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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 153

Chapter 134: Midair Jump Kill

Chapter 134: Midair Jump Kill


In the sky, two frigates started a fierce battle. Missiles, rapid particle canons stagnation beams, induced missiles, electromagnetic shock weapons, all equipment that are able to inflict damage were all put into use this battle, creating two masses of flames in the sky!

If you look closely you will soon find this battle to be strongly one-sided.

Wang Qin’s silver frigate is well modified; its fire power is almost three times that old Falcon class frigate that carries Han!

The flames that that burst out of Wang Qin’s silver frigate quickly overwhelmed Han’s second-hand ship, the energy shield immediately failed. It has only been 30 seconds since the exchange of fire started, Han’s Falcon Class already began rapidly losing its shield and armor, the situation is at stake.

“Warning! Energy Shield depleted!”

“Warning! Armor Layer 15% lost!”

“Warning! Armor Layer 37% lost!”

“Warning! Armor Layer critical! Eject now!”

The shrill warning tone was constantly going off, Han started directly at the front in the cockpit, his eyes were bloodshot.

Wang Qin, if it wasn’t because of Wuyun repeatedly asked Han to let it go, with Han’s character, how could Han let him stay alive until today?!

But now, not only did Wang Qin appear again, launched a surprised attack, and even deliberately adjusted the position of the ship so that the two ships are facing head to head with only about a hundred meters apart.

Han could clearly see Wang Qin laughing out loud on the opposite warship, standing beside another slightly taller man in 30s making playful expressions.


He put out his fist, and made a thumb-down gesture to Han.

In Milky Way, this gesture means vicious intent, meaning that the other party want to kill you!

What’s rather strange is, being deep inside the nearly fallen warship, Han’s eyes remained firm and resolute, he even let out a deep breath, gritted his teeth, as if meditating in battle.

“Warning! Armor Layer destroyed!”

“Warning! Structure Layer began to lose defense, battleship about to crash! About to crash!”

The structure layer is the final defense layer of a battleship, once the energy shield and armor layer is destroyed, the structure layer is everything the ship has left to tank the attacks!

If even the structure layer is destroyed, then the battleship will immediately turn into a mass of flame in the air, the enemy’s attack will detonate the controlled fusion reactor, transition engine, and anything that can be detonated!

So, the so called starship battle, is usually much more brutal then just two espers fighting to the death. When one loses the battle between man and man, at most it’s death. But if you lose a starship battle, the violent explosion will completely destroy everything on board! All bones will be gone!


That’s the result Wang Qin wants to see!

He used a starship that’s multiple times more advance than Han’s Falcon class, seize him, open fire, just waited to see Han get shredded by the explosion!

Just at that moment, just when Han’s Falcon Class frigate’s structure layer is already damaged and when the ship is going to explode.

The firepower control system issued a long-awaited voice for Han!

“Successfully destroyed enemy’s energy shield!”


“Demon Claw!”

The next second, Han suddenly retreated a few steps, face grim, shouted.

That’s right, that’s the opportunity Han had been waiting for!

He turned off the engine, directed all the energy and power into the firepower system, it’s all to destroy the enemy’s shield!

But this situation is also very sad. His own ship is about to have its structure layer destroyed, and Han was only able to just break the enemy’s first line of defense.

Han just issued his command, and the Demon Claw that was calmly squatting on the ground jumped right off the ground and climbed to the large observation deck at the front of the frigate. At the same time, Han already began to accelerate in the cabin, exerting full force into his legs like a sprinter and his whole body burst out from the ship!


It’s a scene that no one expected, Demon Claw used its powerful claws and instantly shattered the front viewing window.

Next second, Han has already sprinted to near the window, leaped at full strength and burst out of the window!

The Wang Qin and Wang Yue on the opposing ship was suddenly shocked. Demon Claw can crush the sturdy front observation window; they can understand that. After all, Demon’s Claw’s powerful claw has a sharp point that can concentrate all force to one area.

But what is Han doing jumping out of the ship? It’s almost 2000 meters above the ground, even if he lands on the ground, he will still die.

And at the next moment, Wang Qin and Wang Yue’s face became pale!

Because they realized that Han’s not trying to escape, he’s charging!


Demon Claw and its master jumped one after another. Demon Claw’s jumping ability is stronger than Han’s. so although Demon Claw jumped late but he soon reached Han in the air, and gave a full thrust beneath Han’s feet!


The acceleration came just in time! Han suddenly burst out like a cannon ball!

Dark descent! Dark Fist!

In the air, Han waved his powerful right fist, pushing all the power of the dark heart to the right arm as he rapidly approached Wang Qin’s silver frigate!

So this is Han’s tactic!

Since he’s ship is no longer useful, then he will just it to launch him, use his Dark Fist!

Wang Qin and Wang Yuan were all stunned!

This madman Han, he actually wants to take down their ship with his steel fist!

