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Coiling Dragon Chapter 548

Book 16 - Chapter 26 – Scryer Records

Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 26, Scryer Records

Since he had promised Cesar, Linley naturally began to ponder as to what method he could use to investigate Cecily’s situation. However, despite the fact that he was now a red-robed elder, he didn’t have the authority to arbitrarily enter the residence of the clan leader. After having ordered people to bring Dylin and Tarosse over here, Linley began to investigate and see what he could find.

“Magnolia [Ma’ge’nuo’li’ya]!”

Linley quickly strode forward to greet her.

Magnolia. A red-robed elder of the Bagshaw clan. She was the one and only female red-robed elder of the three which Bakwill had brought during the previous battle. Magnolia turned, her violet eyes carrying a hint of a smile. “Mr. Linley, is there something you need?”

“Magnolia, there’s something I want to ask about.” Linley said hurriedly.

“Go ahead.” Magnolia was very courteous.

“Last time, Sequeira was infuriated and wanted to kill my friend. It should have been for the sake of his wife. Do you know the current situation of young master Sequeira’s wife?” Linley asked directly.

Magnolia furrowed her forehead, then shook her head. “I’m not sure about that. Sequeira and his wife both live in the clan leader’s estate. I normally find it hard to go in there as well. I imagine that those who know of this situation are most likely the servants and the housekeepers of the clan leader’s estate. Just those few.”

Linley frowned.

The clan leader’s estate was the most tightly restricted area in the entire Bagshaw clan. The people who lived there consisted of Bakwill as well as his two sons. Those servants who lived there normally never came out.

To investigate would be very hard.

“If you have the chance, you can just go ask Sequeira or the lord clan leader directly.” Magnolia advised.

“Alright. Got it. Sorry for bothering you.”

Linley immediately left.

Ask Sequeira or Bakwill? Of course Linley knew that was the best way! But Linley also knew that upon asking, Sequeira or Bakwill would definitely know that he was asking on behalf of Cesar, at which point, what would Sequeira and the others think?

At the very least, they would feel quite uncomfortable.

Unless absolutely necessarily, Linley didn’t want to act to make others irritated.

After walking around for a bit, he asked quite a few people with high status, but he still didn’t know anything about Cecily’s current situation. Disappointed, Linley thus could only first return home. By the time he returned to his own estate, Linley saw Cesar at the gates.

“Linley, how did it go?” Cesar hurriedly asked.

“Cecily lives in the clan leader’s estate. Even I’m not allowed to just barge in there. Don’t be hasty. I’ll ask again in a while.” Linley shook his head regretfully.

A look of disappointment flashed past Cesar’s eyes, and then he forced out a smile. “I’m in no rush, in no rush!”

Linley sighed in his heart.

“Right. Tarosse and Dylin are here.” Cesar said. “They came?” Linley immediately walked inside, and the nearby Cesar hurriedly said, “Linley, you can’t blame them. You know how bad the situation was. They didn’t want to sacrifice themselves for nothing.”

“I understand.”

In his heart, Linley didn’t blame Tarosse or Dylin too much.

Only, Linley was puzzled. Based on his understanding of Tarosse and Dylin, when that sort of dangerous situation had occurred, those two should have been the first to stand forward. But both of them actually retreated, naturally causing Linley to be filled with disbelief.

Although there was nothing wrong with their decision, from an emotional standpoint, it was still rather hard to accept.

Walking past the corridor, he passed through the courtyard door. Linley saw Dylin and Tarosse, currently seated.

“Boss!” Bebe stood up, then muttered disdainfully from the corner of his lips, “These two came.”

Linley just glanced at Bebe. Although he wasn’t happy, there was no need for them to stomp on their face like that.

Dylin and Tarosse both immediately stood up as well. The two of them were rather embarrassed. But Linley laughed as he walked over. “Dylin, Tarosse, sit and chat, sit!” Linley himself was the first to sit.

Dylin and Tarosse exchanged a glance.

“Linley, about today, it was our fault.” Dylin took the lead to speak. Shaking his head, he said helplessly, “I’m sorry. At the time, we both thought that resistance just meant death, and so…” Tarosse nodded as well.

When a person felt guilty, they would be timid when speaking. This was how Dylin and Tarosse were right now.

“I don’t blame you.” Linley laughed. “After all, in the end, Cesar’s still fine.” Linley could tell that Dylin and Tarosse both felt ashamed. Since they were capable of feeling shame, there was no need for him to say anything else.

Tarosse and Dylin both felt relieved.

“Linley!” Tarosse couldn’t help but feel puzzled, and so he asked, “I heard that you, by yourself, killed many island guards, and that you even defeated a red-robed elder?”

“That was luck.” Linley said.

