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Dragoon Chapter 151

Dragoon 148: And Aleist the Protagonist

The Gaia Empire and the Kingdom of Courtois.

Near the border, a large formation of troops had gathered.

The soldiers sent creeped-out glances at the monsters stationed nearby, on standby as ordered. The most conspicuous monster, the Gora included, they all had white insignia-like lines racing over their black bodies, making them particularly conspicuous.

The black monsters wore their white symbols uniformly.

“Oy, these things better be safe”

“Like I know. All I can tell you is ‘t they’re part of the third prince’s army.”

“But a look at that, and I know Courtois’ is done for this time.”

A great many knights and soldiers were watching the wyverns flying through the sky. They were great in numbers and would obediently listen to the knights riding them.

Seeing that wyvern brigade soar gallantly through the sky, and those knights and soldiers were enveloped with a sense of elation; they would finally be able to win against the Kingdom of Courtois—nay, the dragoons who had tormented them for hundreds of years.

Their supreme commander- the first prince- walked beside Askewell, the third.

More middle-aged than a young man, the first prince looked over the army of monsters.

“Askewell, this is the real test of your army. But are you alright with this? Using monsters to massacre them… not everyone in our lands has the best look on their faces.”

Rather than worried for his younger brother, his tone was one putting a check on him. In actuality, if this war succeeded, then Askewell would be the closest to the seat of emperor.

Askewell noticed they were words wary of a younger brother who was earning a name as the empire’s hero.

“Someone has to do it. The empire is already at its limit. Even if my name alone is to fall to the dirt, if that will save tens of thousands of imperial lives, it is a cheap price to pay.”

To Askewell’s declaration,

“I see,”

Was all the first prince curtly replied. But continuing on.

“… This time, my army will serve as bait to draw out the dragoons. But are you alright with leaving us so many of your trump card wyvern units?”

Two armies were preparing to assault separate stretches of the border. The division centered around humans was about to make for the border to attract Courtois’ main force.

“We have the Gora. What’s more, some wyverns of our own. It will be troublesome for me if you don’t return alive, big brother.”

An army of monsters surpassing ten thousand.

As he took the lead, Askewell was certain of his victory. No, he was certain victory was the only path to survival.

(Eventually, the empire will wear down and face internal divide. Before that happens, we must obtain as much of Courtois’ plentiful soil as we’re capable of.)

The imperial palace was in shambles, and family quarrels ran rampant between his brothers and sisters.

Rather than those ever ending, Askwell’s eyes captured a future of the empire’s division if the central power fell any lower.

The first prince.

“I see. Askewell.”

“Something more?”

Askewell looked at his brother, but the first prince was already on his way off. Showing his back, a few short words.

“Come back alive. I’ll crack open a treasured wine.”

Hearing that, Askewell immediately grew wary of assassination, but that didn’t seem to be the mood. The timing was far too unseemly for his death.

“Yes, if you’ll put up with me, I’ll happily share a glass.”

With those words, the two returned to the armies they commanded.

The royal palace.

An individual came for Rudel.

He was a knight of the royal guard, who read aloud the official papers he carried on his person. Rudel heard them out in the waiting room before the ceremony.

Izumi stood to her feet, her eyes wide as she opened her mouth.

“You want Rudel to head to the site alone? Are you mocking us!?’

The royal guard looked at the high knight Izumi and scoffed.

“This is an official order. What mockery is there to be found?”

If it was an order from his majesty, Rudel had no right to refuse. Even if he hailed from an archduke house, he was now working as a single knight of the kingdom.

On the royal decree—

“Izumi, stand down. If I’m told to investigate Gaia movement on the border, I have no right to refuse. I have received my orders. I shall now head to the site. But if there really is movement, I do think the road will be perilous with myself alone.”

— Rudel was told to take the mission on his own. Normally, this would be an impossible situation.

