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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 126

Chapter 118: Flagship Shipyard

Chapter 118: Flagship Shipyard


Ke Lake went full speed. The wind whistled by their ears, and they instantly arrived at the entrance of the relic.

Han and Ke Lake grabbed both sides of the door and pushed together!


The giant and heavy sealed door remained motionless. Apparently the power of the seal began to take effect, Han and Ke Lake won’t be able to use human strength to open it. They are trapped!

“What to do now?” Ke Lake asked Han in a quiet voice.

“Since we are already here then let’s just make the best out of it.” Han calmed down and said, “Let’s first scout out this strange relic first. If I’m not mistaken, there must be a scary monster inside this relic.”

“I met one before in the A-19 relic. It was a product that recombined prehistoric man and dark beast. That guy was not only tough to fight against but he also had great intelligence, making him very difficult to deal with.”

“What happened then?” It was Ke Lake’s first time hearing Han talk about his experience in the extinction domain so he curiously asked.

“Then?” Han smiled, “It turns out nothing is immortal. The key is to find the right approach.”

“Remember, brothers work together. Our power can break steel!”

“Especially in this kind of situation we can’t panic, maybe the monster inside this relic is waiting to see us panic. As long as we believe in each other and die or live together, we shouldn’t fear any monsters.”

Ke Lake was shocked, and he heavily nodded and said, “Okay! Even if we encounter something terrifying, we will fight together and kill it!”

Han lightly nodded, pointed at the giant furnace in the distance and said, “If that monster wants to come find us, we will just let it come! But first, we need to investigate this place, let’s go to that furnace over there first.”

Ke Lake took Han and started flying again. With an extremely fast speed and really cool look, Han became very envious.

Han and Ke Lake, it was hard to say whose power was stronger, but talking about which one was cooler, of course it was cooler to fly.

Void End was the type of power that tortured others. Han could unreasonably deprive others of their power, but he could never be as free as Ke Lake who could fly to wherever he wanted.


Ke Lake’s Celestial Dominator was really crazy. What seemed to be really far in the distance was arrived to instantly under his high-speed flight.

Han and Ke Lake stood at the top of the furnace. This huge black thing. It was way too tall, actually reaching more than 100 thousand meters in height. Looking down from the furnace’s mouth, the inside was as pitch black as an abyss.

The things connected to the furnace included the control arm, the firepower injection device, stirring device and so on.

“Look at this firepower injector, it’s almost like an artillery cannon on a Dreadnought class ship. At least it looks fierce enough.” Ke Lake pointed at the 6 super firepower injectors erected around the super furnace.

This device can shoot out hot flame to melt the ores that get placed inside the furnace.

Han shook his head and said in a deep voice, “No, those aren’t firepower injectors, but industrial level giant laser transmitters.”

“Lasers?!” Ke Lake was shocked.

“That’s right, looks like this furnace was created to melt high-grade alloy, normal fire cannot reach a sufficient temperature so they used the very advanced laser melting method.”

“Then the material that this furnace is made out of should be very powerful too then? It must be at least able to withstand the heat from laser.” Ke Lake pointed at the thick furnace wall and said.

Han crouched down and closely examined the material, “You are right, it’s a very impressive material, but unfortunately I don’t know what it’s called.”

Ke Lake nodded, he had no doubt at all to Han’s words. Although Han was a professional soldier, but he also learned a little pharmacology from Night Walker, and some mechanical knowledge from Old Mo, so he had more technical knowledge than Ke Lake.

“Go, let’s take a look over there.” Han pointed at the distant row of modular machine and said.


A few hours passed in blink of an eye, Han and Ke Lake viewed countless machines in the relic and they finally arrived at an unparalleled large bracket.

The bracket’s shape was like a bathtub. It was just way too huge, extending 300 kilometers in length and 85 kilometers in height!

“Han, what is this?” Ke Lake asked.

Ha smiled, “This is a dock, the dock that’s specifically for manufacturing flagships.”

“A flagship-level shipyard?!”

“Yep, all the existences in this relic works together to produce a flagship, and the toughest part is how to create that gigantic shell. The prehistoric civilization used the rare whole-forge method, first smelting alloy in this big melting pot, and then pouring the alloy into bracket to build the shell of the flagship.”

“Before pouring, the keel of the starship, which is the composite structure layer, is ultimately assembled in the shipyard. The giant mechanical arm is responsible for lifting and bringing over the two most critical and giant internal devices of the ship, which is the reactor and engine.”

“I will put it this way, this production process of flagship is way above the current process employed in Milky Way, it can build the entire flagship in one-go, and the flagships’ tolerance to attacks is also a lot higher than the ones being manufactured and used in Milky Way at the moment. As well, for production speed, it’s also a lot faster than the current flagship shipyards in the Milky Way.” Han seriously said.

Hearing Han’s words, Ke Lake couldn’t help but feel extremely excited, “Oh god! The B-class relic on our Earth is actually a flagship shipyard? This means we can also manufacture flagships?!”