Tarosse and Dylin looked at each other. They lived here on Miluo Island, and knew how powerful the red-robed elders were. Each red-robed elder had the power of a Seven Star Fiend! But this God in front of them, Linley, had actually defeated a Seven Star Fiend!

Back when they were in the Yulan continent, Linley was only just a Demigod.

“Linley, you…are you a God or a Highgod?” Dylin asked again.

It wasn’t Dylin’s fault for asking this. Linley’s performance had simply been too astonishing.

“No need to discuss this. You can just consider me a Six Star Fiend.” Linley shook his head. “Tarosse, Dylin, I want to ask you about something. I hear that the victors of a hundred battles in the Arena can enter the secret area in the western part of the island. Do you know what is inside the secret area?”

The red-robed elders were qualified to enter the secret area of Miluo Island as well.

What exactly did the secret area of Miluo Island have? Linley was puzzled as well.

“The secret area?” Dylin and Tarosse were both surprised and puzzled.

“Ask Tarosse. I’m not sure.” Dylin shook his head.

“Weren’t you a victor of a hundred battles in the God Arena?” Linley didn’t understand. Dylin explained, “After entering the secret area, you also need to undergo a test within the secret area. Only if you are considered to be qualified will you be allowed to go in for a viewing. I was refused outside the door.”

Linley was startled.

There was an inspection for whether or not a person was qualified?

Linley turned to look at Tarosse, who sighed emotionally and said, “The only thing I was able to see in the secret area was a series of scryer recordings!”

“Scryer recordings?” Linley was astonished.

Linley was very familiar with scryer recordings. They were created from a simple ‘Floating Scryer’ technique, a very simple water-style spell. That year, before Linley had broken up with Alice, Linley had purchased two memory crystals that had been filled with scryer recordings. He had used the memory crystals and filled them with many memories to give to Alice.

Only, after they broke up, Linley had smashed the memory crystals.

“Scryer recordings?” Linley didn’t understand.

These scryer recordings could record many memories, but why would the Bagshaw clan treat them as a treasure? What exactly did these images record?

“Right. Scryer recordings.” Tarosse said with a sigh. “Recordings of experts who battled each other. Every single scryer recording has recorded some truly astonishing duels, with the experts who were in the duels at least of the Seven Star Fiend level.”

Linley’s eyes lit up.

For many people, viewing a duel between true experts was of great benefit in helping them to make breakthroughs and gain insights. Normally speaking, it was extremely rare to see a pair of Seven Star Fiends do battle.

“How many duel recordings are there?” Linley was eager as well.

“Very many, at least thousands.” Tarosse sighed in praise. “There are so many experts in those recordings. Also, there are explanations and introductions to each of those ultimate experts, including the Sixwing Fiend, the Bloodviolet Fiend, the Snow Fiend, the Silvermoon Fiend…it truly was astonishing.”

Linley’s eyes were shining as he listened.

So many Seven Star Fiend duels?

“However, my strength was insufficient. I was only allowed to go to the second secret room to do a viewing.” Tarosse shook his head. “In the second viewing room, the vast majority were Seven Star Fiend level battles, not just here in the Infernal Realm, but also including experts who are in the other Higher Planes as well as the Divine Planes.”

“I hear that the scryer recordings in the first room are truly exciting.” Tarosse’s eyes were shining. “There are recordings of Asura-level experts, and supposedly, there are recordings of inter-planar battles. And even…scryer recordings of a Sovereign showing his might!”

Linley sucked in a cold breath.

Recordings of a Sovereign showing his might?

“However, that’s all in the first room.” Tarosse shook his head. “Generally speaking, only red-robed elders or Seven Star Fiends are permitted to go view them. In addition, that’s only at the invitation of the Bagshaw clan.”

Linley remembered quite clearly how Bakwill had said that as a red-robed elder, Linley was qualified to enter the western part of the island’s hidden area.

“The recordings of so many experts engaging in battle is a priceless treasure! Asura-level battles, inter-planar battles…and even Sovereigns attacking?” Linley’s heart was blazing. What did those high and mighty Sovereigns look like when they attacked?

He had been a red-robed elder for two days now. During these two days, Linley hadn’t found any hint of information regarding Cecily.

“Boss, the secret area actually has so many exciting recordings. Can I go take a look as well?” Ever since they had learned information two days ago regarding the secret area, Bebe had also been desirous of going to take a look.

“I don’t have that authority. That’s the treasure of the Bagshaw clan.” Linley then frowned. “Only, I rather don’t understand. The scryer recordings of ultimate experts battling against each other definitely can be considered a priceless treasure.”

“But why is the Bagshaw clan willing to open it up to the public and allow the red-robed elders and the victors of a hundred battles to go for a viewing?” Linley was puzzled.

