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Dragoon Chapter 122

new year special 2

Aleist: “Maan, it’s time to start the second half.”

Albach: “That sure was long. It almost feels like we took a few weeks of break.”

Ciel: “Truly long.”

Aleist: “Then let’s answer some questions. This one’s about the water dragon Heleene-san, it seems. Last time, it seems we misspelled it Helene.”

Heleene: “Seriously, cut me some slack.”

Aleist: “Anyways, could you tell us the truth behind that ‘mama’ statement you made?”

Heleene: “That’s simple. I was born before mama met Marty, and I’m Mystith’s daughter. Mind you, even if I look like this, I’m no older than two hundred, you hear.”

Albach: “When it comes to two hundred years ago, sure enough, Marty was only just born… blasted Demon of Courtois.”

Heleene: “Ever since mama met Marty and stopped laying eggs, I was always surrounded by relatives. In human terms, I guess Spinnith is something like a cousin to me.”

Aleist: “I don’t know who this Spinnith-san is, but let’s move onto the next question.”

Ciel: “Right. Next is… this is a question about Aileen and Fina. The answer to that would be a spoiler, so let’s just skip it and go onto, ‘Just what sort of terrifying things did support hero Pink do to be called the demon lord?'”

Albach: “That’s from a different work, but let’s just have the individual come in and answer. Lyne-san, what did you do?”

(TL: This is the author’s previous work. I haven’t actually read it, and since it’s censored like that, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the translation.)

Lyne: “I’m the main heroine of The Support Hero Wants to Shine! Lyne’s my name. I really am happy someone remembers me–”

Ciel: “Can you hurry it up? (Just looking at her is irritating. It’s like she’ll devour me up if I show the slightest opening.)”

Lyne (Smiling): “… Let’s see. About that question, the answer will be a spoiler, so I’ll show some restraint, but when I was trying to ____ ___’s ___ with a pair of scissors, I missed and ended up ___ off __ ___. At the end, I tried to ___ it back on with ___, and everyone went quiet.”

Albach: “… I can only hope Fina doesn’t turn out like this. Aleist-kun, you should really be careful. No, seriously!”

Aleist (shaking): “M-my ____ hasn’t grown in, so… l-let’s go onto the next question.”

Lyne: “Oh, when I’ve finally made an appearance, how unfortunate.”

Ciel: “The personality of Aileen’s favorite little dragoon Fritz? You want to know something like that?”

Albach: “He’s generally a docile dragon, I think. When selecting the royal guard captain, we made sure it was a dragon without a rough temperament wo we could get it to select Rudel. Otherwise, I’d have misgivings about the formation of the royal guard.”

Aleist: “I see, so he’s obedient… next is one for Rudel and Fina-sama. Let’s start off with Fina-sama.”

Fina (expressionless): “What could it be?”

Aleist: “Does Fina-sama really like Rudel? Or is she just using him without any feelings of love or affection? That’s the question.”

Fina: “How rude. I love my master’s petting more than anyone in the world. If it’s for that sake, then this body of mine is but a trivial price to…”

Ciel: “Fina, come around to my (punishment) room later.”

Fina: “—- I-IiiiiiIIIII love him. My debt of gratitude from when he saved me, I shall never forget it for the rest of my life!”

Aleist: “How dubious. Perhaps she loves him because she can use him?”

Albach: “But couldn’t you also take it as she uses him because she loved him? Well, she’s royalty, so it’s much easier if she doesn’t have such feelings as love and affection. Otherwise, you go through troubles like Aileen’s.”

Aleist: “Is it that troublesome?”

Albach: “That’s right. Even if you fall into a love beyond status, if you don’t receive the blessings of those around, there’s nothing you can do about it. I can’t think that Aileen’s love will let her overcome any serious troubles, after all. I feel bad for Fritz, but the two of them will have to give up on one another.”

Aleist: “I really don’t understand that area. If they love each other, then I don’t think it should be a problem. That’s the bad part of noble society!”

Fina (whisper): “And that’s why you’re no good at all.”

Aleist: “Huh? Did you just say something?”

Fina: “No, nothing… do your best at your job, black knight (lol).”

Aleist: “Now then, here’s our last question.”

Albach: “So it’s here.”

Ciel: “The man himself takes center stage.”

Rudel: “… Is something the matter?”

Aleist: “It’s a question for Rudel! More importantly, isn’t your face a bit red?”

Rudel: “In the waiting time, I went for a drink with Luecke and Eunius. You remember that little stall from before? We went and talked about how things were going, but you were on the clock, after all.”

Albach: “Those sorts of relations sure are nice.”

Ciel: “I’m sure it’s different from female friends… so why does our black knight look so depressed?”

Aleist: “I wanted to go to the stall and make a ruckus over stupid things too. God, there’s nothing but women around me, but it really drives you mad.”

Albach: “So you plan to laying hands on a man next time?”

Aleist: “I ain’t lain hands on anybody!”


