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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 122

Chapter 115: Stomped! (Part Two)

Chapter 115: Stomped! (Part Two)

A crazy roar came. Han Wu looked up and he saw that his strongest man, the 5-star elite esper Freeman, was grabbed by a flying guy into the air.

In the dark night, this man used forces on both arms, and was mercilessly tearing apart Freeman’s shoulders!


Admiral Freeman, actually got tore apart by this flight descent esper! His internal organs fell from the dark sky like rain drops!

“I’m taking your life!”

That powerful flight descent esper didn’t even hesitate after killing Freeman, and he swooped down from the sky at an incredible speed! And immediately decimated a large group of Han Wu’s men!

And that was when Han Wu finally realized, this guy was not just an ordinary flight descent esper, but the strongest Celestial Dominator among all flight descents! Known as the Flying Asura!

And his level absolutely had reached the final stage of six star! The fighting power was far above Han Wu’s.

And that was not even the most terrible thing. When Han Wu looked around, he found himself completely surrounded!

An Earth squad had pierced straight into the middle path like a wolf fang and wherever it went, all power went extinct!

And tens of thousands of alien soldiers were on the right, their fighting style was extremely brutal, killing was like cutting grass, and at least a dozen of them already reached 5-star too!

Oh god!

Earth had a quasi warlord that was even higher level than him!

And a dozen five-star alien elites?!

The gap between reality and the intelligence Han Wu received before the battle is too much! Did they say that the strongest man on Earth currently was only a high-level 4-star?

This dozen 5-star alien fighters, and that 6-star Celestial Dominator person, did they pop out of a rock or something?!

Han Wu suddenly realized, he was actually the one that got stomped!

Thoroughly stomped!

In the blink of eye, the 20 thousand men top tier army that Han Wu was so proud of was already down to 5 or 6 thousands, and even his 5-star admiral Freeman was torn apart alive!

His army lost like the mountain collapsed. There was no way for Han Wu to control and revert the situation. All the left over troops continued to retreat, leaving behind a trail of blood and dead bodies.

And as for the Earth army, they completely went crazy and launched round after round of attack!

Han felt like he spent so much effort and was even close to sacrificing his life and he finally brought hope to Earth for his home planet to rise in Milky Way. And at this critical time, there are actually people that come to look for trouble?

Mad! Han was completely mad!

It wasn’t easy for someone who got his power that late to arrive at the stage today, don’t know how much blood he poured and how many bones he broke. Others only saw the glory that Han stood in today, but who really knew how much bitter work Han had to go through?

The soldiers were all repressed for a long time too, and now Han was rising rapidly. The flagship was on its way home. Even Ke Lake who went missing for a decade came back! And there are still retards who dare to come bully Earth?

Mad! all the soldiers were madly angry too!

As for those alien warriors, they were just very simple people. They had just made friends on Earth and now Earth was getting attacked! Seeing how all soldiers on Earth became so mad, these alien soldiers also went mad!

What Han Wu faced was a long repressed army that was not really psychologically normal, and the strength of this army was even far stronger than his so-called elite legion!

How was he to fight this battle?

There was no way to fight it!

From the cafeteria, the united army of Earth and Alien chased Han Wu’s 20 thousand elite troops all the way back into the passage to the relic!

Within just a few minutes, the so-called unmatched 20,000 elite army had only a few thousand soldiers left!

“General! What should we do?!”

“General! Should we continue to activate the relic or try to break through their siege?”

“General! I don’t want to die here!”

Han Wu’s side was filled with his soldiers shouting, even in the present situation, Han Wu still maintained his General title, which clearly showed how arrogant he is in his heart.

But today, the former empire marshal, quasi-warlord esper Han Wu’s pride, was madly stomped by Earth’s army!


Han let out a mad shout, as a very experienced soldier, Han Wu obviously knew that in this kind of plight it was impossible to revert the situation with ordinary soldiers and they needed to have a match-up between both army’s aces!

“Frost Armor of the Gods!”


Han Wu shouted and his body became covered by cold steam and was quickly covered by a layer of white ice, and he started charging towards the sky immediately!

An ice bridge condensed under Han Wu’s feet, forming a path in the air. The powerful Ice descent Han Wu finally made his move, he decided to directly challenge Ke Lake, Earth’s strongest fighter!

Quasi-warlord against Quasi-warlord!

The duel was very exciting right off the start, Han Wu’s ability to control ice was very powerful., The moisture in the air condensed and formed ice, if he wanted a path, then the ice will condense into a road. If he wanted a blade, the cold ice will form into a sharp edge in his hand!

Frost Brilliance!

This was the full name of Han Wu’s ability. It was different from normal ice descent espers that formed ice arrows, blades or shields, Han Wu had high-strength control over large areas of ice!

