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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 178

Chapter 155: The Strongest Expedition Team’s Departure!

Chapter 155: The Strongest Expedition Team’s Departure!

Two months, it has been two full months.

Han had been standing at the gate from 4-star to 5-star level.

This time he didn’t rely on any external source of power, but by his own power, he wants to break that barrier and extend to a full new level!

Although Han experienced many thrilling and extreme battles, but as for leveling up, it had always been an unusually smooth journey. First he got the power crystal, then Heart of Darkness, and these powerful external source of power sent Han towards the pinnacle of level 4.

However, a man always has to learn how to grow up on his own. Han’s goal is very simple, he wants to experience what ordinary soldiers go through to level up, and also battle against the bottlenecks they too experience when trying to level up, even though he’s not ordinary at all.

As we all know, if ordinary espers want to break through the level bottleneck, the only thing they can do is to extremely increase their source power, until the source power destroys the gate that’s hindering espers from advancing and expand the zero-degree brain region hidden deep inside the brain.

It’s like Han’s facing a wall right now, and what Han needed to do is to break down that wall! Whether it’s concrete or metal, it needs to be completely leveled and destroyed, and that’s when Han can advance to the next level and become a 5-star elite!

Undercurrent Fortress, Galactic Wilderness.

Han let out a beast-like roar.

People that know Han naturally aren’t surprised, because Han had always been very crazy; and the people that don’t know Han hear this sound, they would think that Han encountered a fierce opponent is on the verge of dying.

Unyielding, never admitting defeat!

Even if it’s a path of leveling-up that should come naturally, Han would still treat it as an endless battle with death as the only way out!

Source energy began to desperately flare up within Han, and the data shows that Han’s current source power index already exceeded a million. The source power went up, but the level barrier is still not broken.

What to do?

The only option is to improve further! Force out all the energy hidden inside the zero-degree brain region! Let the turbulent force of source power repeatedly wash over until it destroys the level barrier!


The automatic drug kit popped open and Han took a golden guardian pill to protect his zero-degree brain region. The reason he can act so recklessly is also because he can count on something that others don’t have. The super anti-toxin physique allows Han to touch large amounts of drugs that other people simply not dare to, and use those drugs to protect the fragile zero-degree brain region.

Faith will move mountains to open!

Han desperately tried to improve his source power index tries after tries, allowing all source energy rush outward in an extremely violent manner!

Finally, under such cruel pressure, the barrier between levels began to loosen, and Han who was inspired by it, directly used a more ferocious push to smash that barrier into pieces.

It’s like rivers and dams. The normal practice is to chisel a few holes in the dam, and then followed by long years of time of repeated wash, the dam will eventually loosen.

But when Han discovered the dam, he went ahead and made waves of tsunami until the dam was pushed down!


The source energy finally destroyed the barrier that was stopping Han from advancing, like raging river sweeping through his entire body, conducting a thorough cleaning and scrubbing.

After the refreshment, Han’s body was incredibly enhanced, and expanding the zero-degree brain region, allowing him to fit the standards of a 5-star elite.

Until next time when Han braces himself to charge for quasi-warlord level, his physical strength and brain region won’t undergo any more changes.

This is leveling up!

A supernatural phenomenon that allows espers to go through significant changes as if being reborn!

The originally vulnerable mankind, after being reborn time and time again, will eventually become extraordinary, being able to break stars with fist!

Flap flap~

The sound of applause came from Han’s behind, Han looked back in amazement and saw an old man walking out from the shadow of the trees, pale face, no beard, even his eyebrows and hair were all scraped clean. He was dressed in a strange garb that can change color, and there’s not a single scent of life coming from him, as if he’s like a walking rock.

Felt strange, Han frowned and asked, “Who are you? How long have you been behind me? How come I didn’t notice you at all?”

The hairless old man smile and said, “You sure have a lot of questions, but that’s normal too. A lot of people also ask these questions when they first see me.”

“I’m Arthur, you certainly won’t notice me because that’s what I do for a living. If anyone can just notice me, then I wouldn’t be called the best scout in the galaxy.”

“You see, I have no beard, no eyebrows, no hair, and you won’t even be able to find the tiniest hair anywhere on my body. It’s in order to facilitate cosmetic change and hide my scent.”

“I have been here for 4 days, as long as you have been trying to break your level barrier. To be honest, I also learned a little. It’s my first time seeing someone breaking through level barrier in that kind of rough manner.”

Han puzzled and asked, “The best scout in the galaxy? Fine, your stealth ability is indeed really good, and it seems that you want something from me?”

Arthur nodded his head and said, “Ah, precisely, the Alliance found the Protector, and the Protector told me to come and get you.”

“The Protector?” Han was shocked, “Isn’t the Protector the legend that established the Oblivion Realm and the one that protects the most notorious outlaws in the galaxy? Why does he want to find me? What does the Alliance want from me too?”

Arthur calmly told Han the tragedy that took place at Qinshang Empire as well as the Alliance’s reaction.

“I think you wouldn’t want the Alliance’s men to come find you here at Undercurrent Fortress right? In that case, your robot army would be exposed to the sight of the league.” Arthur says.

Han frowned, his eyes became less friendly.

The robot army is his secret, and even the people at Undercurrent Fortress only know that Han took away all the robots, but they don’t know what these robots are used for. However, Arthur clearly knows Han’s actions.