Who has ever seen soldiers jumping out of starships to replace missiles with fists?!

Unfortunately, they don’t know Han, and Han’s never stupid!

The reason he dares to do this, of course is because he has something he can rely on!

First, Wang Qin’s silver frigate no longer has the outermost layer of defense, at the cost of giving up mobility, Han focused all the energy on the firepower system just to rip apart enemy’s energy defense!

Secondly, Wang Qin is too arrogant, he dares to park the starship to only 100 meters away from Han, that’s simply seeking death! Faced with this mad dog Han, one must not give him any chance to close in!

Thirdly, although Han’s Dark Fist is not a missile, but it’s more ferocious than a missile! It contains the power of the Dark King, the one that once brought chaos to the entire Milky Way!

Suddenly, Han pounced onto the ship!

He used the mid-air double jump tactic! Han’s original tactics are good enough to be included into textbooks, it’s a classic strategy of fighter cooperating with fusion beasts!

Han used his own body and rushed to Wang Qin’s ship, then used his full power and smashed down his fist!


Dark descent, Dark Fist!

This fist landed on the front viewing window of Wang Qin’s ship!

The power of darkness, that powerful, that twisted, the thick aviation window glass immediately started deforming, and was completely shattered from the punch!


A piece of debris flew right into Wang Qin’s throat, and the blood immediately sprayed out!

Wang Qin’s eyes became round as he stared, with both hands clutching his neck, he wanted to stop the blood from flowing out.

Unfortunately, the sharp fragment directly cut into his carotids, and his blood became like a fountain and it was impossible to stop!


In a weird position, Han landed on the floor vigorously inside Wang Qin’s frigate!

“Little Qin! Little Qin!”

Wang Qin’s uncle Wang Yue held his nephew and crazily shouted, but nothing would help, with the blood vessel supplying his brain cut, probably not even god can save Wang Qin now!


Han’s fist landed on the central control system of the starship. This ship is indeed very strong and tough to break from the outside, so Han will just start with the inside!

“Warning! Frigate is losing control!”

“Warning! Frigate is losing control!”

“1700 meters to ground!”

“1300 meters to ground!”

“900 meters to ground!”

“Impact warning!”

“Now is impact warning!”

The alarm system sounded off over and over.



Two huge explosions expanded out on the prairie, Han’s Falcon Class and Wang Qin’s silver frigate fell one after another, turning into two groups of towering flames, billowing smokes, scaring all the nearby animals into quickly fleeing.

With one hand on the ground supporting his body, Han violently coughed, smoke entered his lungs which made Han feel a burning pain in his chest.

At the last moment, Han jumped out of Wang Qin’s starship, and after Demon Claw giving Han a lift, it landed before Han. And the Demon Claw that’s as tenacious as a cockroach crawled out of the soil, jumped up again to catch the falling Han, giving him a critical deceleration so Han wasn’t killed from the fall.

Unfortunately, although Han avoided the impact of landing, but the followed big starship explosion brought him some not-light injuries. The tremendous impact catapulted Han and Demon Claw to a few hundred meters away, bleeding out the nose, and covering up and down a dozen places in pain.

With one hand on the ground as support, Han looked around in alert, because he was not the only one that escaped at the last moment. Wang Qin’s uncle Wang Yue carried Wang Qin’s body and also jumped out at the last second, getting pushed away by the ensuing explosion.

Judging by Wang Yue’s neural response rate at the last minute, his rank is not low, afraid that he’s probably at quasi-warlord level!

“Little Qin!”

“Little Qin!”

At a few hundred meters from Han came Wang Yue’s piercing screams.

Although Wang Qin’s a member of the warlord Thunder Royal’s family, but he’s never a soldier. Without any talent, studying starships was his favorite. This silver frigate of his is Wang Qin’s most proud work, and that’s why during the starship battle earlier, it almost took Han’s life.

If the desperate Han didn’t cut of power to mobility and invested every last bit of power to fire at Wang Qin, then the one that’s lying on the ground right now is probably not Wang Qin but Han.

Wang Qin’s body is cold and incomplete, he doesn’t have the habit of wearing combat armor but likes to wear gown like a dandy, so when the huge explosion came, without the protection of combat clothing, Wang Qin’s body became covered in holes by the explosion and debris.


Wang Yue placed down Wang Qin’s body and stood up, turned his head, looked coldly at Han who’s squatting on the ground, murderous intentions completely filled his eyes.

Han gritted his teeth, with finger pressed on Lunar Mark, he maintained his unique defense stance.

“I’m going to kill you, you son of a b****! I’m going to kill you!” Wang Yue opened his arms and angrily roared.


A white thunder fell from the sky, warlord Wang Mian’s youngest son, just like his father, is also a thunder descent esper!

Level, quasi-warlord!

Han vs. Wang Yue, imminent war awaits!

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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