In the outer reaches of the kingdom

Elrond: (I get the feeling someone just called for me. It’s the premonition of new love.)

Spinnith: ‘Yeah, no.’


Rudel: “So what is it you want to talk about?”

Ciel: “Rudel, what do you think about the women? First off… how about Aileen and Fina?”

Rudel: “The princesses? I think Aileen is pretty. Fina’s just my disciple, and I think I should be stricter on her.”

Fina (hiding behind a wall): “Master… but I’m not going to lose!”

Ciel: “It seems they’re not even up for consideration. Next up, how do you feel about Fina’s followers, Sophina and Mii.”

Rudel: “Yeah~, I can only pray that Sophina-san finds a special someone sometime soon. For Mii, I really want her to stop pampering my disciple.”

Ciel: “Rudel… Fina is technically a princess.”

Rudel: “I know. I won’t call her my disciple in any official context.”

Ciel: “I’ll say it again. Even if she’s like that, she’s a princess.”

Rudel: “I know?”

Ciel: “(This is hopeless)… let’s move on. What about the women of the dragoons?”

Rudel: “They’re the best! They’re all so beautiful, and I think flying through the sky with them is true happiness.”

Ciel: “You mean you love them as a member of the opposite sex?”

Rudel: “I adore them, what of it?”

Ciel: “… This somehow feels more like he’s viewing them as idols. I feel a bit of pity for them. Let’s hear your individual impressions.”

Rudel: “Lieutenant Cattleya is always thorny towards me, but there are times when she’s kind. It’s just, there are also times she uses unreasonable violence, so I want her to do something about that.”

Ciel: “I see… that’s mostly your fault. Next.”

Rudel: “Major Lilim is always so dignified. When we met a while back, she was going through a dark elf phase, but I think black flames really are kickass.”

Ciel: “Never say that in front of her. You can’t gouge out her heart too much. Next.”

Rudel: “Enora is a precious friend. While quite a bit happened when we first became colleagues, at this point, we’re close friends. We get along well.”

Ciel (wiping a tear): “Not a single millimeter of those feelings got across, I see. Just move it along.”

Rudel: “Major Bennet can do everything, and she’s even perfect in her private life, so I really admire her. She’s truly the ideal superior.”

Ciel: “Next time you see her, make sure you say that to her face. Now then, how do you feel about Millia?”

Rudel: “We’ve been working together since we left the academy. We lived under the same roof a while, and while she’s harsh on cleaning, she’s a precious friend.”

Ciel: “Aleist-dono, you’re harsh on cleaning as well. Well, when you’ve been put on cleaning duty for more than half a year, I’m sure there’d be some change… but even so, your capture difficulty is way too high.”

Rudel: “Is that so?”

Ciel: “Let’s move onto the final human. What do you think of Izumi?”

Rudel: “I love her.”

Ciel: “That was fast. Then marriage is…”

Rudel: “Out of the question.”

Ciel: “I understand the reason, but try saying it.”

Rudel: “As a noble, my marriage holds greater meaning, and it isn’t something to be decided by my will alone. I cannot treat Izumi as a mistress, and I would never be able to forgive myself if I did… of all else, I want Izumi to find happiness.”

Ciel: “I see, a wonderful decision. Moving onto the dragons–”

Rudel (serious): “If it was permitted, I’d like to ride all of the dragons!”

Ciel: “You put so much into those words, it’s creeping me out a bit.”

Rudel: “But I love Sakuya, so I’m not going to cheat.”

Ciel: “Is that really cheating?”

Rudel: “Of course it is. What could you possibly be talking about?”

Ciel (Why is he making a, ‘you don’t even know that?’ face and pitying me? I can’t accept it, or rather, I can’t comprehend. More importantly, how about Aleist and Alback.)

Aleist: “When keeping a single woman company is so harsh, seven is just impossible, you know.”

Albach: “There are times you’d want to play. For now, it seems you’re only looking at one, but if you live long enough…”

Ciel: “Haha, then Rudel, go and answer the last question.”

Rudel: “Very well. ‘Will the main character have a happy ending?’ you ask? Well of course, the answer to that would be a spoiler, so I can’t give it! That is all, the end. As I am now, I’m plenty happy. “

Ciel: “Well then, I pray you all spend this year in good health, and here ends the question corner.”

Rudel: “… Aleist, shouldn’t you say something at the end?”

Ciel: “Leave him be. This is why he’s no good.”



Doragūn ~ ryū kishi e no michi ~, Dragoon ~ The way to the dragon knight ~, ドラグーン, ドラグーン ~竜騎士への道~
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
Rudel Arses, the first born of one of the ‘Three Lords’ of the Courtois Kingdom, is from a corrupted family, but at 5 years old, he saw a dragon in the sky and his dark future as a villain changed. He was considered an idiot, but was that true? How would his effort to become a dragoon change the kingdom? His family and servants don’t care about him, only looking and doting upon the second child, Chlust, and his other sister from the same mother, Erselica.


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