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Almighty Sword Domain Chapter 2860

Chapter 2691 – Bring It!

Chapter 2691 – Bring It!

Yang Ye left with the woman in black.

She brought him to a point in outer space, and then she stopped and gazed at him. She just gazed at him in silence.

A chill ran down Yang Ye’s spine from this!

She spoke indifferently, “Do you know that you’ve gotten yourself in trouble?”

“I have?” Yang Ye was stunned and shook his head, “What did I do?”

She replied indifferently, “Think about it!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and shook his head, “I don’t remember!”

She spoke indifferently, “Where’s Heaven Executor?”

Yang Ye replied, “I threw it away. That thing will turn on me, so I don’t like it!”

Pity appeared in her eyes, and Yang Ye really didn’t like that gaze of hers.

She spoke coldly, “Do you think that you can just toss it away?”

Yang Ye replied, “I can’t even refuse to keep it?”

She shook her head, “Heaven Executor’s master, my other form… She isn’t so easy to get along with like I am. So, just wait for death to take you!”

Yang Ye glanced at her with a weird expression in his eyes.

What the heck? You’re easy to get along with? Really?”

Yang Ye almost thought his ears were deceiving him!

Meanwhile, she frowned slightly, “What is it? Do you have a problem?”

Yang Ye hurriedly shook his head, “Not at all. But you’re saying that the master of Heaven’s Executor will come for me?”

She laughed coldly.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She scanned Yang Ye and said, “Not bad, you’re much stronger than before. Are you interested in a one-on-one battle?”

Single combat?

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Alright!”

After he left the World of Past Life, Yang Ye hadn’t fought any real experts. So, he didn’t have a good idea of his current strength.

Obviously, the woman who stood before him was an extraordinary expert, and he would definitely learn a lot from fighting her.

However, he’d made a mistake.

A terrible mistake.

It wouldn’t be long before he regretted this decision.

The woman immediately attacked and appeared in front of Yang Ye. Yang Ye reacted very quickly and had instantly discerned countless flaws of hers!

He swung his sword!

He was very confident that this attack would be able to push her back!


However, Yang Ye felt sharp pain coming from his stomach, and then he was blasted over 1km away.

As soon as he stopped himself, she was there before him, and then another punch descended. It went straight for his stomach!

It wasn’t fast!

Similarly, it had flaws too, and Yang Ye located them and attacked!

His sword shot toward her right underarm. If she didn’t stop the attack, it would take her entire arm; and if she did stop it, he would be able to immediately launch a counterattack!

However, she suddenly relaxed her fist and clamped down on his sword with two fingers!

A moment later, she moved her head to the side and pressed forward toward Yang Ye at an angle. At the same time, her fingers moved along the sword in Yang Ye’s direction. In an instant, she was in front of him, and then she released her hand and slammed her elbow against Yang Ye’s stomach.


Yang Ye’s figure curled forward. Meanwhile, she allowed her arm to continue the movement and slammed a punch against Yang Ye’s chin.

Yang Ye was punched into the air!

However, that wasn’t the end of it. A kick swept toward Yang Ye.


Yang Ye was instantly kicked over 1km away.

This string of attacks had been completed in an instant, and they were completed so smoothly!

She patted her palms together, gazed at Yang Ye, and spoke indifferently, “What do you think?”

Yang Ye stood up and gazed at her, “Bring it!”

Bring it!

A wisp of admiration flashed through her eyes, and then she tapped her right foot down lightly.

A black ray flashed by.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly.

An instant later, he swung his sword!

Meanwhile, her fist shot forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Muffled explosions resounded incessantly.

Yang Ye didn’t even take a single step back throughout this time!

It was like he’d returned to the time he fought the three wooden figures.

The reason he’d been utterly crushed earlier was that the woman in black had guessed his intentions. Now, he wasn’t intentionally searching for her flaws and was just swinging as his heart willed it!

He was attacking instinctively!

One with the heart!

The woman in black didn’t use any special forms of energy or her sword, and it seemed like she was training him instead.

Around 15 minutes later, she stopped, and Yang Ye stopped too.

She glanced at Yang Ye, “Not bad. Your ability to adapt is very good. Looks like your trip there wasn’t in vain.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I still have many shortcomings.”

“Of course you do!” She continued, “At this point in time, the Sword Dao has developed to a broad and profound level. So, would anyone in the world even dare to say that their Sword Dao is without flaws? It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Sword Dao or the Martial Dao, all of them have no end! No one is the strongest as there’s always someone stronger.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Thank you!”

She gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “They chose two people in the past. One of them was Mo Yu. I’m sure you’ve seen that trash. I really want to kill him. As for the other, all that fellow cares about is benevolence and morality. That fellow is even more benevolent than the one who gave you Past Life. That fellow is an absolute weakling who cannot kill decisively at all.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Even though I still don’t really like you, at the very least, you’re one who dares to love and kill. Moreover, you have a temper of your own. Besides that, you succeeded at making me have a tiny bit of a good impression of you when you tossed Heaven Executor away. Yes, it’s just a lousy sword. It should be tossed away if it attacks its master!”