There wasn’t a weapon in Han Wu’s hand right now, and that was because he didn’t need it at all!

The high degree of control of ice allowed Han Wu to immediately condense godly ice weapons that were even stronger than tritanium alloy!

Although Han Wu didn’t have a weapon, he could form any weapon he needed at any time!


Ke Lake could fly, so Han Wu stepped on the ice bridge and rushed into the sky in one breath, a large area of ice incredibly solidified. The whole world was full of the mysterious color of ice, and the passage leading up to the relic suddenly dropped to below zero degrees Celsius in temperature. The entire base was about to be sealed by the ice!

Han Wu’s explosive force was extremely powerful and he charged straight into Ke Lake. Han originally wanted to activated void end to take him down from the sky!

The frost ice bridge was like a bull*hit power in Han’s eyes! Anyone in front of Han didn’t even need to mention their power, because they can only use it if Han lets them. If Han doesn’t, then he will just take it away right away without discussing with you. Void end was that high-handed!

But when Han saw Ke Lake’s eyes, he refrained and didn’t use his power.

Because at this moment, Ke Lake’s eyes are filled with anger. Hysterical rage! And a lot of feeling of embarrassment towards Earth.

As a man, a soldier, Ke Lake couldn’t stand up to protect Earth when Earth most needed him. This was an eternal pain in a man’s heart!

Ke Lake needed to just have an all-out fight, to release all that feeling of shame and anger!


Ke Lake with his bloody red eyes from killing a lot saw a guy actually charging towards him, he became even more angry and shouted.

“Ten years!”

“When I’m away, you bully my people, destroy my home!”

“Now I’m back, and you are still coming?!”

“I will kill you!”


Ke Lake in the air suddenly turned into a meteor. No one could tell how fast Ke Lake was traveling at the moment, because he had the strongest power among all flight descents, Celestial Dominator! A man that was known as the flying Asura!

Not only could Ke Lake fly, but he was also the fastest among all flight descents! His fists were also the toughest!

In simple terms, Celestial Dominator was a flight descent ability combined with speed descent, power descent, with an indestructible body!

Like Han, Ke Lake also had four ultimate cards!

He could fly! He was faster than anyone else! His power was stronger than anyone else! And lastly was his indestructible body!


Everyone didn’t even get to see clearly how the two quasi-warlord confronted, and the Han Wu that relied on his bridge to get into the air was smashed down from the sky by Ke Lake’s fist!

Are you kidding!

Not to mention how Ke Lake was extremely angry right now. Even if he was in his normal mood, Han Wu couldn’t possibly be his opponent!

Intergalactic travel with only his flesh body, capable of fighting flying dragons with bare hands!

Ke Lake had always been a flying King! The reborn Asura!

“I’m going to kill you!”

Too fast, Ke Lake’s speed was way too fast!

One punch was all it took to smack Han Wu down from the sky, and he wasn’t done yet! He rushed to Han Wu’s side, without waiting for him to get up, the steel fists rained down and immediately smashed Han Wu’s face into a pancake!

What ice defense, what godly armor!

In front of Ke Lake’s steel fists, it was simply nothing!

9th place at the Milky Way Meet, strongest flight descent power, that was no exaggeration! Not only was Ke Lake’s level above Han Wu’s, his power was also way superior!


Just when everyone thought Ke Lake would kill Han Wu in one breath, Han suddenly stood out and activated his extinction domain!

Ke Lake’s rage still lingered, he turned around and looked at Han puzzled, seeing Han’s face turned black just like him, becoming distorted due to rage.

“In the past Earth wasn’t strong enough, you guys bully us and I putted up with it.”

“But now, you are actually still thinking of bullying us?! I’m going to kill you all!”

“Aren’t you mother f**kers just thinking about the B-class relic?”

“Very well! I will let you guys in!”

“Even if you guys don’t want to!”

“Someone, open up the relic!”

Han had always been like this, you say he’s smart, but when Han gets crazy he didn’t even care about his live. He was the famous tough bone in the entire Milky Way!

You say Han’s all muscles no brain, but even at his craziest moment he could still shine with amazing wisdom.

Activating the B-class relic obviously means high casualty, will Han want to sacrifice his brothers?

Of course not!

So Han decided to forcefully activate the relic now!

And send these little kids in!

His brothers’ lifes were the most valuable thing in Han’s eyes, and he didn’t want to even sacrifice one of them!

But these guys’ lives were not even more valuable than a fart in Han’s eyes!


Han’s hand raised and his blade went down, and he directly cut an enemy that was closest to him in half.

“Don’t you guys want to get into our relic? Then f**king go!”

“What? You don’t want to?”


“Who still doesn’t want to?”


Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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