“Rudel, this is crazy! We’re in the palace at this very moment. Why would you be receiving a written decree!? Why does the king not come order you directly!? And you’re a part of the Dragoon brigade. If you were told by the captain, I could understand, but why are you as an individual…”

After confirming the order had been passed on, the royal guard knight immediately left the room. Left on their own, Rudel and Izumi exchanged a glance.

But Rudel was smiling.

“They’re sending me to the site alone… should I interpret that they expect great things of me?”

Izumi sent a sharp glare to his joke.

“Rudel, inform the others at once. This is wrong. There’s something strange about this decree!”

The papers they accepted were definitely signed by his majesty and stamped with his seal. But Izumi continued explaining to him it was impossible.

Rudel was already well aware.

“If the enemy is moving, it’s a part of my job. And you see, I need to head there, even if I’m alone. At the fortress on that stretch of the border… is Chlust. And if they really did move, then I’m sure the captain will soon follow my lead.”

As Rudel was about to leave the room, Izumi grabbed his arm. With a resolved expression—

“I’m going too. It’s too dangerous alone.”

Rudel sent her a smile and pleaded.

“No, the order specifies I go alone, see. And I have to depart at once. I need you to relay this matter to someone. It can be Luecke or Eunius. Is Aleist somewhere around? I’ll take the vanguard and stall the enemy for them.”

Rudel removed Izumi’s hand from his own, and made straight out of the room.

“I’ll catch up with you soon. Don’t do anything crazy.”

To a serious Izumi, Rudel smiled and waved her hand.

“Well, it’s possible they haven’t begun moving for real yet.”

Though he didn’t truly think so.

(I see… it’s finally come. That was sooner than I thought.)

Recalling everything to that point, he did think it would happen someday. He couldn’t understand it herself, but he got the feeling he had seen it coming.

The three black beasts who got in their way, yet lent a hand at the end—the boar, the bird, and the black fog had told him.

(They knew this day would someday come.)

After leaving the room and closing the door, Rudel thought.

(Fate, huh… now that’s interesting.)

He hadn’t a clue who had set it up. But he thought he had to go there, and those thoughts hastened his feet down the corridor.

His brother Chlust was stationed where a battlefield was expected.

“Just you wait, Chlust.”

The surrounding civilians had evacuated to a fort overseeing the border. A messenger had already been sent to a town further into the country, sending out orders for others to evacuate.

A boy resembling Rudel took charge of the station.

“How’s the evacuation efforts!?”

Wearing heavy armor, his subordinate confirmed the fort’s situation before answering.

“It ain’t looking good, captain. Those knights from central made off with the horses. Said they would spread the word and fled! If it were just the men, maybe, but with dames, kids, and old folk to look after, we’re not going to make it.”

The name of the knight called captain was Chlust Arses—Rudel’s younger brother, and a knight forced to graduate from the academy.

Reconciling with his brother Rudel, he had a change of heart and fulfilled his duty as a knight of the fort.

But his superior knights fled before the enemy, and at this point, he was going to be forced to stand in as the one in charge.

Chlust looked out the fort.

A black smoke rising in the distance. The black, writhing army of the empire. A flock of monsters.

Looking at the situation before his eyes, he understood why someone would want to run away. But he could hardly bring that to mouth.

“We’ve already sent messengers around. Hold out until the dragoons arrive, then it’s our win!”

The civilians who’d fled into the fort were also consoled by the fact Courtois’ strongest dragoons would come. For better or worse, the ones who had always kept the Gaia Empire at bay were the dragoons.

Those that fled believed they would surely be saved another time. It was precisely because of that belief, that many refused to flee any further than the fort.

(This is bad. They plan to stay here and return home as soon as the war is over. To think our people are the ones who aren’t running…)

The dragoons’ existence granted peace of mind to the people. By that, while they had their anxieties, they were quite calm at the fort.

Whatever their mindset, that would mean Chlust would have to intercept the empire while shouldering a people who wouldn’t proactively flee.

Chlust had sought support from his little sister Erselica. He thought of what he could do and prepared for the time something happened.

Yet he had no way to foresee this great army before his eyes.

