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Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 680

Chapter Afterword And Announcement Of New Book

One year has passed, Ice and Fire has finally reached its end.

The ending of every series is the same. To those who truly loved this series, they probably think this is far from enough and want an even better ending. On the other hand, to those who dislike this series, they probably want it to end as soon as possible.

This series is definitely not my best, and it has many rooms for improvement. However, hidden behind the rowdy main character and his companions is the complete story I strive to finish.

A bunch of youth growing up together to become legends. They lived peaceful yet special lives. A happy-ever-after ending. Perhaps it’s very orthodox, but I like it because it’s heartwarming.

Western names and places are different from normal web novel settings. It may cause some people to have trouble reading at the start, but I believe I have achieved what I wanted. I have followed through with the relaxed, hot-blooded and youthful style to the end.

Also, I feel I have also improved in the imprinting of each companion of the main character.

Be it Stingham, Belo or Rinloran…… Each of their personalities and traits are very distinctive.

The publishing of <Destroyer of Ice and Fire> is still being dragged on. It will probably be after September. During this period, I had suffered quite a blow. Because the market this series will be targeting are short novels and ACG.

Only by performing well in these fields, this series will have a greater chance of getting animated and fight against those external sources.

So, regardless of the style of the series, the pace and the entire story, the courage of those children…… If it gets animated one day, I can guarantee it will be wonderful.

The advantage of image over the text is to let visual impact smooth over some plain junctures and progress of the story.

Hence, while getting attracted by those foreign animations and praising the manga and anime, please be lenient and show some support for your own country’s product. Also, please do not neglect this, our pace and stories are actually better than those works that looked wonderful. We are not dumber than those stories.

What we are lacking is only the accumulation…… the accumulation of talents and production teams.

Regardless, as the source of publishing, animation, movie and games, as the creator of stories, I have been working hard.

Writing a novel is the same as reading one, it is a process to find sympathizers.

Readers pick the series and authors they like, while the authors wait for the readers who like and comprehend them.

We have yet to age, we are not afraid of trying, so we dare to attempt like Ayrin.

The process of seeking provides happiness.

Back in <罗浮>, I had already mentioned that it is much easier to write out the essence of a story than going by the orthordox leveling path.

Hence, it is very tiring to build the structure of a new world and its changes each time.

However, I will feel bored of writing if not writing a fresh and decent story.

The new book will be released in early September. The theme is Xianxia, pure Eastern Xianxia.

I can guarantee that this series will be the most complicated story and the best series I have even written.

The rise and fall of several cultivation empires, the conflict and struggle of countless cultivators. It is a story about rebellion.

It has been prepared for three months…… only waiting to debut before everyone.

Finally, I sincerely apologize…… Due to my emotions, in addition to finishing Ice and Fire in late July to early August, my update speed in the last two months was unable to be fast.

I tried my best to update three chapters a day, but I failed to do it.

I hope that my luck will be better in the coming year. I hope everything can go more smoothly, and most importantly…… I hope my updating speed can be better guaranteed and faster.

Thank you all!

Without all your clicks, votes and subscription, I could never make this hobby of mine a job and even have a tiny dream.

Readers who have not added my weibo or wechat, wuzui1979, can add me. After the dozen of days Ice and Fire has been completed and before the new book is released, this will be the only method of contact.

There does not seem to be anything else to say…… Busy yet still fighting on, I hope there will be more readers who will come to like my series. Persevere but not stubborn, this is my current condition.

Then…… Let’s meet in early September.

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
As the era of dragons gradually came to an end, as arcane masters left countless riches and legends under the starry sky, one awakened youngster after another began to set foot on their journey.


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