! Put our life on the line! No matter what exists at the bottom floor of this relic, we have to try to destroy it!”

“Suppose we succeed, then our death will be purposeful!”

“Suppose we fail, then we will have no regrets!”


Everyone’s face became solemn, Han’s words ignited the final frenzy inside everyone’s heart.

Hope is sometimes a deadly existence. Because of the feeling of rescue, one will not take risks because of a fear of death.

But what Han is instilling in everyone is a readiness to die! He brutally shattered the last hope of survival for everyone!

Leaving the relic and deliver important message to the Alliance? Stop dreaming! None of us can get out! We might as well fight to the death!

Murderous intention began to spread, and the hot blood of warriors began to boil!

Soldiers that can embrace death, are the most fearsome soldiers in this world! Because they have no fear inside their heart, even if they are walking towards death in big steps, they wouldn’t care!

At this time, Han started talking again, “In fact, I have some ideas, but I can’t say it because I doubt that the dark apostle might be able to hear us.”

“Then there’s no need to say it.” Ghost Lesa stood up, raised his head and said loudly, “I usually don’t believe people that are too young, but you are an exception. Suppose I have a daughter, I’m even very willing to let her marry you, because you have proved yourself to be a true man.”

Han was silent.

Demon Claw came out again, and also the six-arm star apes. Even arrogant warlord level elites like Lesa and Riley no longer resist being in these star apes’ arms. They even comfortably closed their eyes in the arms of star apes and slept.

Because Han said, everyone’s going to die here, and they must save up their last physical strength for the final battle.

The downright unpalatable energy bars were being chewed, but everyone noticed that the wax-like food is actually this delicious because eating these can bring them valuable energy.

Very soon, this valuable energy will be converted to the soldier’s final anger, fully poured onto the enemies until death.

Han sat on Demon Claw, still whispering with Yuan Yuan as if calculating something.

Ms. White who has passed the age of 30 began having a girlish innocent smile emerging on her face, secretly watching Han and Yuan Yuan.

“A true warrior, readily embraces death, daring, and also with many tricks. Sigh, it would be nice if I get to meet him sooner.” Ms. White laid in a star ape’s arms and thought quietly.

Everything went as Han expected, a whole day and night, no dark beasts appeared.

The fact proved, as long as they advance along the correct route, even if they go a little slower, the dark apostle would not drive the dark beasts to attack them.

But the moment Han and his team slightly deviates from the predetermined path, the dark beasts’ figure will appear again, issuing heavy breathing of terror.

Two days and two nights, Ms. White, Lesa and Riley were all resting, accumulating the last bit of energy.

Han was the only one being busy, he hasn’t closed his eyes for two days and two nights doing some preparation with Yuan Yuan that no one can understand.

Ms. White would watch Han secretly when she’s not tired, seeing him take out massive amount of explosive bugs Thunderbolt, and also a dark menacing crystal.

She saw Han take out two strange-looking bombs, Yuan Yuan shook his head consecutively and then Han putted them back unwillingly.

She also saw Han using a type of white string gently adjusting certain neurons inside those Armored Godly Beasts’ brain while Yuan Yuan laid on Han’s shoulder to provide UV lighting.

“He also has a lot of strange things.” Ms. White silently thought.

It has been three days, and three days and nights of continuous work made Han’s eyes fully bloodshot. But, he still look like in high spirits, and every once a while he would take some pills, and everyone knows, the pills Han took were in fact poisonous drugs.

The six-arm star apes finally stopped, because at the moment they really did arrive at the bottom of the relic. There’s no more road ahead, but…


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Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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