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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 160

Chapter 139: 63rd Star Sector

Chapter 139: 63rd Star Sector

There are two types of soldiers in the world, one fights with combat skills, and the other fights for his life!

Han’s steel fist hit the ground, including his own grasp of the meaning of life.

This punch, ground-breaking! Triggering the same effect as a tsunami!


Pathless saw that the practice room he just re-created collapsed again, the heavy steel and alloy plates began to shatter, the walls began collapsing, and even the very existence of this castle was buckled under the force.

And when you look at Pathless’s castle again, you will notice that the castle seemed to have been hit with a big hammer, half of it completely collapsed, it’s also like a terribly giant beast came and bit off half of the castle. While the heaven strike tore a clean hole through the entire base, this earth shatter literally disassembled half of it.

Pathless is master level, at the last moment, he took Night Walker and Wuyun to safety, and when they landed back down to the ground, they just saw Han standing in the ruins, motionlessly, like a sculpture full of a sense of power. He kept his last moment’s attack stance.

Wuyun slightly opened his mouth, as if to say something, Pathless waved, frowning, “No need to say! I will just say it, Han’s Path of Earth contained his faith, he succeeded.”


The sculptural Han stood up upright, took a deep breath, and the anger in his eyes gradually subsided, resuming his regular harmless smiley face.

“Sorry, there are somethings that gets me irrepressibly excited whenever I recall them, so my attacks are a bit out of control this time.” Han shrugged his shoulder and said to the three old men.

Pathless doesn’t really care about his castle collapsing, nor was he surprised because this isn’t the first time. When learning the Path of Heaven, Han once blew the roof with one punch, it’s just that the power was not as violent back then.

After all this is the Path of Earth that’s one level higher, when Han strikes its level of violence also increases. Who knows what terrible effect the next level will have on this poor old castle!

Night Walker didn’t care too, “It’s just a house, Old Monster doesn’t need that money too. We will just let Old Monster build a more sturdy practice room while you are gone, saves the trouble of fixing everyday.

Han hesitated for a second, pointed at himself and asked, “I’m leaving? How come I didn’t know?”

Inside Wuyun’s cave, Han saw that video that was last sent by skinner Old Mo.

They just saw Old Mo opening up the channel nervously, looked around, lowered his voice and said, “Tell you a good news, I found a magical place, I might be getting closer to my dream!”



Old Mo just said a sentence, then a few loud sounds came from the voice collection device. Old Mo’s room began to tremble as well, and things began to fall down the table.

“This planet’s crust isn’t stable, there may be an earthquake, let me go check it out.” Then, he pushed back his chair and walked out from the room.

After a few seconds the real-time communication seemed to have got cut off, the screen was full of black and white dots, and Old Mo never came back.

Han slightly frowned and asked, “When is this?”

“3 days ago, when you were in the training room.” Pathless said in a lowered voice, “We were afraid to interrupt you so we didn’t say anything.”

Han shook his head and said, “I’ve met Old Mo, he’s a very cautious man, the last time he sent my equipment to Earth, he was even reluctant to leave a starship response record. I’m guess Old Mo must have got into some trouble when he went out to check, and that caused him to not come back.”

“As for the video, the communication was probably interfered. Can you determine Old Mo’s location?”

Night Walker readily gave Han a star map with a red ink pen label at a corner.

“I asked a friend to do some investigation, I can only determine his approximate location, on the periphery area of 63rd star sector, a place very close to the galactic wilderness. But unfortunately right now we can only determine the region but not the specific planet.” Night Walker said.

Han nodded, “It’s okay, my new ship has a galaxy scanner array system installed, it can pin-point scan every planet or star. As long as he didn’t leave, I can eventually find him.”

“So you decided to go?” Wuyun asked.

Han smiled, “Isn’t that the reason you guys are here? I know you guys have difficulties and cannot leave the Oblivion Realm, but I can. Don’t worry, Old Mo is also my friend. If something really happened to him, I wouldn’t sit idly too.”

Night Walker solemnly said, “If you are going then you must be very careful. We will give you remote support and when things go wrong, ensure your own safety first.”

Han took the star map into his pocket, smiled and said, “Rest assured, if successful, I will be back soon.”


A Vulture-class frigate left from Oblivion Realm’s 8th planet, Han didn’t even test this ship yet after he got it and he already embarked on a journey to the 63rd star sector.

Prior to his ship setting sail, Han christened his ship as Demon Claw. It has no special meaning, just to celebrate the first fusion beast he ever made. Although this thing is a little silly-looking, but it’s still quite likeable. Although it can’t talk, he’s very loyal to Han.

