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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 157

Chapter 137: Ghost Axe Class Carrier

Chapter 137: Ghost Axe Class Carrier

Pathless’s house, inside Han’s room.

Through a distant encrypted channel, Han saw Li Yu. No matter how far away one travels, the heart would always be thinking about home, so Han will periodically contact Earth.

“Why is it just you?” Han asked Li Yu in curiosity.

Li Yu said with a look of excitement, “Because it’s really getting busy, the flagship production line will be officially put into operation in a few days. Since you left, Long Chuan and Talin basically eats and lives at the production line.”

“Now is the most critical moment, Long Chuan and Talin want to stay back and defend, and they told me to greet you for them.”

“The production line is finally ready?! Terrific!” Han waved his fist in excitement. Every time he hears Earth’s good news, he will always feel pumped.

Li Yu nodded, took out 4 blueprints and shook in front of Han, then said in a deep tone, “Within 3 days, the production line will officially be put into operation, Long Chuan told me to seek your opinion. The four kinds of small spacecraft carriers, which one should we give priority to manufacture?”

“Hmm, I really did not expect that Earth will have too many blueprints and feel troubled about which one to use. It was simply unthinkable in the past!”

Han answered in a deep voice, “My suggestion is, expertise over comprehensive. After all, these ships are all very different in terms of structure and tactic purpose. If we manufacture all four, then the workers have to constantly change tasks which is disadvantageous for productivity. The soldiers will also have to be trained separately based on the different performance and feature of each carrier, which will be very troublesome!”

“Initially, let’s stick with just one model of an spacecraft carrier, and maximize the production efficiency and training effectiveness.”

“When we have our first fleet and no one dare to think about harassing Earth anymore, we will then consider other types of ship manufacturing.”

Li Yu nodded, “That’s what Long Chuan and I thought too. After all, what Earth needs right now is to establish itself in the Milky Way. And of course the most effective way to do that is to pull out a fleet that’s strong enough! I agree to first establish a fleet, and then specialize into different models.”

“But these four types of carriers each has its own advantage; we have to choose one.”

Han smiled and said, “I recommend the Ghost Axe model.”

“Ghost Axe?”

“That’s right, Ghost Axe class looks like an underworld war axe. Amongst the four models, Ghost Axe isn’t the strongest in defense nor does it carry the most attack drones, but it has the best overall performance.”

“Not only does Ghost Axe class carry one thousand various types of drones, it’s also loaded with a long-range cannon and equipped with a series of battleship functions. Since we don’t intend to manufacture battleships or smaller model ships like frigates, we want destroyers because we will directly send our flagship fleet, then the Ghost Axe class equipped with powerful artillery system will be very helpful in battle.”

With a sudden change in tone, Han asked, “What do you feel is the biggest feature of our flagship fleet?”

Li Yu thought for a second and said, “Firepower?”

Han answered, “It’s quantity! As long as Earth can pump out a sufficient number of flagships in the shortest time possible, no one will dare to bully our ass! This quantity doesn’t have to be higher than those owned by the 12 Permanent Management nations in Milky Way, but it need to be able to scare the crap out of countries like Sally Empire!”

“The reason I choose Ghost Axe class, it’s because it’s a very unique agility type carrier. Fast speed, simple structure, and the corresponding time needed to build it from a pile of metal is also the shortest.”

“In the same amount of time, we can use this flagship production line to manufacture a heavy spacecraft carrier, or we can also manufacture 2 Ghost Axe class agility carriers, the choice is quite straightforward right?”

Li Yu heavily nodded, “You are very right. Even though the armor on agility type carriers are a little thinner, but they are still carriers after all! They are still flagships! A few years after when we have a bunch of Ghost Axes, we will ensure that we terrorize them!”

“But having said that, brothers all miss you, when will you be back?”

Han shrugged his shoulders and said, “That would not be up to me. I’m still a wanted criminal in the galaxy right now, and if I go back I might bring trouble back home too.”

Li Yu sighed, and didn’t say any more.

Everyone knows, Han loves his home, and he’s someone that’s willing to sacrifice everything for his home. But fate is always a b*tch, the patriot Han is unable to return to his home and must wander in the outskirts of Milky Way like some purgatory.

Everything they think of it, everyone feels a bad taste in their heart. The contribution Han made for Earth, also became the power that motivates all the soldiers that are left on Earth defending it. Now, everyone on Earth puts all the enthusiasm to build the future.

Han and Li Yu chatted for a while, constantly reminded Li Yu to keep it confidential, and then Han turned off the communication channel and then started travelling to Planet #8.

After that fight with Wang Qin, Han is very set on getting himself a better ship so Pathless recommended a shipyard on Planet #8 called Pine Forest.

To be specific, the Pine Forest Shipyard is located on a moon of Planet #8, and the shipyard owns the entire moon. After reporting, Han’s shuttle landed on the airport. He looked around and saw many starships parked around waiting to be modified. Majority of them are frigates, and the larger size ones like destroyers and cruisers aren’t that common.