(Hold out until the dragoons come? But why have they amassed such an army at this point… they should be well aware they’ll just fall prey to the dragoons.)

All through history, the Empire had suffered great casualties by the dragoons. Chlust worried the empire might be holding some sort of trump card.

To blow away his anxieties, Chlust smacked his hands against his cheeks.

(It’ll be fine. We can at least buy some time.)

In the royal palace of the Kingdom of Courtois, Aileen’s preparations were underway. The surrounding attendants dressed her in a dress, a report was read to her as she changed.

“I see. So Rudel headed for the battlefield. Well, that one’s the White KnightThere’s no mistake he contributes to Courtois’ war potential If he loses, Fritz-sama’s military exploits will stand out, so he has my thanks in that regard.”

A female knight o the royal guard continued on with the report.

“The empire is invading Courtois with two separate armies as planned. It does seem the site Rudel made for is their main force, and they have a considerable number together.”

Aileen spoke somewhat fed-up.

“An army of monsters of all things… the empire sure are savages. What about the preparations for the ceremony?”

The female knight informed her that one wasn’t going too well. As Aileen’s expression clouded, the knight immediately gave a follow-up.

“There is strong opposition to stationing him as supreme commander. Additionally, if you make him supreme commander, Fritz-dono will not have any opportunities to raise any personal military achievements. It is my humble opinion he should be placed in a position that affords him a little more freedom of movement. Perhaps second in command.”

Aileen had a hard time accepting it, but there wouldn’t be a problem as long as Fritz could perform, so she reluctantly agreed.

“I’ll let your side take care of it. But then who will we appoint as commander?”

Courtois’ palace was in a hot haste. Where Aileen couldn’t see, the female knight curved the ends of her lips.

(Like hell a commoner knight can fulfill such a role. A decoration should act as a decoration should… it is out of the question for royal blood to mix with common mud. The knights will much sooner accept the Black Knight, the same station as our country’s founder.)

The nobles and knights hoisting up Aileen simply wanted themselves as the next major power.

There was a problem with Fina, whose expression never changed. The easy-to-manipulate Aileen was more fitting of a portable shrine.

They had followed her for no reason other than Courtois’ internal factional strife. Whether war came and land was taken away, as long as they had the dragoons, they knew they could take it back at any time.

That was simply how large of an existence the dragoons were.

“I recommend Aleist Hardie. The conspicuous Black Knight should do well for supreme commander. His parents have already arrived at a manor in the capital. I’m sure they came to see their son in his finest clothing, but they should suffice to hold against him.”

Aileen was a tad displeased with her dress.

“Wait. This color won’t pair well with Fritz… change it at once.”

The female knight looked at Aileen and thought.

(You are a wonderful queen, Aileen-sama. With this, one corner of the three lords will fall, a great many nobles will lose their standing… rarely has such change befallen Courtois, and you are the perfect statue to rally behind. As long as an heir is born, love a commoner all you want. Not that you’ll be leaving this castle.)

As Aileen changed her dress, she suddenly recalled.

“Come to think of it, what are we going to do about the sword we prepared for Frtiz-sama? It was prepared as a sword for the supreme commander.”

The knight smiled.

“You need only hand it to the supreme commander. It’s a sword made with the finest craft in Courtois, it should hold up perfectly fine if you lend it out for a short while. It’s good for show, and using the weapon one’s accustomed to is best on the battlefield. Fritz-dono wouldn’t care to test the limits of a borrowed blade, he won’t be able to fight to the best of his abilities.”

Aileen tilted her head, but she didn’t have any particularly deep thoughts when it came to swords. She took the knight’s opinion as-is.

“Then I leave it to you. Please let Fritz-sama play an active role.”

The female knight gave a knight’s salute.

“Leave it to me.”

It was just a vague feeling, yet he thought this day would come—

Rudel produced his belongings from a bag on Sakuya’s back. There were blue ornaments decorating his white armor. He took out his shield and confirmed its state.

