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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 112

Chapter 109: Zagreb Galaxy

Chapter 109: Zagreb Galaxy

After not sleeping for a several days and nights, Han took a rough look through all the blueprints in his possession.

Now, the most valuable things in Han’s hands were these blueprints. The spaceship blueprints’ worth started at tens of billions of GC. The radar system blueprints, reactor blueprints, transition engine blueprints, these types of equipment blueprints were a bit cheaper but they could still be sold for hundreds of millions or even billions of GC.

If Han wanted to cash in something, these blueprints would be the most reasonable choice.

Such a large number of blueprints, would Han really need it?

Yes, but not that much. Taking the frigate blueprints for example, upon a closer examination, Han found that there were 68 models, and did Earth really need that many types of frigates? No, not at all!

Because Han had a better option, the second-generation assault ship!

After careful studies, Han realized the so-called assault ships were the second generation product of Assault type frigates. The design was really exquisite. The defense, maneuverability, firepower, the second-generation starship’s performance indicators far exceeded the first generation, and the improvement percentage was more than 100%.

Currently Han had 3 very precious second generation starships. The assault ship’s capacity was similar to a frigate, the heavy assault ship’s capacity was similar to a cruiser, and the battlefield reconnaissance ship’s capacity was equivalent to a destroyer class.

Considerable capacity, but what about firepower?

Overall, the second generation battleships were all capable of cross-level operation. For example, the assault ships could not only stomp any frigates, they were even strong enough to annihilate a destroyer class ship which was one level higher.

The heavy assault ships were even more interesting. Aside from instantly demolishing any frigate class spaceship, it could even easily defeat the one level higher battlecruiser, and its performance indicators passed the battleship class spaceship by approximately 50%.

As for the battlefield reconnaissance ship, it was the second generation version of the scout spaceships. It was a smaller size, but its detection range and accuracy was a lot higher. It was a rare treasure.

With these, Han was completely capable of building a naval fleet with second generation warships as the primary power. These ships provided better mobility and also more powerful attacks.

And since Han decided to mass produce second generation starships, then these first class ship blueprints don’t have much value for Han and can be sold to exchange for equipment that Earth desperately needs at the moment.

Even if Han wanted to build a first generation frigate, he didn’t need to build all 68 types, he just needed to select a few with tactical value and that will be enough.

Artillery, particle guns, electromagnetic guns, cannons, rapid fire cannons, laser weapons, missile launchers, so many different kinds of artillery each had their own uses. If Han decided to install laser weapons, then he must install a large enough fusion reactor inside the starship to provide energy. If Han chose to equip other artillery, then there must be a large enough warehouse inside the ship to store ammunition.

A fish and a bear paw, you can’t have both. (TL: Old Chinese saying, it means sometimes you can’t have both things and you must give up one.) If the ship was equipped with all the different weaponry, then this ship wouldn’t be effective anymore because just the logistics side would be too difficult to deal with.

Same went for radar systems. After installing a light scanning array radar, it was pure nonsense to install another gravitational wave scanning array.

After careful studying and filtering, Han realized that although having a full set of blueprints was really very domineering, many of them were actually pretty useless. 13000 types of blueprints, it would be good enough to own even 5000 of them.

Isn’t it a good thing that there was such an abundant storage of blueprints?

Of course, because blueprints were very valuable, one small memory disc that was no larger than your palm could be sold for tens of billions of GCs. Assuming that Han was willing to sell a flagship blueprint, then that can be directly exchanged for an entire fleet for Earth.

Seeing such a bright future for Earth, Han smiled and picked up the dark egg with his hand.

Everything Han brought back from the A-19 was very useful, but this thing, Han still didn’t know what was inside.

Throwing it away would be a pity, and clearly in Kunlun’s eyes, all the blueprints added together was not even worth this egg. Not throwing it away was also very dangerous, maybe a monster will hatch from it.

It was also very strange, this egg seemed to have entered a hibernation state and Han just couldn’t wake it up.

After some consideration, Han decided to put the egg into the dimensional ring, and now Han’s smallest dimensional ring was specifically reserved to store the egg.

A dimensional rock contained a dimension, so even if the egg broke and a monster came out, Han didn’t need to be afraid and could just throw away the ring.

Han just wanted to wait and see what was actually inside the egg, and in case that it was not too evil, it could also be trained. If that happens, Han would’ve hit the jackpot and that was why he didn’t want to give it up easily.


Edge of Milky Way, Zagreb system.

Han and the slave trader Horton agreed to meet here.

After the Falcon class ship landed on a remote airport on the 13th star in the system, Han left alone and told Rhode who accompanied him here to not wait for him and go back to meet Pan Yulin right away. After all, there were still a lot of things that needed to be taken care of on their side. They need to take the Flying Dragon back and shop for a lot of supplies for Earth.

Han called for a floating taxi at the airport and arrived on a cliff near the sea where they agreed to meet. A small pavilion was built on that cliff.

Standing here and looking into the distance, Han could see several cities in the Zagreb system. In comparison to the prosperous Miracle system, Zagreb can be simply described as poor like the ghetto. The gloomy grey sky, old buildings in the city, and the streets were full of garbage.

The people that lived on the edge of the galaxy were usually very poor. Many well-known outlaws on the dark net would choose to live at a place like this. Although this place was the definition of poverty, there was also freedom. The Milky Way Alliance’s law could not reach such a poor and rural place.

The contact signal was already on. Han just sat down and waited at the pavilion for Horton’s people to pick him up.

Suddenly, Han thought about Ye Weiwei. He still didn’t know how that girl was doing right now… Without Han around, that little girl had no choice but to wrap herself tightly and have even less freedom.

In addition, Han was also very confused about why Ye Weiwei suddenly decided to not go to the relic. All the dark beasts inside the relic went berserk. It was as if the Ye family knew, as Ye Hua also told him to not go to A-19.

Han didn’t know where the Ye family got that news, or how they predicted that a massacre was going to happen at the A-19.

“How about, paying a visit to the Ye family on my way back?” Han wondered.


Just when Han was having random thoughts, a Hound class modified frigate suddenly ascended from the bottom of the cliff. The door opened and a big guy in sunglasses jumped out and went straight to Han’s side. He must be someone that worked under that big slave trafficker Horton.

The trades on the dark net cannot see the light. Although Han just got a little famous on the Milky Way Meet, but he was still afraid to be recognized. How can one show their true face during illegal transactions like this? So, Han had taken a facial reconfiguration pill. Now he looked like a weathered middle-aged man, and even people that were familiar with Han wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

“Wind Speaker?” Asked the big guy in sunglasses.

“Yes, I made an appointment already with professor.” Han Lang replied.

This was what Night Walker told Han. Horton didn’t like other people calling him boss so it was best to call him professor.

“Come with me.”

The big guy in sunglasses nodded, led Han and boarded the ship, and threw a blindfold on him, “Take this. Its better to not look at the things you are not suppose to see.”

Han didn’t say anything, and he covered up his eyes with that blindfold.

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Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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