Arthur calmly replied, “Both the Protector and I don’t care about your robots, we are different from the Alliance on this case. But, you also don’t have enough reason to reject the Alliance. The Alliance today had long been dominated by politicians blinded by self-interest. If you rebel against their will, they will use Earth to threaten you, and it won’t be a result you like to see.”

“If you have doubts for me, you can consult your three teachers.”


Han still decided to hit the road with Arthur. Arthur has a Storm-class battle cruiser, and Han’s No. Demon Claw is parked right inside this Storm-class’s warehouse while Han found Pathless and the others through the dark net.

“We don’t know what the Protector’s intention is, but we all believe him.” Pathless, Wuyun, and Night Walker all said to Han.

Pathless said in a serious manner, “If you want to survive, you better follow warlord Arthur closely. He’s the best scout in the Galaxy, equipped with surprisingly keen insights to dangers.”

“Arthur is at warlord level?” Han hesitated for a second and asked.

“Of course, many years ago Cerberus Arthur has already received the warlord title, and he’s one of the founders of the Oblivion Realm and a sincerely dedicated follower of the Protector. He must be trusted.” Night Walker said very seriously.

With that been said, Han no longer has any reason to reject Arthur’s offer. It’s just that he was a bit puzzled, why would the legendary Protector secretly pay attention to him, and before the Alliance can find him, his follower Arthur already arrived.

With a stomachful of concerns, Han and Arthur began heading towards Qinshang Empire.

After a few days, the Storm-class battle cruiser passed star sector 57, and they specially stayed outside of Earth’s orbit for a moment.

Han looked out towards the blue planet from the window, it’s like a sapphire crystal embedded in the dark universe, as beautiful as before when Han was still there.

Cerberus Arthur stood beside Han and asked in curiosity, “Don’t you want to go back and visit? We still have a few hours of spare time.”

Han slightly shook his head, pointed at his heart and said, “No need, even when I don’t see Earth, it will still be here.”

Arthur hesitated for a second and then gently nodded his head.

After a long and boring journey, finally at the 19th day after the tragedy at Iron-Cross system, they arrived at Qinshang Empire’s aerial space.

So far, the Milky Way Alliance has still kept this as a secret, and the majority of people in the galaxy still don’t know what happened in the Iron-cross system.

Inside a temporary space station, through the large panoramic window Han saw the wreckage that was the planet, with abysses everywhere. The large fire caused by the destruction of human battleships already disappeared, and in the darkness there are countless dark beasts skulking about, eager for human’s flesh and blood.

This planet is already surrounded by army reinforcements. Carriers, dreadnoughts, heavy battleships, all of their huge and dark muzzles are aligned after the fallen planet.

“We will give you 30 days of time! After 30 days, if you guys still didn’t come back, then the Alliance will use its death laser to pound this planet into dust, alongside with whatever’s in that treasure vault!” Inside the conference room, the operation commander in charge of this Hell Expedition operation, Qinshang’s 5-star admiral Paz Diais barked at the 13 expedition team members in a hoarse voice, “If you guys don’t come back in 30 days, then you will be treated to the best disco party of your life!”

No one spoke at the scene, Han curiously looked at the other 12 members that are on the team: Cerberus Arthur seemed to be indifferent with the downcast eyes, Storm Ma Jingkong were bored with a piece of paper wrapped around his index finger, Ghost Lesa is slowly drinking a glass of juice, freshly squeezed, rich in vitamins.

Without a question, this is the ultimate team, each member has a wealth of experience, super fighting strength, unique power and unusual calmness.

Except for Han, he has the lowest level on the team, and he’s also the youngest and least experienced.

Logically speaking, there’s no chance for Han to be included in such an unfathomable team, but the reality played a joke with him. Although he has the lowest level, but he’s the only one in the human history to single-handedly destroy an A-class gene factory. So accidently, the insignificant figure Han actually had the opportunity to fight side by side by these legendary level espers in the galaxy.

“Dismissed. Depart after 3 hours!” Paz Diais ordered in a deep voice.

Until after the expedition team left, Paz Diais’s left deputy handed him a final list and thoughtfully said, “I think they will succeed for sure this time, because they are all the top espers in the Milky Way Galaxy.”

Paz Diais shook his head, placed the list on the table and whispered, “Just being the best was not enough to be chosen.”

“Could there be another reason?”

“Yes, these people are not only top-tier espers, but they also have great love for the Milky Way.”

After the sentence Paz Diais left the room, and the final list handed by his assistant was forgotten on the table.

The list is written as follows:

Storm Ma Jingkong, Warlord!

Ghost Lesa, Warlord!

Cerberus Arthur, Warlord!

Mad Lion Riley, Warlord!

Ice Lock Du Haiming, Quasi-warlord!

Sage Wood Carson, Quasi-warlord!

Sound Stream Ms. White, Quasi-warlord!

Phantom Liu Gongjin, Quasi-warlord!

Longbow Wuyong, Quasi-warlord!

Pyro Rock Dance Han Xiaofeng, Quasi-warlord!

Raider Terry, Quasi-warlord!

Earth Fairy Nie Tian, Quasi-warlord!

Tough Bone Han, 5-star elite!

Sorry guys, there are 2 bonus chapters in queue and this is the regular. I forgot to let you guys know that we had family guests over for the weekend from China, and I had to be the driver for them to visit a few Ontario tourist attractions so didn’t had time to work on chapters after the Saturday release.

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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