“There are only 12 flagship level super shipyards in the entire Milky Way, we are number 13!”

Han nodded, “Yep, but problem is that the design of this shipyard from the beginning is to produce flagships, so we can only manufacture flagships but not those smaller ones like battleships or cruisers.”

Ke Lake said disapprovingly, “What kind of problem is that?! Smaller ships can be built by a lot of shipyards, but there are only 12 shipyards in Milky Way that can build flagships! Do you think we can use this super shipyard factory to manufacture dreadnoughts or carriers?”

Han said in a deep voice, “A carrier, a small sized carrier.”

“The Milky Way classifies spacecraft carriers like this, 500 kilometers or less in length are considered small size, the standard size is 500-1000 kilometers, and this shipyard’s length is 300 kilometers, we can see that it can be used to produce small spacecraft carriers.”

Ke Lake excitingly said while rubbing his hands, “Then that would be awesome! A Carrier 300 kilometers in length, it’s the equivalent tonnage of a Dreadnought!”

Ke Lake was right, the Dreadnoughts’ length was usually around 300 kilometers and the battleship class, which is one level below Dreadnought, was usually between 50-100 kilometers.

Over all, in the Milky Way, the main fighting power of all militaries were battleships, because although the flagship is really powerful, it was too big, too heavy and too expensive. As well, the flight speed was also relatively slower.

Although spacecraft carriers were mighty, but it was not that it had no counter. Its counter were the Dreadnoughts.

To put it plainly, Dreadnought battleships were an enlarged version of a battleship class spaceship, carrying a cannon as thick as a mountain.

Attacking frigates or smaller sized destroyers with this kind of giant artillery was simply impossible. Before you can lock onto the target, the smaller sized starships were already gone without a shadow. And even if you manage to lock on, the large artillery’s tracking and angular velocity still won’t be able to keep up.

So, the main purpose of Dreadnoughts was to fight the enemy’s spacecraft carrier. After all, it was so big anyways, so they didn’t have to worry about missing.

One thing countered another, this was the normal state of things. In galactic battles, no starship could be said to be invincible, even the strongest spacecraft carrier had Dreadnought battleships to restrain them, then did Dreadnought battleship have any counters?

Of course, high-speed battleship class starships were the master at killing Dreadnoughts. Strong firepower, fast speed, a group of high-speed battleships could sink a Dreadnought within minutes.

Anyway, this B-class relic on Earth, was actually also a complete small-sized spacecraft carrier production line?

This was enough to make Han and Ke Lake ecstatic!

If people on Earth really activated this flagship factory and produced carriers, then they will be rich!

Was it easy to sell spacecraft carriers?

Of course, there are 14 thousand countries in the entire Milky Way, there are at most a hundred something countries with carriers. People obviously want to have a reputation, no matter how poor the country was, they still have to have a fleet right? If the fleet didn’t have a carrier as a flagship, then it would only be considered second-tier.

If the small carrier production line on Earth actually starts functioning, then the orders will probably line up from all the countries up to a few hundred light years away. Although it was a small size carrier, it’s still the real flagship!

“Rich, we are really going to be rich this time! We can use the carriers we built to exchange for battleships and Dreadnoughts, other countries must be very happy to!” Ke Lake had no other illness, but he just loved his home planet too much. The moment he talked about Earth, he gets really excited.

Han laughed and said, “Exchange what battleship? I’d say, let’s simply form an entire fleet with spacecraft carriers! We will get a largescale carrier fleet. When we are fighting other countries, we will just directly drive our flagship fleet towards them! We will just tell those a**holes, we don’t have much on Earth, it’s just this thing that we have a lot of. Do you want to fight or not?!”

Han’s idea was really whimsical, what frigates, destroyers, battlecruisers, battleships, we will just skip those entirely!

After all, Earth had a flagship production line left behind by the prehistoric civilization, so the cost of manufacturing flagships was actually pretty similar to buying battleships built by others. We might as well just use flagships as battleships then! No matter the size of the campaign, we will just push past all the enemies with a bunch of flagships!

As for blueprints, Han currently possessed over 14 thousand copies. For small sized carriers under 300 kilometers in length, Han’s got at least 40 of them.

With a sudden change in attitude, Han said in a low voice, “The promised time is 3 days, if we didn’t leave within 3 days then Long Chuan will send more people to come looking for us.”

Ke Lake’s face suddenly darkened and said, “This place is bizarre, I don’t want our brothers to come in and get trapped here like us.”

Han nodded, “So that leaves us 2 days and 16 hours. Ever since coming in here, I feel a gruesome force staring at us, and I’m also waiting for him to show his face.”

“Now, I decided to not wait anymore. If he doesn’t take the initiative to come to us, then we will just go and find him!”

“Be prepared!”

Ke Lake heavily nodded, and curiously said, “How do you find him?”

Han didn’t answer, he just smiled.

Ke Lake just saw Han standing on top of that high shipyard, closed his eyes and began silently channeling the power of darkness from the heart, and then pushing it towards his right eye!


“Eye of darkness, open!”

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Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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