Yang Ye was quite surprised, “You agree too?”

She said, “Of course! It’s just a sword! If you kept it just because it’s a Super Divine Treasure, then I would really look down on you.”

Yang Ye was stunned.

She walked over to him and said, “I shouldn’t have come to see you, but someone slacked off and came over here, causing the seal there to have some issues. I must go take her place. But when I thought of some things, I felt that you may be in trouble, so I came here to warn you.”

As she spoke, she flicked a black sword over to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned.

She spoke with indifference on her face, “This sword is called Great Unknown. It’s a sword linked to space, and it has the ability to access all worlds and teleport there. Of course, the precondition is that you have the place’s coordinates.”

Yang Ye asked curiously, “Can it teleport me to the Four Dimensional Universe?”

She glanced coldly at him, “You can, if you want to die.”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She continued, “There are places you can go to, and places you should stay away from. Besides that, the Myriad World Diagram was made with this sword of mine, so its abilities are naturally inferior to this sword. This sword can travel through the entire Three Dimensional Universe, even out of it. Moreover, if you can fully comprehend this sword, you can even send your enemies to wherever you want!”

It was an amazing sword!

Yang Ye grinned as he took it. It was an absolute treasure!

Now that he had this sword, he could go anywhere he wanted!

Most importantly, this sword was sharp too!

The woman in black glanced at Yang Ye and walked away.

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “You’re leaving just like that?”

She replied coldly, “Do you want to continue our spar instead?”

Yang Ye quickly shook his head, “See you next time!”

Yang Ye turned around and ran away.

She watched him dash off and shook her head slightly, “What a sly fellow!”

She vanished on the spot as well.

Yang Ye had quite a solemn expression on his face as he gazed at the swords before him, Past Life and Great Unknown.

Now that he’d accepted the sword, it represented that he’d accepted some responsibilities!

He naturally understood that.

A long time later, Yang Ye shook his head and smiled. He withdrew the teleportation scroll that led to the Martial Sky World.

Even though he had Great Unknown, he didn’t know the coordinates of the Martial Sky World. So, he had to use the scroll.

Yang Ye crushed the scroll, and a moment later, he vanished on the spot.

At an unknown part of the starry sky.

It was the border of a world!

A sword cultivator in a cloud white robe appeared here, and he just walked forward into the distance.

The sword cultivator glanced at the boundless reaches of outer space in the distance, and there was a trace of bewilderment and curiosity in his eyes.

It felt like something was looking at him!

It was from very, very far away, and he could sense it. So, he was following his senses and going in search of the person.

Suddenly, he stopped and looked to the side.

There was a woman walking over from there!

A short-haired woman!

She wore a grayish white robe with a wine gourd hanging by her waist, and there was a pair of hemp sandals on her feet.

The sword cultivator gazed at her. Meanwhile, she stopped, glanced at him, and then took a gulp from her wine gourd.

An instant later, she tapped her right foot down and appeared before the sword cultivator.

A punch!

A seemingly weightless punch!

The sword cultivator’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he used his fingers as a sword.

The woman returned to where she’d been a moment ago, and the sword cultivator remained where he stood.

The sword cultivator gazed at her, “That’s the strongest punch I’ve ever seen!”

She cracked a smile, “Is that so?”

The sword cultivator nodded, “But it isn’t enough.”

Her smile widened, “Actually, I’m a sword cultivator. I got bored of cultivating the sword, so I trained in the fist!”

The sword cultivator was quite surprised, but he nodded a moment later, “That’s great.”

She took another huge gulp of wine from her wine gourd, and it seeped out incessantly from the corner of her mouth. A breath of time later, she hung the wine gourd back by her waist and roared with laughter, “Bring it!”


A brilliant ray of sword energy shot down from the sky!

Heaven Executor!

The sword was Heaven Executor!

At this moment, Heaven Executor seemed like it could destroy the Three Dimensional Universe, and the aura it emanated was simply indescribable with words!

Even the world couldn’t withstand this attack!

The sword cultivator looked down slightly, and then he drew his sword.

At the same time, he said, “Stop!”

At practically the exact same moment, the woman spoke as well, “Stop!”

Heaven Executor stopped around 1m away from the sword cultivator’s head, and it couldn’t move another inch forward!

Meanwhile, a ray of sword energy had stopped before the woman as well.

Sword Dao True Mantra!

Two types of Sword Dao True Mantra!

Almighty Sword Domain

Almighty Sword Domain

Invincible Sword Realm, 无敌剑域
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Yang Ye’s entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves! How will he overcome the odds and rise up to protect his loved ones? This novel tells the tale of Yang Ye, a ruthless yet loving young man who’s driven by his desire to protect his loved ones. It’s set in a world where most only value strength and gain above all else, yet Yang Ye who’s shaped by his experiences during his youth proves to be unlike everyone else.


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