Near the dragoon’s dragon stables, Sakuya was eating a meal. She was heartily munching down on a large quantity of meat, filling up for a battlefield ahead.

Watching the feed empty at an alarming rate, the dragon stable workers prepared a successive stream of seconds.

“Keep piling it on!”

“Let the other dragons eat too! I don’t care if you have to empty the storehouse!”

“Hurry and check the refill valve!”

Once Rudel informed them of the Gaia Empire’s large-scale movements the dragoon facilities were as boisterous as a hive of bees. A dragoon immediately headed to the palace to confirm the information, while the dragons were put to eating as preparations began.

In the midst of that, Rudel equipped his own armor. Once a crude, functional piece, it was the gift the black fiendish-looking boar granted him at the end. As he put the armor on, Rudel repeated an action of opening and clenching his hand.

When he looked up, the sky was cloudy. The weather looked like it might turn to rain, but that alone wouldn’t delay the attack.

After Rudel pulled down his helmet, he grabbed someone nearby busily moving around.

“My preparations are complete. I’m going to depart.”

The dragon stable work spoke in a loud voice.

“Understood. Um, this is your first campaign, right? Make sure you’re back in one piece!”

Rudel strongly gripped the hand held out for a handshake. The stablehand smiled.

“To think I was the one who prepared the white knight for his first campaign; I want to brag, so go and do something big.”

After returning a smile, Rudel flew off towards Sakuya’s back.

(This isn’t my first campaign… no, that part doesn’t matter.)

When he landed, Sakuya had just finished eating, as she spread out her four wings wide with a roar. From inside the dragon stables, he heard dragon roars in reply.

Rudel stroked Sakuya’s back.

“Are you ready?”

‘My tummy is full so I’m fine! Sakuya will drive them back!’

When Sakuya hoisted up her two large arms and showed her motivation, Rudel pat her twice lightly. With that as the signal, she slowly moved her wings and rose into the sky.

The surrounding people took shelter. Even so, once they had risen to a safe height, Rudel spoke to Sakuya.

“Sakuya, I get the feeling this will be an important battle for both me and you. So I’ll say it now. Thank you for becoming my dragon.”

Sakuya tilted her head. She didn’t seem to really understand what he meant.

‘I don’t get it, but Sakuya is Rudel’s dragon, you hear! I’ll do my best! Sakuya is strong, she’ll take the enemy down in no time!’

Rudel laughed.

“I’m counting on it. Now let’s be off… ____ awaits.”

Rudel looked beyond the sky, sensing something fuzzy.

Sakuya violently moved her wings, as she gradually built up speed, a wall of magic formed around her. The wind was being blocked by the wall. As Sakuya headed right off for the battlefield, the people working at the stables waved their hands.

Around the time Rudel headed for the site.

His preparations for the ceremony at the palace complete, Aleist was met by his parents.

“Father, mother! W-why!”

Disregarding his confusion, his parents approached and tapped him on the shoulders. They seemed exceptionally pleased, causing him to act bashful.

Aleist’s father spoke.

“We came to see you in your hour of triumph. An invite came right from the palace.”

Aleist’s mother was moved to tears.

“You’ve grown into a young fine man. You were really worrying us, you haven’t come home at all lately. Are you eating right? Haven’t you lost some weight?”

Aleist gave a bitter smile. He took a bit of distance so the two could calm down.

“I-I’m fine. More importantly, I’m just receiving a medal this time, and I’m something of an extra. The real star this time is Rudel.”

When he said that, his father gave him a blank look. Aleist wondered if he had said something wrong. His mother doubtfully opened her mouth.

“Aleist, the Gaia Empire is invading, so you were appointed supreme commander of the subjugation force, weren’t you? The dragoons will drive them off, so I’m sure it’ll be fine, but it’s an unprecedented large appointment at your age.”

Aleist took on a pose of surprise. At his curious posture, his father fell into confusion.

“The palace is already in a panic. The knights are preparing, and it’s already been decided you’d be appointed supreme commander. Don’t tell me you never heard.”