Han got off the shuttle, looked around and found that the vehicles parked here are all the most common models in Milky Way, such as Falcon class, Eris, Hound Class, Hummingbird Class, and so on.

“You are Han right?” A young man in blue work uniform walked towards him from the distance, he looks very humble.

Han nodded, smiled and said, “Yes, I’m Han, I called yesterday for an appointment”

The young man rubbed the oil off his hand, reached over and said, “I am Mo Xiaobei, Wu Songlin is my master, he’s in the workshop waiting for you right now.”

Han shook hands with Mo Xiaobei, and followed him towards a warehouse-style workshop.

Pine Forest (TL: Songlin’s direct translation) Shipyard is named after the ship owner, and soon Han got to meet the Wu Songlin that’s highly praised by Pathless. He’s an elderly thin old man, with a scar on his face and a pair of weird electronic eyeglasses.

Wu Songlin told Xiaobei to grab some drink over, and he himself sat down with Han beside a simple wooden table inside the warehouse. He tossed the glasses off to the side, this gadget can see through the starship’s armor layer to inspect whether the structure layer is fine.

“Is brother Pathless still okay? I heard that you guys flattened Thunder Wang Mian’s place yesterday?” Sat down, Wu Songlin started gossiping.

Han smiled bitterly, “Not us, it was teacher Pathless and the others that was able to do it, I just watched.”

“Teacher? You call Pathless teacher?” Wu Songlin suddenly hesitated and asked, “Brother Pathless agreed to take you as his disciple?”

Han immediately explained, “No, it’s just a title out of respect. But I am following and learning things from them.”

“Them? You are not only learning from Pathless, and who else? Wuyun? Night Ruin?” Wu Songlin asked in curiosity.

“A little from all of them.”


Wu Songlin’s eyes suddenly brightened up.

Mo Xiaobei brought some mineral water and also a laptop that displays various models of starships.”

Wu Songlin said, “Since you are introduced here by brother Pathless, then you are one of us, so please make yourself comfortable. Don’t know little brother Han want what kind of battleship?”

Han replied, “I will pass on the big ones. I’m only by myself so I like smaller but more agile ships. Thunder Royal Wang Qin has, or had a silver frigate, its performance is quite amazing. But I didn’t see any similar model outside.”


Heard Han say that, Wu Songlin immediately sneered and said disapprovingly, “I know that ship, Eagle Class, belongs to special convoy type. Its performance over all is so-so, Wang Qin also modified it a bit himself, it’s just okay.”

“Just okay?” Han puzzled and said, “I fought a few rounds with that ship, it’s very powerful.”

Wu Songlin and Mo Xiaobei all laughed, and Mo Xiaobei replied, “Even outsiders understand that it’s an elite tier frigate, sinking an ordinary frigate with an elite tier doesn’t prove any skill.”

Han hesitated for a second and asked, “Then what is considered skill?”

Mo Xiaobei replied, “Of course it’s when an ordinary looking frigate is able to take out an elite tier frigate! To tell you the truth, my master used to manufacture the marauder ships for outlaws.

“Marauder ships, putting it plainly, are those types that look very weak but can actually unleash far more power than warships of the same level. We won’t put too much work on the surface but we focus more on the inside.”

“Focus on the inside?” Han asked in curiosity, “For example, installing two warp disruptors and dual stagnation beams?”

Mo Xiaobei and his teacher Wu Songlin started laughing again, and Mo Xiaobei said, “We usually don’t recommend installing warp disruptors or stagnation beams, because these things can only decrease the enemy’s speed but can’t stop them from escaping using transition portals. Plus, we could have used the space for more… destructive… weapons.

“We just directly install an engine destroyer and all problems will be solved. The engine destroyer can fire high reversal magnetic waves capable of overloading and crippling engines upon lock-on, and any ships’ engine hit is immediately burned and turned into molten scrap, and they won’t be even to move another step in the sky.”

“But, engine destroyers will also do collateral damage to the people on board. In addition, even if you destroy their engine and spared the enemies’ lives after the raid, they will still have to wait for death on the ship due to immobility. So that thing in Milky Way Alliance is illegal.”

“In short, we will take an ordinary looking ship, make great efforts to change the normal equipment to the most terrifying and lethal equipment, and those ships will be called marauder ships. In addition to a strong combat power, it’s also very deceptive, because its small size tricks larger ships into thinking that it’s easy prey.”

The student and teacher Mo Xiaobei and Wu Songlin both introduced to Han the various characteristics of the marauder type starships, and Han was more shocked the more he listened.

There is really no good man in Oblivion Realm!

No wonder Pathless says that Wu Songlin specifically makes the worst starships. It turns out that it means a ship filled with equipment of the most wicked and devilish intentions.

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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