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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 174

Chapter 151: New Governor, New Risk

Chapter 151: New Governor, New Risk


The large-caliber howitzer’s roar makes the world tremble, but in the hands of Han, this monster cannon doesn’t seem to want to stop at all, but rather continues to releases its anger in flames.




Han’s right fist repeatedly slammed on the launch button. Every time it fires, due to the huge recoil, this hundreds of tons of cannon would violently shake, not to mention the target that’s been bombarded. Under the smoke, everything all came to naught.

“Didn’t you like cannon execution?”

“I will give it to you!”

“Ruining my deal, I’m going to kill you and your eight generations of your family!”

As Han crazily fires, he also cursed out loud.

Not to mention Forin and his men that’s under fire, even those salvage worker leaders that were behind Han were shocked speechless. In comparison to Forin’s cannon execution that was meant to display to the crowd, what Han did was the real cannon execution! As long as there’s still shells inside, the attack will not stop!

After a while, the giant howitzer artillery’s loaded ammunition was completely consumed clean, Han then moved his hand away from the launch button.

Full-on attack is Han’s signature style, whether it’s using hand weapons or giant cannons, Han would always see attacking as his own option and treat killing as his only goal.

After swiftly cutting the ropes that tied up the worker leaders, Han charged into the destroyed ruins with his beasts, continue to slash enemies that are still alive. Even if they had only a slight respite, Han will not hesitate to add another cut on their body.

Behind the pile of corpse, Han saw Forin. Although in the past he is a pretty decent 5-star esper, but he has aged, and his body had been hollowed out by countless nights of wine, meat and women. Against the aggressive Han, Forin felt a chill thoroughly inside, knowing that although he has higher level but is impossible to be a match for Han.

The Armored Godly Beasts and Demon Claw’s performance is also crazy. 10 Armored Godly Beasts were enough to stomp a warlord’s manor to the ground, not to mention the garbage army in these galactic wildernesses.

In the Milky Way Galaxy, all the high-profile outlaws all went to the Oblivion Realm, so all the people that came to the galactic wilderness are all people rejected by the Oblivion Realm, including Forin. So, this massacre for Han is unhindered, and there’s no enemy strong enough to come out and stop him.

“You can’t run! My fleet is on its way back!” Forin shouted at Han with a cold face, his figure is skinny and pressed down, like a cornered rat.

Slightly smiled, Han shook his head and said, “You are wrong. I can guarantee you that out of your ships, not even a single escape pod will return.”

Forin suddenly hesitated, and then he gritted his teeth.

Han’s not lying. Yuan Yuan continued to deliver the outer space battle’s reports to Han; No. Demon Claw is a terrifying monster, as a frigate, it actually has the firepower of a battlecruiser. In the case of loss of the strongest flagship, Forin’s fleet is being slowly eaten away by No. Demon Claw, and it’s only a matter of time until the last ship is destroyed.

“I will fight you to death!” Forin roared, jumped up into the air and was about to pounce onto Han.

Maybe because he had been a tyrant for too long, just when Forin began to regain some of the elite fighter look he had in the past…

“To death? You? You aren’t qualified!”

“Path of Heaven, Sky Break Strike!”


No one really saw how Han shot down Forin in mid-air, all people at the scene saw was Han lowering his stance suddenly, then a white light was immediately followed. That’s not laser for sure, it’s Han’s forbidden art!

Level really means nothing to warriors like Han!

As early as months after gaining his power, Han’s already famous for slaying enemies stronger than him!

In this world, aside from the levels that can be seen, there are also levels that can’t be seen!

Forbidden martial art! Anti-toxin! Power of Darkness! Void Domain! All these things are hidden, but they belong to Han’s strength!

Forin’s body fell to the ground, raise a cloud of dust, and his chest was ripped open.


Han walked over, and without a word he immediately cut off Forin’s arm and took out the dimension ring on his hand.

The 4 pieces of logic chips, sure enough they are here.

Han let out a long breath, and a hint of excitement began to surface on his face.

But what Han did not expect is, after he finished Forin and want to leave Undercurrent Fortress, he was actually asked by that many people to stay.

For Undercurrent Fortress’s permanent population, the overwhelming majority are salvage workers that relies on slaving robot parts from wreckage for a living, and the rest are traders and Forin’s men.

Now among these people, Forin’s men either ran or were pounded into dust, and the workers and traders used almost a pleading tone to request Han to stay.

Lynch said in a deep voice, “Han, if you are going, then there will be another figure like Forin taking over Undercurrent Fortress, and by then we might suffer even more than when Forin is here. This is the galactic wilderness, having tough fists is the only rule here.”

“Since you’ve already taken down Undercurrent Fortress, why not be like others and self-claim the governor position instead of being insisted on leaving?”

I’ve taken down Undercurrent Fortress?

Han slightly hesitated. He was just really angry that Forin actually wanted to harm those salvage workers that are helping Han and stop Han from acquiring those important robots. Han just killed him out of rage, but as for taking down this place and become the governor, Han never considered it at all.