“B-but! I didn’t hear anything in the morning cleaning! And there was nothing at all yesterday!”

Now something completely different surprised his father.

“C-cleaning? What do you mean!? Weren’t you a commanding officer of the defenders? What do you mean you were cleaning in the morning? I never heard about that!”

Grabbed by the shoulders and shook, Aleist was too disheveled for a proper reply.

“Huh? War? The Gaia Empire!? Seriously, what!? Rather, I’m just on the defender cleaning duty and…”

His mother cried out.

“C-cleaning duty!? My Aleist is!? How could my cute Aleist be…! …Aah.”


His father embraced up his mother on the verge of collapse. Aleist verified the two were still getting along as well as ever, but more than that…

(A war at this timing… more importantly, is this an event? No, wrong. This isn’t a game. It’s not a game anymore!)

Thoughts of games and events still crossed his mind, but Aleist cut off that train of thought by telling himself this was a different world.

(That’s right. I became friends with Rudel. Eunius and Luecke too… this is the world I live in!)

Just as he was about to rush out of the room, Izumi raced in. She was out of breath, her hair was a mess.

“Aleist! Rudel was… dispatched on his own.”

Aleist opened his eyes wide, his mouth hung down in mute amazement. That was practically the same development as the game. Strangely, in the game, informing the protagonist of the enemy country’s invasion was Izumi’s role.

Aleist felt something truly ominous at this turn of events.

(At this rate, Rudel will…)

Izumi grabbed Aleist’s arm. She made a petition.

“There was definitely a royal decree. But something’s wrong. Rudel was ordered to sortie alone… and something’s strange about the palace. It’s uncannily calm. I’m begging you, save Rudel.”

Holding his swooning mother, his father stuck his glare on Izumi.

“And just who are you? Aleist has the heavy responsibility of supreme commander in the war against the Gaia Empire. If you’re seeking help, can’t you ask someone more suitable!? Aleist, I’ll hear the explanation later. We’re out of time.”

Aleist tried to open his mouth. Right after, the royal guard flooded into the room. And the royal guard knights apprehended Izumi.

The one leading them was Fritz.

“It will be quite troublesome if you run amok. Black Knight Aleist, the appointment ceremony will begin shortly. You may escort your parents to the hall. And throw the high knight in the dungeon.”

After baking the orders, Frit was gone. When Aleist tried to resist, the royal guard had surrounded his parents. Where his parents couldn’t see, there were even some whose hands had reached the hilts of their swords.

“You lot… why are you…”

The royal guard simply grinned, they took Aleist in and led him out of the room.

Alongside his tag-along knights, Eunius headed for the hall to participate in the medal awarding ceremony.

He sensed a strange disturbance in his chest, and a panic in the palace, but shoved into a waiting room and put under surveillance, he was unable to move.

While he could understand something was happening, he couldn’t understand what it was. From the other end of the corridor walked Luecke.

When Eunius raised a hand, Luecke looked around and sighed. He approached Eunius to complain.

“Don’t speak with me so lightly here. More importantly, there’s something I’ve got to ask you. I was just half shoved into my room, but what in the blazes is going on? If someone’s capable of doing that to us, who could they be?”

Luecke had a similarly bad premonition. His tone gave the impression he already knew who he was dealing with. Eunius mouthed the name of the person who instinctually came to mind.

“If we’re dealing with the royal guard, it’s got to be Princess Aileen. But this is some terrible treatment. I’ve got to get in at least a complaint.”

Seeing Eunius’ ferocious smile, Luecke looked like he wanted to say something, but after breathing a resigned sigh, he walked off towards the hall. While the two walked down the palace hallway, their surroundings were in a flurry. Luecke gave a slight smile.

“Perhaps something’s happened to Rudel and Aleist as well. Shall we invite them for a protest?”

Eunius smiled mischievously.

“A protest? Now aren’t you proper. We’ve got to send a message. That’s right, let’s get Rudel to circle the palace with his dragon. I’m sure they’ll be shocked.”