After Wu Songlin’s modification, No. Demon Claw looks the same as a Vulture-class frigate, and even a bit older looking, as if it has sailed for a long time in the galaxy already.

But if someone opens the shell of this modified Vulture-class, he will immediate realize that this is a frigate heavily armed to the teeth! The variety of equipment onboard will be simply dazzling.

There are 63 star sectors in Milky Way, its division isn’t very equal. The strongest 12 Permanent Management members each occupy a star sector, and these sectors are not only located in the most prosperous center of Milky Way, the areas are also huge, and those 12 star sectors along occupy approximately one third of the Milky Way.

In accordance with the star sector naming rule, the smaller the number the more important is the area, and the ones ranked last are usually on the periphery of Milky Way, desolate, awash with star pirates and illegal organizations like looting groups.

The 63rd star sector and the 57th star sector are all pretty remote, in comparison 63rd has larger area but there are less habitable planets for humans, it’s more like a place where not even birds want to take a sh*t in.

According to the information obtained by Han, because 63rd star sector is remote, many unscrupulous or mysterious organizations set up their base there. Of course, there is also a large number of star pirates active there.

In the past, Milky Way has organized several large-scale siege against these illegal organizations, but unfortunately it was useless.

63rd star sector doesn’t even have a decent resident country, and its area is also large, so wanting to arrest some outlaws is no easy thing.

And since most areas of the 63rd star sector is connected to the galactic wilderness outside of Milky Way before the Alliance’s siege fleet even enter 63rd star sector, the outlaws already went to the wilderness hiding.

So, 63rd star sector is one of the most chaotic places under Milky Way Alliance’s ruling, even the 57th star sector where Earth is located although also a bit remote and connected to the wilderness, has better security than 63rd.

Even wen on board, Han’s training and learning didn’t stop. He set himself two goals, first is to practice the 46 Ensemble. Since the majority of space on No. Demon Claw as filled with weapons, there’s only a small piece of open space in the center control room. Aside from 46 Ensemble, Han can’t even think about practicing anything else.

Of course, practicing the 46 Ensemble isn’t bad either, as the foundation of all, it’s something that soldiers practice for a lifetime.

Han’s second goal is to get as much practice on starship operation as possible, meaning overriding the ship’s autopilot for a purely manual operation. For instance, if Han wants to accelerate No. Demon Claw or change direction, he has to do it actually push down the power lever and adjust the steering rudder.

Due to the prevalence of semi-intelligent auxiliary system today, there aren’t a lot of people that still use manual operation. But Han doesn’t care, he’s a beginner so he wants to learn from the very basic stuffs and familiarize himself with the over thousands of crowded console control functions.

Under normal circumstances, the long interstellar travel is tedious and very boring, but Han turned this boring voyage into training. During the 11 days of sailing, he didn’t even waste a second.

“Estimated 10 seconds before leaving wormhole.” The soft female voice of the auxiliary system reported.


No. Demon Claw completed its last wormhole transition and finally appeared at the outermost region of the 63rd star sector. This place has no name and no inhabitants, and traveling further is the immense wilderness.


Han maintained his manual operation habit, his hands quickly began typing on the center control console, adjusting the energy output of the reactor, preheating the galaxy scanning array, and opening the multi-frequency signal receiver array.

Hard work will eventually pay off, seeing how Han is freely manipulating the complex console with over thousands of control options, no one can believe that he’s just a novice.

“Galaxy scanning array running.”

“Multi-frequency signal receiver array has discovered a weak distress signal, signal amplification in progress.”

Distress signal? Someone needs rescue?

Han slightly hesitated, he just arrived in this desolate place and found help signal, this does not seem to be a good omen.

“Radar array positioning in progress.”

“Positioning successful, the signal location displayed on screen #4.”

Han looked up at a row of precisely placed screens, adjusted the hull, and then pushed the power of No. Demon Claw to the maximum.


The distance is getting closer, the screen displayed a planet that’s very weak for human survivability. It has a thin atmosphere, if humans get on the planet directly they won’t die right away, but they will be subject to cosmic radiation and the air is also not fit for breathing. Without the air for oxygen system, the lung will feel very uncomfortable.

“Starship wreckage detected, code recognition in progress.”

“Code recognition failed, beginning multi-scan identification.”

“Confirmed, the wreckage belongs to Duolun Heavy Industry’s Caracal-class industrial ship.”

“Confirmed, rescue signal was issued from this starship, whether to enter the login procedure?”

The Auxiliary system sent message again and again Han was shocked, he clearly remembered that Old Mo uses a Caracal-class industrial ship!

“Begin landing!”

“Prepare pressure tank!” Han rose from the commander chair and ordered in a deep voice.

Thank Joakim T for this awesome bonus chapter!

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

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When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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