The representative of merchants, an elder with a goatee also advised Han, “In the galactic wilderness, the territory belongs to whoever that takes the governor down, and we are all very willing to work for you sir, and as for the tax rate you can keep it the same as when Forin was in power.”

“After all we are businessmen. If you leave after taking down Undercurrent Fortress, when the nearby governors and lords know that this place has no leader, they will for sure fight for it, and an even bigger riot and war will breakout.”

“So taking down but not accepting the leadership of Undercurrent Fortress, is equivalent to harming all the residents here.”

Han suddenly hesitated again, of course Han gets the logic. What’s most precious in the galactic wilderness are habitable planets. The moment Undercurrent Fortress becomes a place with no governor, all major forces will be for sure like flies driven to a carcass.

“Unless you have somewhere else more important to go?” The goatee elder asked tentatively.

Han gently sighed. Now that thinking about it, he really has no where else to go. He can’t go back to Earth. And that Protector guy probably won’t be happy with him doing robot stuff in the Oblivion Realm.

According to Han’s original plan, he prepared to finish assembling the mobile shipyard and mining fleet, and then take the robots to mine everywhere in the galactic wilderness to produce the very important second generation starships.

“Originally I just want to rob this guy, but I ended up being the new governor, what just happened.” Han muttered quietly to himself.

The most eccentric system in the Milky Way Galaxy, Oblivion Realm.

Planet 1, in the yard of a huge manor that belongs to the legendary Protector.

An elder is leading a group of students and looking at the wonders of the galaxy simulation that cannot be expressed in words.

Light is turned into endless stars, forming this hologram of the galaxy. The darkness that surrounds the Milky Way Galaxy is the galactic wilderness Han’s at right now, and if continue to move forward, then one can arrive to the legendary realm of death, Turbid Star Field.

This blind elder, is the so-called Protector.

Although his white eyes can’t see anything, but they are full of the light of wisdom. And that group of students of his, are also the galaxy’s top researchers.

The protector is famous, in fact, is not because of his fighting power but his wisdom.

It has been estimated before, if you want to find the top 3 wise men in the Milky Way Galaxy, Protector will be able to occupy one of that spot for sure.

But also only a few people can understand, one of the most respected wise elder in the Milky Way Galaxy, why does he want to stay in the Oblivion Realm, be on the opposite side of the powerful Milky Way Alliance to shelter some of the most notorious criminals in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The complex data is constantly being calculated. The Protector sat at the center of the hall, while hundreds of top scholars, which are also the Protector’s students, are rapidly calculating all sets of data.

Normal people will never understand, what kind of study the Protector and his students are really working on. If one wants to be able to comprehend his mysterious data model, one will need no less than 385 points in IQ and plus 30 years of hard learning.

The people that can sit here today to help the Protector do research and record data, no doubt all meet these criteria.

“Professor, the data model had significant movement, and the fluctuation originated from the galactic wilderness outside of the Milky Way, from a place named Undercurrent Fortress.” The Protector’s chief disciple Isaac frowned as he reported to the Protector.

Protector used a deep tone and asked, “Tell me what data are changed.”

“Within 10 years, the probability of destruction of the Milky Way, it increased from 82% to 83%.”

Hearing this number, even the most calm and wise man in the Milky Way Galaxy couldn’t help but frowned slightly.

“So that means, in the galactic wilderness, a demon has been born?”

Isaac quickly replied, “Not completely. Although the probability of the Milky Way’s destruction within 10 years increased 1%, but the probability of the Milky Way’s destruction within a century actually decreased from 98% to 97%.”


The tea cup inside Protector’s hand fell to the ground, making a sharp sound.

Even the wisest man is baffled by this strange change of data.

The chance of Milky Way being destroyed within a decade is increasing, but at the same time the chance of the galaxy being destroyed within a century is actually decreasing?

This doesn’t seem to make sense!

There’s something happening right now at the distant galactic wilderness, a figure is rising, and it’s actually increasing both the probability of Milky Way being destroyed and saved?

“Calculate again.” Protector ordered in a deep voice. Although he’s clearly blind, but he raised his head and looked up at the sky.

The result of the second calculation remains the same.

“Perform the third recalculation.”

The result of the third calculation still didn’t change, both the probability of destruction and salvation increased, just like before.


Protector let out a long breath, asked Isaac in a deep voice, “Do you know why I kept the most notorious criminals of the Milky Way Galaxy in the Oblivion Realm?”

Isaac said, “Professor considered that the chance of destruction of the Milky Way Galaxy is rapidly increasing, so you want to protect any power that can help humans defend against the power of darkness, regardless of them being criminals or not.”

Protector nodded, “I sheltered over tens of thousands of notorious high-profile criminals in the Milky Way Galaxy, but I was only able to lower the probability of destruction of Milky Way Galaxy by 1%. But all of a sudden, a change in the galactic wilderness actually also lowered the probability by the same amount, it makes me baffled.”

“Sent our best men there, I want to know who’s at Undercurrent Fortress, and what is he actually doing.”

“On it.”

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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