Fed-up as he was, Luecke seemed to be having fun.

“But that way, only Rudel will be punished. Let’s see, I guess I’ll try thinking up some interesting revenge. Not like the ceremony’s going to be interesting anyway.”

Eunius looked at Luecke with a mildly surprised face. But different from the last, he gave a truly mischievous grin.

“You really are better as you are now. If we were fighting, it’d be much more fun with the current you.”

Luecke shrugged.

“Still fighting? You’re one who never changes. But… right. I didn’t participate in our final school year. Thinking back on it now, I do regret it just a bit.”

Eunius raised his voice.

“That’s why I told you. Get in the ring, I said! That would’ve been a blast.”

The smiling two approached the hall. But what awaited them there was—

In the waiting room of the audience chamber that would host the ceremony, Aleist couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

While his parents were still there, Aileen made her appearance and told him on the spot to become supreme commander. And Aleist confirmed it with Aileen.

Where was Rudel?

It was the worst possible possibility. Aleist was a reincarnater. Holding knowledge of a game, he knew what would happen if war broke out with the Gaia Empire. The irredeemable villain Rudel runs off to sell out his country, leaving chaos in his wake.

And Rudel is taken out by a prince of the empire. But the Rudel of this world was idiotically positive.

Aleist wanted to think the future had changed somewhere down the line; yet, come so far, as if to snark at him, the world was throwing bits and pieces together to reform the event.

“Rudel was dispatched to the sie where it’s said the Gaia Empire might invade. We have determined that one to be a diversion. So we sent only one unit. There’s a fort there, I’m sure they’ll be able to hold it. He is one of Courtois’ strongest, a dragoon, after all.”

Hearing the location, Aleist’s expression turned even worse. That was the site of the game’s decisive battle. No matter how he considered it, he felt the enemy’s real force was there.

“Only one unit? That’s… at the very least, send backup!”

Aleist’s parents were surrounded by the royal guard. His mother anxious, his father glaring at the knights.

“Princess Aileen, what is the meaning of this!? Such discourtesy, even if you are a royal princess, don’t think this will be forgiven!”

Aileen ignored Aleist’s father’s opinion and turned to Aleist.

“Aleist-dono, you are the supreme commander. You will be granted a sword prepared by the Kingdom of Courtois. For you to carry out your role splendidly. Well, you just have to be there. Please don’t do a thing.”

“Not a thing?”

Aileen nodded.

“Yes, you are an ornament going by the name of supreme commander. We seek nothing more from you.”

Both Aleist and his father glared at Aileen. The surrounding knights directed their weapons at the two.

Aleist firmly held it in.

“Then I will head out as Rudel’s reinforcements. That site is the critical one. If you want an ornament, it doesn’t have to be…”

Aileen seemed troubled. Yes, it was all so troublesome.

“It has already been decided. Or will you throw away any and everything to go to his aid? Very well. I have no interest in you. Of course, at that time, know you will lose everything. The Hardie House will be done for.”

Once Aileen had left, Aleist’s tears broke out. They fell as he collapsed at the knees. He wanted to save his friend. He wanted to go and help Rudel.

He had a bad feeling.

But thinking of his parents, he couldn’t move. They had raised him with love, an impertinent reincarnator like himself, they were his second family. Aleist didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

And into that space, that waiting room, the royal guard shoved in Aleist’s subordinates. His academy Juniors, Seli and Juju had come to join in on Aleist’s ceremony.

The blue haired Nate was also shoved in, mumbling complaints to herself.

If he ran, then those gathered here—

Aleist had a bad feeling about this. And he was mortified at himself, so unable to move. His parents and harem members nervously watched him as he wept.

It was at that moment. Aleist’s mother opened her mouth.

“Aleist, raise your face.”


And with a smile, she spoke to Aleist.

“You want to go save your friend, don’t you?”

Aleist’s nodded. His tears spilling all over the place, he opened his mouth.