Logically speaking, these recordings should be kept secret.

Bebe rubbed his nose, then muttered, “Maybe it’s because the Bagshaw clan is confident in their strength, and so intentionally put on a show of being generous, so as to attract more experts to go to the Arena to fight. That is their lure.” Linley nodded slightly as well.

Suddenly, footsteps rang out from behind them. It was a black-armored guard.

“Elder.” The black-armored guard bowed respectfully. “Per the orders of the clan leader, tomorrow morning, please gather tomorrow morning at Suncutter Peak in the western part of the island. At that time, you will meet with victors of a hundred battles in the Arena and go into the secret area together!”

Linley’s eyesbrows lifted up.

“Haha, it came just as we were discussing it.” Bebe laughed loudly. “Hey, can I go too?”

The black-robed guard couldn’t help but be startled, and then he immediately, courteously withdrew.

“No sincerity.”

Bebe snorted. He was uncomfortably curious, but Linley still wasn’t able to take him in to do a viewing as well. “Enough, don’t be impatient. In the future, you’ll have a chance to look.”

“What are you talking about? Why so happy?” Delia walked in from her room.

“Ha!” Bebe immediately leapt up in excitement. “I was a fool! Victors of a hundred battle are all qualified to go in. Although I’m a God, I can go win a hundred victories.” Bebe was uncontrollably excited. “Last time, I won ten victories. I’ll continue!”

Miluo Island. Suncutter Peak.

Suncutter Peak was a very ordinary mountain peak, just a thousand meters tall. Currently, eight people were gathered at the peak, with Linley being the last one to arrive. As Linley arrived and looked at the other seven…

“Three Highgods. Two Gods. Two Demigods.” Linley instantly could tell. Those who were allowed to enter the secret area were all victors of a hundred battles. Thus, even Demigod victors would be allowed in.

“Him.” Linley instantly noticed that person.

A skinny body, a long black robe, and long black hair, with a warblade on his back. It was Lomio Bornesen!

Currently, Lomio Bornesen had seen Linley, and he was staring at him, his eyes shining. “You are Linley, right?” Lomio had accepted the invitation of the Bagshaw clan, and then had asked around for some information regarding that battle. He had also learned Linley’s name.

Linley felt rather astonished. Lomio actually recognized him?

“I saw the battle between you and that red-robed elder the other day.” Lomio’s face, normally so hard that it looked as though it had been carved out by a knife, was currently revealing a hint of a smile. His gaze was akin to one who was staring at a precious item. Firmly and forcefully, he said, “Your power is very great! Once we leave from the secret area, I hope we can have a competition.

Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

This Lomio was utterly insane. Whenever he met an expert, he wanted to fight them.

“Everyone, you are all here?” A familiar figure walked over. His tall form, his short red hair…it was the young master of the Bagshaw clan, Sequeira.

Sequeira glanced at the eight people, his gaze pausing momentarily on Linley, then said loudly, “Alright. I’ll lead all of you to the hidden area, everone. Just stay behind me, and remember, on the way over, don’t make trouble. If you are killed by the guards in the hidden area, don’t blame others.”

“Sequeira.” Linley suddenly said.

Sequeira frowned slightly. He didn’t have any good feelings towards Linley at all, but he still opened his mouth. “Elder Linley, what is it?”

“I’d like to ask, how is Cecily doing?” Linley asked directly. This question caused Sequeira to be quite embarrassed, but Linley didn’t have any other choices. After all, he couldn’t enter the clan leader’s estate.

For Cesar’s sake, he had to ask without consideration for his face.

“You ask me about this?” Sequeira’s face was frozen into a frown. He could guess that Linley definitely was asking on behalf of Cesar. Once again, Cecily’s dying words echoed in Sequeira’s mind.

“When I slept with you, I pretended you were Cesar!”

Sequeira’s rage began to rise, and he couldn’t help but let out a cold sneer. Knowing Linley’s power, however, he knew that attacking meant humiliating himself.

“She…left Miluo Island.” Sequeira said coldly.

Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon

Panlong, 盘龙 (小说)
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Empires rise and fall on the Yulan Continent. Saints, immortal beings of unimaginable power, battle using spells and swords, leaving swathes of destruction in their wake. Magical beasts rule the mountains, where the brave – or the foolish – go to test their strength. Even the mighty can fall, feasted on by those stronger. The strong live like royalty; the weak strive to survive another day. This is the world which Linley is born into. Raised in the small town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch clan, the clan of the once-legendary Dragonblood Warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but the clan is now so decrepit that even the heirlooms of the clan have been sold off. Tasked with reclaiming the lost glory of his clan, Linley will go through countless trials and tribulations, making powerful friends but also deadly enemies. Come witness a new legend in the making. The legend of Linley Baruch.


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