“He’s helped me out again, and again, and again. If he hadn’t been there, I’d never be where I am now… I was never able to properly say thank you. And yet, I can’t even save him!”

He thought he had become strong. He used his game knowledge to raise his level. But wrapped up in a large flow that wouldn’t resolve, Aleist couldn’t move.

His mother placed a hand on his shoulder.

“… Now move how you want to.”

“What are you…”

Aleist’s mother spoke to him with a smile. Hearing that, his father seemed bewildered. To his father, in a tone different from usual.

“What is that? Does the Head of the Hardie House fold to such a paltry threat!? All of you, good god, the Hardie House shall support Aleist’s actions. We are prepared to take an aggressive stance against the Kingdom of Courtois. If you understand that, you’d best stop chasing after Aleist… you’ll never find happiness.”

At the end, his mother showed kindness towards his girlfriends. Aleist looked at his mother’s face.

“W-why. I mean, if I run from here…”

“He’s a precious friend, isn’t he? Aleist, as long as I can remember, you always had a screw loose somewhere, always chasing around women, you had me worried. When you went off to the academy, there were days I couldn’t sleep, thinking you might have got some girl pregnant. But I think it was around the end of your second year? You were talking so happily about your friend, the happiest I’d ever seen you. The Aleist who always seemed to be looking for god knows what was actually having fun…”

When he thought of how his mother was properly looking at him, Aleist cast down his eyes. Ever since he reincarnated, he had always looked at his world thinking it was a game, not truly looking at anything at all. He spoke to people practically as if watching characters on a screen.

His mother had noticed.

“Aleist, go. To do such a thing, Courtois must be in a precarious position. Even if you obey her here, Princess Aileen will surely continue to issue the Hardie House unreasonable demands.”

His father gave a strong nod.

“That’s right! His majesty is absent, the queen is nowhere to be seen! This is plain suspicious, is it not! Our Hardie House may be upstarts, but there is no reason for us to be treated like this! Don’t worry about us. Aleist, just do what you want to. There’s no way such tyranny shall be allowed!”

Aleist wiped his tears, he stood and looked at his parents’ faces. And embracing them, he cast his words.

“… Thank you. For loving someone as shoddy as me, thank you. I don’t mind if you disinherit me. I’m going to save my friend of my own will. Thank you for everything.”

He didn’t think an excuse like that would work. But he was definitely going to use his connections to aid his parents to the best of his abilities. Luckily, Aleist was friends with the sons of the three lords.

(I’d rather not use them like this, but…)

Aleist turned to look at his girlfriends. The girls who gathered once he lost interest in a harem. To be completely honest, he didn’t know whether or not he loved them.

But they were people he couldn’t hate. And traveling with these girls was fun.

“… I’m sorry. I am no longer the heir to a Count House, nor am I a knight of Courtois. As but a single human, I’m going to save a friend. I’m sure I’ve caused you some trouble, but this is where we part ways. Thank you… and goodbye.”

After incapacitating the royal guard knights on watch with his bare hands Aleist leapt out of the room. He told everyone not to linger as he raced his way of the palace.

He got the feeling he had lost many things. But at the same time, he couldn’t overlook the plight of his dear friend who had opened his eyes.

(I’m sure I’ll never be anyone important. I’m not a hero. I’m stupid and servile… even so, it can just be for once. Can’t I stand up just once for the sake of a friend!? If I run away here, I’ll never forgive myself for the rest of my life.)

To save a friend—save Rudel, Aleist rushed down the corridor.



Doragūn ~ ryū kishi e no michi ~, Dragoon ~ The way to the dragon knight ~, ドラグーン, ドラグーン ~竜騎士への道~
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
Rudel Arses, the first born of one of the ‘Three Lords’ of the Courtois Kingdom, is from a corrupted family, but at 5 years old, he saw a dragon in the sky and his dark future as a villain changed. He was considered an idiot, but was that true? How would his effort to become a dragoon change the kingdom? His family and servants don’t care about him, only looking and doting upon the second child, Chlust, and his other sister from the same mother, Erselica.


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